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Some muslims not only love Israel, but are prepared to defy all the haters (who take on the one hand and curse on the other)

Muhammad Atrash serves in Israeli army with his brother
Not a Matter of Religion

Brothers Milad and Muhammad Atrash, Arab Muslims from the Galilee, volunteered to defend their country by enlisting in the IDF

Over the next few minutes, the Golani Brigade’s soldiers who drafted in March of this year will swear allegiance to the State of Israel and commit to do all they can to protect it. Muhammad, an Arab Muslim resident of the Galilee village of Dabburiya, is one of them. Like his friends, he’s excited for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony begins. As the brigade commander finishes his speech, the soldiers quickly run to their commanders, their families and their friends who have come to show their support and encouragement.

When Pvt. Muhammad Atrash's turn comes, he doesn’t look for anyone in the audience. “My parents wanted to come, but I convinced them not to,” he explains. “Jerusalem is very far from our home, we don’t have a car and it’s an hour-long drive.”

The commander tells Muhammad to stand in front of him. Instead of the Hebrew Bible, the young soldier picks up a Quran, decorated with Gold ornaments. He swears his allegiance to the State of Israel, holding the book tightly and smiling.

“I’m mostly trying to feel the experience, because It’s my first time ever in Jerusalem,” he says.
In his brother’s footsteps

For Muhammad, 18, this is an important step in his unique relationship with the Israel Defense Forces – which began a year and a half ago, when his older brother, Milad, 19, chose to enlist.

“While still in high school I asked my family, ‘Why don’t we, the Muslims, enlist?’” Milad recalls. “‘Why do the Jews, the Druze and the Bedouins enlist, while we don’t?’ They explained to me that Jews serve because it’s their country, that the Druze [community] had signed agreements with the IDF and that we have a lot of Islamic movements that oppose military service in the IDF.”

Milad’s response? “I told them I don’t care about that. I want to join the army to protect my village, my country,” he says.
Seeing another side of Israel

Five months later, Milad started his military service and arrived at basic training. “Because I didn't knew anything about the army, I packed a bag for 4 months!” he says with a smile. “After four days my commander told me I was going back home for the weekend.”

For Milad, enlisting in the IDF meant spending time in parts of Israel with which he was unfamiliar. “I didn’t know how to get home,” he says of that first weekend. “I left the base at 8 a.m. and only got home at 10 p.m. I had never been so far from my village.”

Later, Milad became the soldier assigned to the integration of minorities in the local northern recruitment center, a position that allowed him to provide assistance to soldiers facing the same challenges as he had. In two weeks, he will start his officers’ training course.

It seems that Milad passed his sense of commitment to Israel’s defense on to his younger brother. When Muhammad graduated high school, he considered immediately pursuing his academic studies – until his older brother convinced him that the army was the best solution for him.

“After a few conversations with Milad, I understood that this was what I wanted: to enlist, to contribute to my country,” he explains.

Muhammad faced some particular challenges at the beginning of his service, in part because he did not speak much Hebrew. “In the first two weeks, I didn’t understand the commands at all [or] what the rest of soldiers were speaking about,” he recalls. “I had already learned some writing in Hebrew, so I would write to my army friends whatever I wanted to say. At first, it was very hard, but slowly I learned it all.”
Courage under peer pressure

Muhammad says that during his service he has never had to face any case of racism, nor has his older brother. However, the brothers say that their military service was not always well received back home in their home village.

“People in the village talk behind our backs,” explains Milad. “And when our mother washes our uniforms we make sure she does it inside the house so that our uniform won’t be stolen.”

“Despite it all, I go back to the village with my uniform on,” says Muhammad without hesitation. “So far, I haven’t gotten any comments, and even if people stare I don’t notice. I’m fine with it.”

Some of the Atrash brothers’ friends also objected to their military service. “I no longer have friends from my village,” Milad says. “All of my friends decided to end our friendship, but that’s all right. I’m making some new friends here, in the army. They also stayed away from Muhammad because he’s in the army.” Muhammad agrees.

“At first my mom was afraid of [my] enlisting in the IDF,” Milad continues, “but she saw it makes me happy, so she is happy, too. Now she tells my brothers to enlist. I’m trying to convince my cousins to enlist,” he smiles.

Muhammad makes it clear that he would encourage others from his background to serve in the IDF. “It doesn’t matter where they serve – contribution is the most important thing. For me, for example, it doesn’t matter if I serve in Judea and Samaria or on the Gaza border and will have to confront Muslims from the other side of the fence. We are guarding our country, we have to protect it and it doesn’t matter who’s the other side is – Arabs or not, Muslims or not. In the end, everyone protects his or her family.

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Morsy's thinly veiled calls for war with Israel are ignored whilst Egypt builds up its forces in the Sinai

During the November 2012 operation by Israel to stop Hamas and Islamic Jihad's steady drip drip of missiles fired at israeli towns and cities, Egypt's president gave an as yet uncommented speech by commentators at a mosque. It is a pity this speech has not been noticed as it helps in forming a picture of just who Israel and the West is dealing with. For good measure I also include some of Morsy's previous statements, and wonder how a man who describes Americans as his enemies can continue to take their money, or indeed be given it? Obama doesn't let a little thing like hatred for the USA prevent him throwing good money after bad. America can not have more resolute enemies than the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaidah, yet they are now being actively supported in Syria by the USA.

"Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those zionists and jews and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred, The hatred must continue"
The long rant shows that the man who called for muslims to nurse their children and grandchildren on hatred for jews, who described jews as 'apes and pigs' and who called for jihad before becoming president is the same man who later answered 'amen' to a mosque preacher's call to destroy the jews, and that Morsy is not just prepared to leave that destruction to Allah's will, but to take an active hand in it at a time of his choosing.

In Morsy's speech he barely disguises his threats to break the peace treaty with Israel, to wage war and take Jerusalem. This is not a new theme but a constant of himself and of the Muslim Brotherhood which he led.

Only a month before his election as president Morsy called for Jihad. Without actually naming Israel it was obvious which country he was referring to.

During Morsy's speech full of dire threats to Israel, he does not once rebuke Hamas for the 12,000 missiles fired indiscriminately and without provocation at Israel's border towns and cities over a ten year period, not one word calling for restraint by Gaza terrorists.

All Morsy had for his mosque audience were condemnations and threats against Israel, warning it that Gaza is not alone, not even mentioning the word 'Israel' but referring to it only as the 'occupation', a euphemism for Israel used by Hamas in Gaza, an appelation which denies legitimacy to Israel, which aspires to rub out what is seen as a never ending aggression against political islam, the fact of the Jewish State in Israel. This is no surprise as Hamas is an offshoot of Morsy's own Muslim Brotherhood.

Just in case Morsy would claim he was referring to an occupation of Gaza, that territory is not 'occupied', there not being one Israeli soldier in any part of it, and Gaza shares a border with Egypt not controlled by Israel but by egyptian forces. For Morsy as with Hamas all of Israel is occupied muslim waqf,  territory to be 'liberated' when the opportunity arises. Unhappily for Morsy Egypt is going through an economic disaster at the moment, and arab oil countires are not looking to finance a new war with Israel whilst they live in fear of an Iranian take over of the middle east, a threat to the positions and lives of the oil sheikhs.

Despite this and previous verbal threats by Morsy against Israel, Israel continues to allow egyptian forces to bring heavy armour into the Sinai peninsula, ostensibly to defeat the beduin linked to al qaida. The tanks are useless in the sort of guerilla warfare the beduin practise. But Morsy does not intend them to be used for that purpose, but to be pre positioned for the war he wishes to wage against Israel.

As usual Israel's generals swallow the 'takiya' hook line and sinker (takiya is Quran sanctioned lying to your enemy in order to deceive him. Straight talking israeli generals who wish the Sinai rid of terrorists who fire missiles at Israel don't understand that they are being fed a line by Morsy)

This speech whereby Morsy fails to distinguish Israel's campaign against the terror emanating from Gaza and an attack on Egypt shows not only that Morsy feels personally attacked by Israel, but that Morsy is looking forwards to a time when Israel is destroyed.

Israel gave Egypt the Sina in 1982 in exchange for peace. But Morsy shows that the peace is wafer thin, only on paper, and to be broken when his country feels itself strong again.

To those who say that the Peace Treaty kept the peace with Israel for thirty years, I say they are wrong. Israel had peace up to now because Egypt remembered the thrashing Israel gave it in 1973, when the egyptian 2nd and 3rd armies were at Arik Sharon's mercy, waiting for the coup de grace. They got food and water instead.
And because Israel spared their lives, they could emerge claiming victory. In Egypt the Yom Kippur War is claimed to have been a victory stolen by america, which save Israel from egyptian wrath. Had Israel destroyed those armies utterly, then the memory of a terrible defeat would have been undeniable, and Morsy would be a little more reticent about preparing his people now for war.
Just as Germany did not learn its lesson in World War I because of allied mercy, because the German Army was left intact, similarly with Egypt. Only in WWII when Germany was devastated, its armies shattered could germans learn the lessons of aggressive war, that it can come back to bite, and that maybe peace is a good option for everyone.
Israel is being shielded now by the sunni-shia conflagration coupled with Egypt's dire financial situation:
Two days prior, the Central Bank of Egypt issued a Bond Sale that got cancelled because no one bought anything, thanks to the new credit rating for the country that has put it in the same economic league as Greece. That same day, Pakistani President Ali Asif announced that his Party will not allow the implementation of the “Egyptian model” in Pakistan. And yesterday, the Egyptian pound plummeted against the dollar, reaching its lowest official level in Egyptian history, with people not being able to find dollars in exchange offices to replace soon to be worthless Egyptian pounds.

But we are the bankrupt ones.

Egypt is about to face an economic nuclear winter, a crisis the levels of which are unprecedented and for which the current government is completely and totally unprepared for. Interestingly enough, this is happening just as the Sharia Constitution has gloriously passed, and Islam has finally strengthened its foothold in the land of the Pharaoh –worshipping infidels. God will surely send manna from heaven at any minute now, given that this depraved atheist country has finally seen the light and the way. After all, our President is a praying President, and one day this country will see the glorious economic stability and advancement of similar non-oil-wealthy Islamic states like Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan. Praise Allah and hide your dollars.

Israel should nevertheless take note what Egypt's intentions under Morsy are for it.

It would be nice to think that the USA is likewise deceived by arab takkiya, but Obama is a man with a pro islamist agenda. Obama has surrounded himself with anti-Israel advisers at the very highest echelons, Kerry, Hagel, Rice and now Powers. Kerry has made five trips to Israel to push a non-existant peace process forwards, determined to divest tiny Israel of the small bit of security that Judea and Samria affords Israel. In return for giving up its ancestral territory, lands essential for its survival, Israel will be given some new weaponry that will be out of date in a few years, and in any case counterbalanced by weapons transfers to arab countries.

The USA has only this year, after this fiery speech threatening Israel given Egypt a massive arms package including 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F16's not to mention the half a billion dollars in financial emergency aid.
With Obama's $60 billions in sales to Saudi Arabia last year, and billions of dollars in further arms sales to gulf countries this year, in addition to his now arming the sunni islamist rebels in syria, Obama is not only building an armed front against Iran, but against Israel. It is hard not to escape the thought that Obama wishes to speed the end of the Syrian Civil War, in  order that the next war against Israel can be waged by the sunni muslim brotherhood/ al qaidah coalition he is building, funding, traingin and arming. He won't be successful, at least not in the near term as I have explained before now, for each action by Obama, there will be an equal and opposite reaction by Assad's backers, Iran and Russia.

In the USA Israel's enemies such as Walt and Mearsheimer often point to the $3 billions granted to Israel in security aid, without noting that Israel spends most of that money in the USA, that in exchange invaluable Israeli know how is  used to upgrade USA weaponry for free.

 In any case the aid is the least that the USA can do after having constantly eroded Israel's security over the years by forcing it to allow its arab enemies to retire in good order during wars. In 1973 Israel was forced by Nixon to even feed two egyptian armies after Syria and Egypt's surprise attack that almost destroyed Israel.
If the USA would not send its top of the range armaments to Israel's enemies, Israel would not need the aid that the americans give it. Constantly increasing the firepower of unstable arab regimes means constantly eroding Israel's security with a consequent need to update its weapons systems.
USA policy such as the overthrowing of the Egyptian and Libyan regimes has also worked to undermine Israel's security and increase its security costs. The Libyan fiasco had as a byproduct that terrorists have had free access to Ghadafi's arsenal, his weapons being used to fire at Eilat from the Sinai desert ( There is also the little matter of the destabilised regimes in north africa).

Luckily for Israel, its enemies whether in the White House, in Egypt or Syria can not accurately predict the results of their actions. The Arab Winter that Obama so deliberately promoted has actually had some very beneficial side effects for Israel's security, not least the bringing of a realisation amongst Israelis that the near disaster of offering Assad the Golan Heights was only averted by Assad's intransigence, ditto the attempted giving away of Judea and Samaria and Old Jerusalem to palestinian arabs by Olmert.

Israel is waking up to the arab designs on its land, not in the cause of peace, but in an attempt to destroy Israel. The arabs have shot their bolt. Israelis have woken up to the great peace con trick (albeit with exceptions of exceedingly gullible ex generals like Dagan or Barak).

The crowd was reacted with violent emotions to this speech by Morsy, shouting that in blood and their souls they would liberate 'Palestine'.


We have warned them before and we warn them time after time 00:27

We'll not leave Gaza alone, that Egypt today is totally different that what was before 01:00

Arabs today are totally different 1:21

Mob chanting of with their blood and their souls they will liberate 'Palestine'

Muslims today are not the same as years ago 1:49

We're telling the occupation you will not get any peace by assalting the others.

You will not be able to conquer people 3:58
And you will not be able to kill a nation 4:03

You were never able to establish a real peace in the region because of your aggression 4:07
Read the lessons of history....... that you have had no success, and will not 4:29

We assure everyone that Egypt does not want war with anyone 4:50
We're inviting the region to peace, a real one,
Not for one side, or one nation 5:01

A fake peace is a waste of time, and it is unnacceptable in any case 5:10
Their trying to show the world fake evidence , to earn more time (Ooops:-i'm not sure what he is alluding to but much faked evidence came out of Gaza such as a BBC journalist Donnison forwarding pictures of children killed and injured in Syria as having happened in Gaza, of fake injuries of a man who then got up an walked very nicely a few minutes later, and of the death of a child from a Hamas Qassam missile, but attributed to an israeli airstrike)


We'll not lose any chances......
Everyone should know Egypt's capabilities, will and revolution 6:00
Just as it took down a corrupted regime, it has the ability to take down the (Israeli) aggressor
Loud chants of Allahu Akbar from the mob

Egypt's leaders are also angry 6:31
I speak to the aggressors when I say learn from history 6:56
Stop this bloodshed now or you will not be able to stop our anger 7:04
The anger of a people and their leadership 7:21
All of our souls are looking forward to Jerusalem 06:43 (The egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi who launched MB Candidate Muhammad Mursi's Campaign: Mursi said he would 'Restore the "United States of the Arabs" with Jerusalem as Its Capital i.e. establish a new egyptian Caliphate and destroy Israel)

More loud chants of Allahu Akbar from the mob who have no doubt that Morsy is about making war with Israel

I speak to the aggressors when I say learn the lessons of history
Stop this blood shed now or you will not be able to block our anger
Morsy is here not speaking of learning recent history, but of when the muslim prophet Muhammad massacred jewish cities including the jews of Khaybar for not converting to islam, for having the temerity to resist Muhammad and fight against him. Morsy's audience again knows full well the genocidal references being made, as they are made often in the mosques and madrassas. The evils of jews (and christians, although they are considered as a lesser evil, not that it helps them much from attack in Pakistan, Egypt, Syria,Iraq, Indonesia and elsewhere) as recounted in the Qur'an are stressed frequently by islamic preachers throughout the world.

Egyptians were always peaceful, and in their whole history never invaded surrounding lands 07:24

(Oops: this is laughable- On 15th May 1948 Egypt invaded Israel along with 5 arab armies in an attempt to destroy the newly founded state, the egyptian pharaohs were always fighting abroad for their empire, and the Mamluk egyptians in the 14th century had an empire in north africa and the middle east)

You'll never have control either on us or Gaza
Morsy takes Israel's campaign in Gaza personally, as an attack on himself, on Egypt. This supports the argument that palestinian identity is fake, an nationalism only promoted when speaking to foreign journalists and diplomats. Gaza was ruled by Egypt from 1948-1967, and for the Muslim Brotherhood Gaza is still seen as a muslim, an outpost of the umma, if ruled at one remove by Hamas.

No one had the ability to occupy us forever 7:35

Egyptians were always capable of blocking any assault
We're here in Egypt standing in solidarity with OUR people in Gaza 7:50

We will also keep on supporting the people of Palestine and their case 9:27

We will support palestinian decisions whenever they decide it 9:32

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Moshe Ya'alon proves his worth with refusal to be drawn into Syrian morass

A syrian tank was on the end of this rpg

Whilst europe and the USA are preparing to step  up their involvement in Syria as a reaction to Russia, Iran and its proxy Hezbollah's increased intervention there, Israel is being much more circumspect.

Whilst providing humanitarian help to the wounded, Israel's defence minister Ya'alon recognizes that there are no good options in Syria, no side which would either come to an eventual peace with Israel, or just cease the state of war.
 “We don’t intervene, we do not interfere,” Ya’alon said in Washington prior to a meeting Friday with his US counterpart, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. “Any Israel intervention might affect the side that we might support, not for its benefit,” he told the Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Ya'alon's comments about the side Israel supports seem designed to keep the enemy on its toes. Israel can not support either of the main protaganists in the war. It is in Israel's interests to support the kurds, but they are far to the north east and are more relevant to Israel's struggle to keep Iran from nuclear breakout.

Man escapes-the tank went up like a torch

Like Arafat before him, Bashir Assad balked at signing a peace that would have returned the Golan Heights to him during Olmert's time as premier. Thank heavens! Israel without the Golan heights would be a much less secure place now that Al Qaidah and the Muslim Brotherhood are on the other side of the border.

Elsewhere it has been reported that the West fears Assad will with the help of his allies win the war.
Aleppo in preparation for an offensive to retake the city and build on battlefield gains that have swung the momentum of Syria's war to Assad and his Hezbollah allies.
Rebels reported signs of large numbers of Shiite Muslim fighters flowing in from Iraq to help Assad end the civil war that has killed at least 80,000 people and forced 1.6 million Syrians to flee abroad.
The move to a northern front comes as Syria's war is increasingly infecting its neighbors – Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel – and widening a regional sectarian faultline between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.
For the first time since the start of the uprising in March 2011, an Israeli minister suggested on Monday that Assad might prevail in the war, thanks in large part to support from Shiite Iran and the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah.
That is most unlikely as Turkey and the arab world in the absence of the massive support needed from western government is intervening itself in supplying the rebels, even if that help goes only to sunni jihadists of various sorts.
The USA and the West should copy Israel and remain out of it, as they have little to gain, and will only be accused later by the winning side of the usual complaints such as imperialism.

Turkey and arab countries are in any case stuffed with western weapons of all sorts, Libyan weapons have leaked all over the region, and even Egypt is now getting in on the action with the muslim brotherhood's calls for egyptian citizens to play jihad in Syria.
During a meeting with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, leading Sunni Muslim clerics from various countries issued a call for jihad against Al-Assad and his allies, condemning the conflict as a "war on Islam."
 The arab world now recognizes the threat that Iran poses to arab regimes throughout the region. The more they realize that the West is not interested in stepping into the syrian maelstrom, the more likely they will be to use the toys they've been buying for years to stem iranian aggression.

Of course Iran and the arabs know full well that their shared goal of the destruction of Israel recedes whilst muslims are slaughtering each other, but there is little they can do about it other than lob the odd shell at Israel from Gaza, Lebanon or Syria.

Netanyahu talks tough just so that both sides, which have their hands full, count the cost before provoking Israel at the same time:
 Netanyahu's fingers are itching. Whoever saw him this week making threats at the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, saw a leader with his finger on the trigger......
 For two years now, the Arab world has been burning and destroying itself without any external intervention, and this could continue for many more years.

So why should we, because of a few restless generals and a trigger-happy prime minister, give them a reason to unite around the only common denominator they have – hatred towards Israel? Let them kill themselves quietly. The Lebanon-bound weapons are dangerous, but are not an existential threat. It's not the Iranian bomb.
The writer is wrong. Netanyahu like his defence minister is no fool. They are both simply setting the bar high for an agressor. Israel after the disastrous years of Barak now wants its enemies to count the cost of provoking an Israel that is prepared to vigorously defend its interests.

And this policy is working very well in Gaza, with Hamas reigning in other militias. Whereas Sderot did not know one night of peace in 10 years, now very few missiles are being fired at it. We know that Hamas is preparing intensively for the next round, but until the next hostilities, the border communities are at least getting a chance to recover, to emerge from the bunkers and live a normal life. Gone are the sabbath morning firings of missiles to catch people in synagogue, or the daily missile terror attacks as children go to or leave school.

The generals do indeed get restless, and it is for the political echelon to reign them in, and that is happening, thankfully. There is no interest in Israel getting involved in Syria.

The USA and Britain might follow suit, but somehow they never do.


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Uri Avnery understands the middle east but can't come to terms with his own people

Child soldier in Syria, his friend dies moments before
 Jews and Israel are seen by the world as different to other nations. If you don't believe it, ask yourself why Israel is always so prominent in the news, when the smallest happening in Israel is reported, especially if it has to do with supposedly suffering palestinian arabs.

Despite for example Sudan's incessant bombing and killing in South Kordofan, and after its genocide in Darfur (and even greater one in South Sudan where up to 4 million people were killed over the years), all eyes are still on how many houses jews build in their ancient homelands of Judea and Samaria. Mr Kerry makes shuttle after shuttle trip to Israel to pressure it into renouncing its claims to its ancient homelands in Judea and Samaria.

What does Kerry offer Israel? Not peace? For harassing life in Judea and Samaria, for ceasing to build homes there, Kerry offers the possibility of a palestinian arab president who has no legitimate democratic standing, of his possiblity of agreeing to talk to Israel about peace. And for the hypothetical possibility of being allowed to talk to Abbas about peace, Israel is being pressured to give up its territory! Nuts or what? Obama and Kerry think it's reasonable to ask this of Israel. But there again, Obama thought Muslim Brotherhood Egypt was a good thing to promote, as was his gift of half a billion dollars earlier this year, along with 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F16 jets, even whilst president Morsy was organising demonstrations at the american embassy, whilst christians are kidnapped, forcibly converted and married off to muslims at the advanced age of 14 years!

Meanwhile in Syria the Islamic Civil War carries on with ever greater intensity, just as I have written about in a number of articles for the last two years. Finally the world is cottoning on, as has Avnery, but as usual he has a twist which shows his own marxist ideology negating jewish nationalism, his utter inability to understand his own people, and just why zionism has been so uniquely successful. Where else in the world has an ancient language been reborn in the midst of adversity, where a state has arisen despite Britain a then superpower being set against this, of arab armies led by british officers invading and being defeated. And then that state went on to increase more than ten fold to become a world technological superpower, with the grand total of 7 million inhabitants?

It is fine that Avnery can not understand what makes Israel and zionism tick, as neither can its more lethal enemies. I read many islamic and arab websites, and am often amazed at just how little they understand the Jewish People, seeing 'zionists'  as the reflection of the evils they themselves perpetrate on their fellow arabs and muslims.

Arabs talk of the massacres committed against them, of bloodthirsty jews lusting after muslim blood.

Only when you keep in mind the images of an FSA fighter tearing out the heart and liver of an enemy and chewing it with his teeth, can you understand that the barbarisms they allege about jews and Israel are simply freudian projection, a reflection of the miseries which are contained within their own minds, culture and behaviour. Shariah law and its manifold barbaric punishments revel in bloody mutilations of the body.

Jews might not always like being exceptional, might bend over backwards to give away funds, education, and land to our enemies, but the result will still be the same, that our enemies want us dead. When the fig leaf of 'anti-zionism' overwhelmingly a synonym of jew hatred is allowed to drop, jews of whatever description or nationality  are demeaned as being no more than "bloody jews" (by a British MP last week). The condemnations of usurping zionists, of "stealing land", "occupying palestinian land" reflect less any sympathy for arabs who sometimes describe themselves as "palestinian", but are a means for antisemites to attack jews without laying themselves open to charges of antisemitism or racism.

Uri Avnery is an interesting jew, someone who went from fighting to rid Israel of British imperialism through service in the right of center Irgun, to a belief in marxism with its concommitant ideological inability to recognize that jews are uniquely a religion and a nationality. This religion which encompasses nationality does not apply to any other religion. Those who do not understand this basic truth, can not understand judaism or Israel, or the jewish link with the Land of Israel over thousands of years. Even jews who keep little or anything of their religion will have a soft spot for Israel, will contribute to the Jewish National Fund.

Of course many jews deny this link, as does Avineri, out of fear of being seen as having dual loyalties in the lands where they reside. It is interesting that this complaint is not levelled at pakistanis in Britain, or at mexicans or irish people in the USA, or indeed armenians in the USA and France.
When the situation of the nation-less Jews in nationalist Europe became increasingly difficult, Zionism was born. By a sleight-of-hand it postulated that Jews were not only an ethno-religious community, but at the same time also a “nation like other nations”. This was a necessary fiction, until Zionism succeeded in creating a real nation – the Israelis.
With the founding of the Israeli state, the Zionist doctrine lost its purpose and should have been dismantled, like the scaffolding of a finished building. Everybody expected this to happen in due course – Hebrew Israelis would be a “normal” nation, and their connection with the Jewish world would become secondary.

TODAY WE are witnessing a kind of Jewish counter-revolution. In Israel there is a comeback of the world-Jewish connection, while separate Israeli nationhood is denied. It is a reversal of Zionism.
Avnery ignores that just as with armenians, jews throughout the world funded projects in Israel for many years, spend their summer holidays their, own property in Israel. Jews whilst being loyal to their own, usually democratic countries cannot renounce their identity with Israel.

Avnery misunderstands the zionist idea of Israel becoming a “normal nation". This was not intended to renounce the relationship with the wider jewish community, but to have one place in the world where jews were masters of their own destiny, where they could defend themselves from attack, where they could develop their culture. Anyone who knows Israel, knows that it has a very vibrant and varied culture.
From the very beginning Israel has acted to defend jews under attack throughout the world, most notably lately the frustrating of tens of Hezbollah attacks such as those on jews in west Africa and Thailand.

Good marxist that he is, Avnery can not understand the religious link to Israel, that jews pray three times a day with prayers replete with references to Israel, to 'returning to Zion.'

In Europe, the Jews were a sinister and hated anomaly because they clung to their former existence as a homeland-less, dispersed ethno-religious sect. This was done quite consciously: the rabbis erected a “fence around the Torah”, separating Jews from everybody else, making it impossible for them to eat with non-Jews or marry them. Jews orginally congregated in
 It's interesting that Avnery does not mention the main reason for the hatred, that jews were condemned in the Gospels, in Mathew, Mark and John, that until jews converted to christianity they were forced to remain separate, to wear different clothes, to forbidden from travelling outside their cities without permission of the rulers, to be marked out for derison and punishment for having "killed Christ" (The Second Vatican Council dropped this charge of deicide, something I hope to write about in a future article).
Rabbis might have been happy that their followers were less tempted by the outside world's temptations, but we see that as soon as the enlightenment opened up the doors for jews, they took the opportunity to join the modern world in their hundreds of thousands.
TODAY WE are witnessing a kind of Jewish counter-revolution. In Israel there is a comeback of the world-Jewish connection, while separate Israeli nationhood is denied. It is a reversal of Zionism.
 Avnery demolishes his own straw man. The law of return has recognized from the inception of the State of Israel the unique links jews have with Israel the state. There's no need for a "counter-revolution" except in Avnery's befogged mind.

When he's not talking about jews though, Avnery understands what is happening in the middle-east.
AFTER WORD WAR I, the victorious colonial empires carved up the territories of the vanquished Ottoman Empire among themselves. Since colonialism was out and self-determination was in, their new colonies were dressed up as independent nations (like Iraq) or as nations-to-be (like Syria).

European-style nationalism took hold of the new Arab nations. The ancient idea of the pan-Muslim “Umma” was pushed away. The idea of a pan-Arab super-state, propagated by the Baath party and Egypt’s Gamal Abd-al-Nasser, was tried and failed. Syrian nationalism, Iraqi nationalism, Egyptian nationalism and, of course, Palestinian nationalism won.
 But now the arab world has had enough of nationalism, the Umma is back, but at the same time challenged by the iranian version of the coming of the Mahdi, to be presaged by great turmoil (and another, nuclear tipped Holocaust for jews).

The world has tried so hard to build a nationalism for palestinians, but it has never worked, not because of Israel which has tried a number of times to make a peace in exchange for giving land to those arabs living in Judea and Samaria. It has not worked, because palestinian arabs could not break themselves off from their Egyptian and Jordanian nationalities, from the ideology of pan arabism, and at times of pan islamism.

Arabs of Gaza belong to the islamic umma, the leadership there rarely describing themselves as 'palestinian', and then only for the ears of gullible journalists. And in Judea and Samaria Hamas would take over tomorrow despite the massive security apparatus built up there by Britain and the USA. Pan arab nationalism has broken down in the arab world, and hardly affected arabs in JS.

Kerry is trying to flog a dead horse. There is no Palestine, no palestinian nationalism over and above a wish to destroy Israel. This great wish is shared by most muslim, and certainly those warring in Syria. Sadly for them, they will have to kill the islamic opposition on the long road to destroying Israel. As we see from the battles between Iran, Hezbollah and the Syrian regime on one side, and the sunnis on the other for the city of Al Qusair, the final battle for Israel is going to have to be postponed for quite a while.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Time for Jerusalem's flat footed cops to find the daubings culprits

This affair has gone on long enough, with racist daubings, supposedly the work of jews, targeting christian institutions around Jerusalem. This latest offering on the LPJ website is interesting.

 offensive words compared Christians to monkeys-dormition-abbey-major-orthographic-mistake.jpg
 JERUSALEM - Graffiti and anti-Christian insults in Hebrew were sprayed on a wall of the Dormition Abbey during the night of May 30.  Two cars were also smeared with offensive words and all tires were slashed......
The offensive words compared Christians to monkeys and called for revenge against Jesus. This incident is the latest in a succession of desecration of Christian monasteries in September and October last year.

As i've reported before, there are serious doubts as to whether any or all of these daubings are the work of jews. I believe some if not all are the work of arab agents provocateurs, or even a hebrew speaking christian cleric. The daubings often contain orthographic mistakes indicating that the author is writing hebrew as a second language.

The above daubing on the Dormition Abbey comparing christians to monkeys written in hebrew contains indications that it was written not only by a non-native hebrew speaker, but by an arab speaker.

From right to left the letters are n,o,? (supposed to be 'ts' but looks more like 's'), r, y, final m

Most noticably, in arabic there is no 'ts' sound, and this is missing from the daubing. Instead of 'Notsrim', 'Nosrim' is written.

If an 's', there should be no squiggle below the letter.

The extra squiggle below the 's' is strange, as if the writer felt there was some problem he could not fathom whilst writing it, possibly a reflection of having work corrected in school, and thus inventing his own hybrid of the two letters 's' and 'ts' to compensate, in the absence of being able to comprehend, hear or master the difference.

If you can't hear the difference between similar letters, if that sound does not exist in your language as with 'p' and 'b', it will be difficult for you as an arab to write the correct spelling.

Although fluent in hebrew, not being myself a native Israeli, I put this inscription to a native Israeli speaker for comment. The reply was that it was very improbable that an israeli wrote the sentence. In addition to the problematic 's', The final 'mem' was cited as not being something an israeli would write in that way.

But an arab would, and this final 'mem' is cursive as in arabic. The first letter 'nun' also has an arabic cursive feel to it, quite different to hebrew.

Whatever the truth, the racist grafitti against arabs and christians can not but cause serious harm to Israel's reputation as a country which sets high store by inter-communal harmony. And that's obviously why the unknown writer is mounting this campaign.

It has taken Israel 13 years to lay the ghost of the Al-Durahpallywood hoax, hopefully it will not take that long before the political echelons prod the Jerusalem police force into action. These incidents although most likely classed as petty vandalism and given a low priority, should be moved up the scale of priorities.

It is encouraging that, after my having exposed the hostile reportings of the Latin Patriarchate website with regard to Israel, with their latest report they do not jump to conclusions as to identifying as jewish or israeli those carrying out these attacks. It would be nice to think that this reveals a change of heart rather than simply reflecting being caught out before adn simply a change of strategy, of relying on the readers assumption of the language used, hebrew, identifying the perpetrator as jewish.

Is it too much to hope for that Pope Francis, a man who seems to be a genuine friend of the Jewish People can influence his clerics to abandon their age long hatreds? Time will tell, keeping in mind that a string of previous good popes, well intentioned men who were likewise friends of the Jewish People, failed to staunch the outpourings of hatred towards Israel by church clerics.

The agreement which has just been signed between the Vatican mentions nothing about ceasing the officially sponsored attacks on Israel emanating from Rome. That is a pity. Yet again Israel gives major concessions to those who see themselves as adversaries of jews and the Jewish State without receiving a quid pro quo.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All LPJ Catholic articles can be tweaked to attack Israel

 I've come accross this article from last year in the German section of the Latin Patriarchate Journal website which is about getting each diocese to sponsor building a home for a palestinian arab family. If german christians are up to another massive infusion of wealth for their coreligionists in east Jerusalem, then that's fine by me, even if its strange that there is no call to do this for any other christian community in the middle east. Indeed, one might think that christian money might be better spent on all those refugees in Syria and Lebanon, and those thrown out of Iraq in the last ten years. Not to mention the copts who unlike christians under Israeli rule, are having their churches damaged and knocked down all the time.
Als Minderheit zwischen den jüdischen und muslimischen Gemeinschaften, die viel zahlreicher sind, sehen sich die palästinensischen Christen mit den allgemeinen Schwierigkeiten der Bevölkerung konfrontiert – der Besatzung, der Kolonisation, der Einschränkung ihrer Bewegungsfreiheit – und der religiösen Intoleranz.
Laut katholischen Statistiken, leben von insgesamt 450.000 Einwohnern 10.000 Christen jeder Konfession in Ost-Jerusalem und ca. 50.000 in den besetzten palästinensischen Gebieten.
Im Rahmen des Besorgnis erregenden Exodus der Christen des Ostens emigrieren jedes Jahr etwa 600 davon aus Jerusalem, dem Westjordanland und dem Gaza-Streifen.
As a minority between the Jewish and Muslim communities, which are much more numerous, the Palestinian Christians are faced with the difficulties of the general population - the occupation, colonization, limiting their freedom of movement - and religious intolerance.

     According to Catholic statistics, out of a total of 450,000 people are 10,000 Christians of all confessions in East Jerusalem and 50,000 in the occupied Palestinian territories.

     As part of the alarming exodus of Christians of the East about 600 of them
emigrate each year from Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The above laments that christians are a minority between jewish and muslim communities whilst identifying with the arabs in the Arab-Israel conflict. And there lies the answer to why the Catholic Church in Israel, is begging money to build arab settlements. It is just doing its bit in the conflict against Israel.

It is interesting how "- and religious intolerance" is tacked on at the end, after all the bits linked to the evil actions of jews to the poor palestinian arab victims. The LPJ knows full well that it isn't Israel which promotes religious intolerance, which is why it is slipped in at the end, leaving the impression that it is indeed the Jews who are oppressing christians, when the opposite is the case. "

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What is better for antisemites than to find a jew who seems to confirm the prejudice?

Jews seem to be always in the spotlight, usually for the wrong reasons. This is not because jews are any worse than other people, but because they are selected out whenever the opportunity arises. As jews are difficult to spot in the British population, and open racism against jews is in any case outlawed in the UK, antisemites will try to satisfy themeselves with attacking Israel, with its being held up to impossibly high standards.

When Israel's army is forced to go to war every arab civilian casualty suddenly becomes a war crime, despite Israel's enemies hiding behind their civilian population, despite Israel trying its utmost to avoid civilian causalties, and succeeding bettter than any other western army. We won't mention non european armies such as the russian army, because as we saw in 2008, civilians don't come into consideration (unless to be ethnically cleansed or murdered by South Ossettian irregular militias tagging on behind them).

Something which I find interesting is that jews rarely become known for the benefits they have brought to mankind.

Don't mention FritzHaber was jewish
As a student I learned about the Fritz Haber process, but only when reading Chaim Weizmann's autobiography later did I learn that Fritz was a jew, one that suddenly found himself described as 'subhuman' by the nazis. Stripped of his laboratories, of his wealth, of his 'fatherland' he had given his life for, he died soon after, a broken man. You still won't find any of this in the wiki or elsewhere for that matter, despite the fact that this jew's work is still of immense importance:
Fertilizer generated from ammonia produced by the Haber process is estimated to be responsible for sustaining one-third of the Earth's population.[6]

 But when a jew fails in his moral obligations to society, that is a cause for anti-semites to celebrate. This particular jew provides all the 'proof' necessary of the mendacious character of jews in general. Of course the reporter from the Liverpool Echo who posted the above photograph will deny any ulterior motive for posting a photo of Mr Harris Polak (convicted today of charity fraud) that is approximately 30 years old.

Nevertheless I can't avoid feeling that the reason for selecting this particular photgraph over any other is because Mr Polak is wearing a large yamulkah or capel worn by jewish people when at prayer. What better way to inform your readership that a jew is accused of one of the hoary myths of lore, that of his being sly, cunning and cheating, out to deceive the charitable and unsuspecting gentile?

What better way to perpetuate the myths without being yourself accused of antisemitism? How better to associate the heinous crime and the jew, without spelling out his religion? The intrepid Echo reporter can claim to be acting within the bounds of modern politically correct decency, whilst making certain through his picture that the evil jew is noticed. And let's face it, what Mr Polak did is evil, collecting for a cancer charity whilst pocketing the money to buy himself and his wife a fabulous house.

Whilst the wider gentile society in Liverpool, Britain will be rightly outraged at Mr Polak's deceitful use of charities to fund his lifestyle, the local jewish community is no less so. The community is comprised overwhelmingly of law abiding citizens and has itself previously suffered from Mr Polak's criminal endeavours. It might be difficult for someone not initiated in the laws of keeping kosher, but Mr Polak's offense against his own community of secretly supplying them non kosher meat whilst a licensed kosher butcher caused people in his community great upset, and the expense of replacing dishes that are not allowed to come into contact with meat considered unfit. The crime of fraud, of deception was in the same league as to his community as his latest deception. Jews are however a forgiving lot, especially as Mr Polak was believed to be suffering from a gambling habit. So Polak was indeed forgiven.

We see that Polak's criminality has been non discrimnatory. Profiting from the naivity of his victims, jewish or otherwise is the only common thread in Mr Polak's criminality.

I am informed that the Liverpool Jewish Community is deeply upset at this man and his wife's new act of criminality. The lessons from the mercy shown him by his community after his previous criminality were not learned, and now Mr Polak will find the judge's mercy tempered by a wish to deter others from a similar course.

A prominent Jewish businessman has admitted swindling almost #250,000 of cancer charity cash.......

Maybe the reporter who covered the trial, Chris Bradley was unaware of the helpful photograph of Polak as Jew published in the Liverpool Echo, because he saw fit to stress the religion of Mr Polak in the first line of his article, and stress that Mr Polack was a "prominent Jewish businessman", living on "millionaires row", a term I am informed is unknown to locals. It was of course necessary for Mr Bradley stress Polak's religion as from the photo of the couple taken alone, it would not be possible to identify Polak and wife as jewish.

For the Liverpool jewish community Polak was for many years little more than a tolerated outcast, an embarrassment even before his latest escapade. Mr Polak was only 'prominent' in Mr Bradley's imagination.

Maybe Chris Bradley always mentions the religion of those he reports about in the first line of his articles? After a short google search I could not come across any of Bradley's work but I have found reports about other charity conmen of which there seems no shortage, and in no case was their religion mentioned. It seems that religion is not usually relevant, that such crimes are not linked to any religious philosophy, or any particular group of religious adherents, unless the criminal happens to be jewish. Then it is relevant not because jews are more likely to commit the crime, but rather because they are jewish per se.

Just two examples will suffice:

A BRISTOL fraudster made £35,000 by selling clothes donated in fake charity collection bags.
Darius Kaminskas, of Douglas Road, Horfield, had worked for legitimate charity collectors before creating bags imitating those sent out by Barnardo’s.

 A man has admitted posing as comedian Peter Kay's brother while pretending to raise money for a boy dying from cancer. BBC News reports that Peter Stead, 50, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud. He will be sentenced on June 21.
It is not possible in any of the ten or so cases I found after a quick Google search to ascertain what religion the miscreant belonged to, it is irrelevant. The exception is Mr Polak where both reports I have seen identify his religion. This is just too statistically significant to be an aberration. 

It is a singling out of jewish people for opprobrium, an antisemitic act designed to bring jews into the foreground when committing a criminal act, as opposed to those who are not jewish. This is a typically racist act, one that may be better understood in relation to singling out black people as being supposedly more likely to commit violence. There is little truth in the assertion, but as tabloid newspapers habitually report on violent black people to the relative exclusion of whites, the stereotype has become ingrained in the consciousness of their readership.

Once the stereotype is ingrained the prejudiced person is more likely to notice when a black person commits a violent crime, thus confirming the initial prejudicial view of black people,  completing the circle.

It's interesting to contrast Bradley's alacrity in identifying 'the jew' with the BBC's efforts in disguising the islamic motivations of the Woolwich murderers:
The footage shown on the ITV website shows a man, speaking to the camera, saying: "We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
It is no coincidence that the words immediately preceding the quote above uttered by Adebolajo, of Allah Akbar, and good Ayas' (verses in the Koran) were ommitted. These words essential to understanding the racist islamic supremacist motivations of the beheaders were also voiced over in the video on youtube. It is all very well to be sensitive to the feelings of muslims, so as not to give the impression of painting a whole community in the same light, but why are such journalistic standards not applicable when jews commit crimes less serious by several orders of magnitude?

Unlike with the crime of fraud, this crime of extreme violence was indeed linked to a certain violent interpretation of islam held by many muslims (certainly not the majority, but a substantial minority nonetheless), and Adebolajo himself linked his religion to the crime. Mr Polak did not make such a link with his crime because there isn't one. It took two Liverpool reporters to establish a spurious link between Mr Polak's religion and a most despicable crime of fraud against a charity.

Maybe Mr Chris Bradley of Click Liverpool will be happy at being identified as an antisemite as this is in British left wing circles nowadays seen more as a badge of honor than something to hang one's head about (the Liverpool Echo report was unsigned but my comments about Mr Bradley apply equally there).

It is sad to find that traditional antisemitism is alive and well in Britain.

Update 5th June 2013:
The latest edition of the Liverpool Daily Post has reported the outcome of the trial impeccably this time, with no attempt to link the odious crime with the criminal's religion.

Update 11th June 2013

The Click Liverpool reporter updated his reporting of the swindlers. Maybe he was informed that his reporting of the 'jewish angle' looked too blatant the first time? The first line was therefore changed from Polak's being 'a prominent jewish businessman' to:
 A businessman has admitted swindling almost £250,000 of cancer charity cash to spare his wife a prison sentence.

Harris Polak, 53, pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position, the fifth count in a series of fraud-related charges, at Liverpool Crown Court.
 millionaire's row in the affluent suburb of Childwall on Merseyside
 was not omitted, despite locals' I have contacted having no knowledge of this term being applied to houses in that road

And Chris Bradley could not resist including Polak's jewishness later on:
The couple are well-known members of the Jewish community in Liverpool, particularly at the Liverpool Childwall Synagogue which has
Bradley might have tidied up his report, but the relevance of religion to the report is still only for Polak, nowhere else did I find reports that mention the religion of the criminal, which leaves the verdict being, one criminal fraudster on bail, and one racist Liverpool journalist Chris Bradley determined to add his little bit of credence to defamatory stereotypes of jewish people.


Monday, 3 June 2013

Old habits die hard for the World Council Of Churches, tough for eastern christians

This golden bell  fell from the clothes of a Jerusalem Temple priest between 2 to 3 thousand years ago
The Bible relates Bilam's blessing to the Jews:
I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse;

and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:3)

If the World Council Of Churches which met recently in Lebanon wanted to help christians in the islamic world, it has a strange way of going about it. With christians under severe and prolonged attack in just about every muslim country, the WCC chose to publish an attack centered on Israel, on its christian zionist supporters, and of course the USA.

Yet there is no such language used against those committing atrocities at this very moment against christians in the middle east. Why so? Why such harsh language for the USA and Israel, and western countries? Christians from Iraq and Egypt are fleeing to those western countries at this very moment, and have been for years. There is now a flood of christian refugees coming out of Egypt to these maligned western countries.

The WCC talks of 'Palestine' being central when events belie that, when arab countries are openly talking no longer so much about the hated jews but of the Iranian menace, a time when Syria is going down in sectarian islamic flames, when Lebanon is slowly but surely being sucked into the shia-sunni maelstrom.
That the WCC can talk of, "duplicity of policies of the western  powers, especially the United States" at this time says less about those maligned, and very much about the World Council Of Churches which refuses to name the real culprits, those who christians really have cause to fear and to loathe.
    5.  Palestine continues to be the central issue in the region.  Resolving the conflict between
        Israel and Palestine in accordance with the UN resolutions and international law, will
        greatly help in resolving the other conflicts in the region. The persistence, after sixty-five
        years, of continuing dispossession of Palestinian people—Christian and Muslim alike—from
        their land by Israeli occupation, continuing settlement of land inside the 1967 borders by a
        nation empowered by overwhelming military strength and external alliances and influence,
        is central to the turmoil in the region and exacerbated by duplicity of policies of the western  powers, especially the United States. Christians have been called to condemn and act against this continuing injustice, affirming the voice and demands of Palestinian Christians,    including as heard in the Kairos Palestine document.

    6.  Jerusalem today is an occupied city with a government which has adopted discriminatory
        policies against Christians and Muslims alike. “Jerusalem is the foundation of our vision and our entire life. She is the city to which God gave a particular importance in the history of
        humanity. She is the city towards which all people are in movement – and where they will
        meet in friendship and love in the presence of the One Unique God.” (Kairos Palestine)
        Christians look to Jerusalem as a place God blessed with the significance of His presence,
.......Jerusalem must be an open, accessible, .........inclusive and shared city for two peoples and three religions...

 The description of Jerusalem as 'occupied' is laughable. Jerusalem has had a jewish majority since polls began, certainly since 1872. Any christian who doubts that Jerusalem is anything but open, free and accessible should book a ticket to Israel, go straight to Jerusalem and make up their own mind. Jerusalem was not free before Israel liberated it after being attacked by Jordan in 1967. Jordan had in 1948 blown up all of the jewish holy places and then used its cemetery on the Mount of Olives as a source of stone, to build latrines, to drive a road through to a hotel it built on the top. There was no WCC protest about this, never a mention. But jews protect freedom of worship and access to christian holy places are vilified at every opportunity.
For once Israel can sit pretty, observing the islamic madness raging all around the tiny country, a country protecting its jewish, christian and muslim inhabitants alike, without fear or favor, without discrimination, as christians and church representatives living and working in Israel well know. The WCC is willfully blind to the fact that the one country in the region where christians are safe, where the christian community is increasing in size is the Jewish State of Israel.

In a sane world, the World Council Of Churches would be busy recognizing where the real problems for christians lie, would be condemning the real perpetrators such Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood whose president Mohammed Morsy who feigns ignorance of the miseries inflicted on christians in his country (Morsy leaves the dirty work of ethnically cleansing the christians to the salafist thugs).

The WCC should be working out strategies to confront those who attack christians which might even include publicly condemning the kidnappings, the killings, the forced conversions, the raping and 'marrying' off of young coptic christian girls to salafists, of ethnic cleansing of christians from Iraq, in Syria, in Libya and Egypt, not to mention the horrors perpetrated on christians in muslim countries further afield such as Pakistan and Indonesia.

The WCC in Lebanon was however incapable of showing a lead in protecting its own people. Instead it took the easy way out targeting the traditional christian victims, the jews, and those christians who aren't blinkered, who dare to show love rather than hatred towards jews.

The World Council Of Churches should savor its Lebanon conference as with the increasing Hizbollah and sunni violence it might soon not be able to meet again in that country for some years, if ever.

But old habits die hard and the WCC dinosaurs just can't adapt to the reality and turn away from the default kicking of the Jew. Unlike a few million Jews who have built an ever increasingly successful state  founded on ideals of western civilization and democracy, christians are disappearing rapidly from Syria and the wider middle east, unprotected and even unlamented by their own coreligionists.

When all the christians are gone from the middle east except Israel, christians living in the West might begin to ask what their representatives did to help their bretheren when they were being massacred and thrown out the middle east. These christians will maybe look to the Vatican for answers, and find that the archives are sealed, only accessible to carefully selected researchers. So they will search world newspapers expecting frantic condemnations by the Vatican media and the World Council Of Churches of the horrors inflicted on christians in arab and muslim countries, but they will find only condemnations of Israel, the one country where a christian community still exists, where they as ever welcome, respected and protected by the state.

And these christians will ponder also on the fact that from Israel being a country of 600,000 jews at its birth, when it fought a bitter war of survival in 1948, there are now almost 7 million jews living there.

These christians will slowly begin to understand the significance of Bilam's blessing to their own situation and realize how terribly wrong their representatives and their clerics were/are in their obsessive hatred of the Jewish People.

Dexter Van Zile has also written about this

Saturday, 1 June 2013

'Asian' gangs grooming young girls for sex (don't mention they are Pakistani muslims)

As with the USSR the average British citizen is having to learn to read between the lines of the official reports. This is seen with a number of reports of 'asian' gangs having groomed young girls and then pimped them to friends and clients. Hindus and Sikhs have known to be upset at the BBC and other news media calling these people 'asians' when as far as is known, they are always muslim, and from Pakistan. There is maybe in part a laudable wish not to stereotype all muslims, but then if some amongst the muslim community are the sole perpetrators of this type of crime, then it points to an issue that must be addressed, not swept under the carpet. Just widening the pool of perpetrators of this crime from 'Pakistani muslims' to 'asians', is not to protect pakistanis or muslims, but unfairly taint the wider asian community in Britain. Whether we like it or not, there is a big problem with women in islam, and islamic communities.

And then there are the victims, left unprotected by authorities afraid to lay themselves open to charges of 'racism':
A VICTIM of the Oxford sex grooming gang that was allowed to operate with virtual impunity for years has told how she begged social services for help after being drugged, threatened and enslaved.

Western countries effectively tolerate barbaric islamic practices under shariah law such as beatings and perverse sexuality against muslim women and underage girls. FGM, honor killings and pedophilia happen in most european countries. Britain for example has never prosecuted anyone for carrying out FGM in Britain or abroad. Pakistani women are known to have disappeared without trace, their families 'clamming up' about the honor crime victims. Any attentions from the outside are frustrated and the police if at all possible will leave well alone.

When British politician Jack Straw tried to address pakistani muslims grooming of girls he received a mountain of opprobrium, although one muslim leader was brave enough to agree the problem exists.
He said that the scandal, exposed by the trial of nine Asian men jailed for grooming and sexual abuse of white girls in Rochdale, raised a problem which had to be “faced and addressed” within some communities in northern cities.
 Another lawyer disclosed that he is preparing a case involving alleged abuse of one girl in seven separate cities stretching across the North West of England but also as far away as Wolverhampton.
 The alleged abuse follows a similar pattern: involving grooming rings dominated by men from Pakistani backgrounds, who are often taxi drivers, picking up girls and taking them to flats for sex with several men.
 Mr Straw, whose Blackburn and Darwen constituency in Lancashire has a large Asian population, has angered some sections of the Muslim community in the past by calling for women to remove veils which cover their faces.
 Last year he also warned that white girls are sometimes treated as “easy meat” for some young Asian men who are “fizzing and popping with testosterone” but had no “outlet” within their own community.
 Speaking after the publication of the report yesterday, he dismissed claims that the problems uncovered by the Rochdale report affected all communities.
 “There is an issue of ethnicity here which can’t be ignored,” he told BBC Radio 4.
 “But it is also correct that in terms of group grooming there is an ethnic dimension which typically is of Asian men on white girls.
 “These are small communities so people will have a rough idea that people are abusing white girls in this way.
 “That has to be dealt with there as well as obviously with much more effective police and social services action.”
 Mohammed Shafiq, the Muslim commentator and chief executive of the Rochdale-based Ramadhan Foundation,.........“I think that an element of what he said is right – there are some people in my community, the Pakistani community, the elders, who think that the best thing to do is just ignore it and assume it all a BNP and EDL conspiracy.
 A spokesman for the Network of Sikh Organisations added that it was not accurate to describe the grooming rings as an “Asian” problem.

 “It is something tat the leaders of the Muslim community, the Pakistani community, need to address,” he said.

Another factor contributing to the Muslim rape wave is the fact that Muhammed, if he ever lived, allowed Muslims to take infidel women as their sex slaves. Using female prisoners of war for sexual gratification dates 1,400 years back to their prophet, who had a large number of sex slaves and advised his male followers to imitate his example.

While a Muslim husband can divorce at any time by repeating the word "talaq" three times, a married Muslim woman is her husband's de facto slave, since she can not divorce unless a Sharia council approves her wish and sets her free. If she leaves without being allowed, her risk of getting killed is as high as the killer's chance of remaining unpunished for fulfilling his culture's and God's expectations on how to treat women who leave a marriage without being allowed to.

A psychologically unhealthy religion

One does not have to be a psychologist to know what such a culture does to men's view of women. No grown-up man would ever consider having sex with minors, and certainly not against her will, drugged, beaten and threatened with death.

But what we are talking about here are not normal men, but males who since birth have been raised to think that women are inferior and that females who do not protect their honor by covering up are prostitutes and fair game. No man should ever wish to be subjected to such unhealthy cultural influence.