Tuesday, 24 May 2011

France gains cudos for helping the rebels in Libya - not the USA or the UK

Surprise surprise. According to a report on BBC Radio 4 today the islamists and other rebels in Libya aren't thanking the US and the UK for helping them.

So why is France the only country to get credit? Is it because of its traditional selling out of western interests in favour of narrow nationlist ones? Is it because of the hatred for the US, where nothing the USA does will find appreciation in the arab or islamic world? And the UK? Well selling out Israel (David Cameron's inane Gaza 'concentration camp' speech when touting for business in Turkey)doesn't seem to have helped Britain's reputation either.

Obama prepared to sell out his allies from the Yemen and Egypt to Israel, not caring that Syria and the islamists of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are continuing to increase their influence.

But we saw today with the four minute ovation for Israeli PM Netanyahu in Congress that americans have woken up to Hussein Obama and his selling out of western interests in order to put islamists into power in the arab world (under the guise of democracy). Congress isn't fooled by Obama who only a few days ago promoted his wish to dismember Israel, to make it defenceless against arab attack by forcing it back to the 1949 armistice lines. These lines would give the palestinians the strategic backbone of Israel, the heights overlooking its major population centers and airports, and leave almost the whole of Israel naked for further arab aggression against it.

Israel was forced to leave Gaza, withdraw its settlers from productive farms and let the palestinians have democratic elections. Hamas was elected and new elections are now two years overdue. Meanwhile 12,000 missiles have been fired at Israel. Only last month Hamas killed a boy after firing a guided missile at a school bus.
So Mr Obama, americans have woken up to you. Listen to congress and stop attacking Israel and redirect your attention at Syria, Iran, Hezbolla and Hamas. The islamists who would destroy western civilisation should be the target of US ire.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

This article in pyjamas media quotes al-qaida admitting that
Benghazi's'democracy' movement is nothing other than a front for islamists. Ghadaffi was less than unpleasant but NATO is handing our enemies a stepping stone to Europe on a plate.

In a now mysterious interview published earlier this month in the London-based Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat, a spokesman for the North African branch of al-Qaeda appeared to confirm al-Qaeda involvement in the eastern Libyan rebellion. The North African branch of the terror organization is known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). The spokesman was identified as Salah Abu Muhammad.

According to the April 16th article in Al-Hayat, Salah Abu Muhammad claimed that AQIM had set up Islamic emirates in a series of eastern Libyan cities and he identified a certain “Sheikh Abdul-Hakim” as the ruling “emir” in the rebel stronghold of Darnah. The reference is presumably to rebel commander Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi. At the outset of the rebellion in February, Libyan government sources claimed that al-Hasadi had declared an Islamic emirate in Darnah.

“Yes, we have Islamic emirates,” Salah Abu Muhammad was reported to have said, according to a translation prepared by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), “and we are not afraid [to say this], since we are not criminals. We fear Allah alone.” “We have emirates in Derna, Banghazi, Al-Bayda, Maraj and Shahat,” the quotation continues, “all of them glorious and proud, especially the emirate in Derna, whose emir is the honorable sheikh ‘Abd Al-Hakim, who founded an Islamic council in his town together with his brothers in order to rule according to Allah’s law.”

The remarks received little attention in the American or European media. (One exception was a post on the American Thinker blog by Jack Cashill, who cited them in turn from a blog post by the French Middle East correspondent Georges Malbrunot.)

As reported by MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, one day after the appearance of the Al-Hayat article, AQIM issued a statement on jihadist websites denying that Salah Abu Muhammad had given an interview to the paper. The AQIM communiqué suggested that the published interview was the result of a plot hatched by Algerian intelligence.

Camille Tawil, the author of the Al-Hayat article, quickly fell into line, posting a laconic English-language retraction on his blog. “It seems I was tricked into doing a false interview with Mr. Salah Abu Mohammed, the AQIM spokesman,” Tawil wrote. “Mr. Salah has issued a denial, and I apologies [sic] to him. The interview is not true.”

The issue is not Pastor Terry Jones and burning the 'Holy' Koran but 'al Quran' inspired violence

Whilst I believe the burning the Koran was wrong and the threatening of doing it provocative it is necessary to understand pastor Jones' frustrations and why he felt the need for this stunt. Pastor Jones was trying to raise the profile of christians constantly under attack in moslem countries where freedom of religion, thought and expression is anathema. Such freedoms are vilified in the Koran and as such the pastor felt justified in raising the issue in this way in order to break the silence of the established church and western media. If western media were not complicit in suppressing references to the pogroms and murders of christians happening on a daily basis throughout the muslim world, even in the supposedly moderate regimes in Pakistan and Indonesia, then the Pastor would not have felt driven to this desperate act. It is notable that the media has totally ignored Pastor Jones' message regarding persecuted christians portraying him simply as a crank. He has been condmned for having caused riots in the muslim world.
We in the west rightly have little understanding for citizens who resort to violence in order to resolve their disputed yet we manage to absolve violent muslims of blame for their actions with the excuse that they were provoked. In a court of law provocation might be an argument for some mitigation of a sentence but not to declare a violent attacker innocent of his guilt.

What needs to be condemned is the fact that muslims in their own countries feel they may wrent their wrath on innocent victims whenever they feel outraged. Such behaviour is the law of the jungle and the very antithesis of civilisation. The west must put islamic countries on notice that spilling innocent christians' blood will not go unnoticed or be lightly forgiven. Mrs Clinton should be made to point out to countries like Indonesia and Pakistan that a child's life is every bit as holy as that of the 'holy' Koran and that the US and its allies will aid Christian communities under attack.

The Palestinian Hamas statelet's leader Haniyeh condemns the killing of Bin Laden

Why should we be surprised? The Palestinians celebrated in the streets when the twin towers fell. Palestinian arabs dealt in terror even before they had invented their nationality (Jordan was broken off by the British from mandatory Palestine in 1922 and it is there that palestinian national aspirations lie. The land west of the Jordan was intended for the jewish state and if only for security reasons must remain so).

In the days when 'palestinian' referred to jews living in the Land of Israel arabs living there never ceased their terror against jews. They were also less mealy mouthed then, claiming proudly that they had killed jews. It's only nowadays that they euphemistically refer to 'zionists' when they fire rockets indiscriminately at Israel. Their recent successes were the murder of a teenager after his school bus was hit by an anti-tank rocket. Last year a Thai worker was killed on a farm.

Arab terror in Israel dates back to the turn of the 20th century with the murder of jews peacefully farming their lands. In 1929 the jews of Safed and Hebron were massacred by their neighbours with whom they had thought they were on good terms. The jews living in those communities were not even zionists but traditional orthodox jews. This gives the lie that the arab hatred is for Israel and zionism rather than good old fashioned anti-semitism.

So just as the Palestinians celebrated the horrors of the twin towers and are al Qaida's most avid supporters ,Gaza is grieving today on the news of Bin Ladens death. The West should take note. A palestinian state is just another islamist waypost on the way to the caliphate.