Thursday, 28 July 2011

Muslim Brotherhood hatred of the west and Israel

An interview Michael Totten held with Esam El-Erian and executive member of the Muslim Brotherhood is revealing.

In it Esam El-Erian mouths the need for a “free and independent democratic state”. He admits to an overwhelming hatred of the west, of its responsibility for dictatorships in the arab world. The hatred is such that at times it becomes illogical.

Esam El-Erian berates the west for supporting Qaddafi even whilst it is bombing him! Esam El-Erian would not distinguish between the acts of western governments and their peoples who as they elected governments are responsible for the support given to dictators.

The MB spokesman would not explain why it is not participating in the Tahrir demonstrations at the moment. Is it because the MB has an agreement with the army? Is it because it knows that its constituency is the street, the masses of the dispossessed and the poor, not minority of liberals and socialists, the facebook users. Is the reason that the MB is preparing for power and doesn't see itself as needing to ally itself with disparate and mostly unrepresentative demonstrators in Tahrir Square?

Esam El-Erian saw the US and its allies as fomenting terror, not being the victims of it. Although not spelling it out in so many words, the peace treaty with Israel will cease to exist and 'support' for palestinians means that war will follow. There was a refusal to condemn Hamas for its use of indiscriminate terror against Israel.

As regards palestinians being discriminated against in arab lands the MB showed just how committed to human rights they really are.

Can you imagine a democratic Syria or a democratic Jordan assimilating Palestinians in their lands? They cannot. It is a matter of time. Those people must go back [to Israel]. You prevent Mexicans by force from secret immigration.

MJT: Only illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants.

Esam El-Erian: This is illegal. We cannot have non-citizens in our lands. They take our jobs.

MJT: Palestinian refugees have been living in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan for more than 60 years.

Esam El-Erian: No! Even if they’ve been there for 200 years, they must go back [to Israel].

The west has absorbed millions of refugees over the years, yet the MB would not accept this happening in Egypt. It shows that islamists will shout about racism and human rights, but don't really understand the concepts involved. These are for them just useful slogans for use when dealing with western journalists (with the odd exception such as Totten).

Esam El-Erian would not admit to his own beliefs as to who was behind 9/11.
It's not hard to guess though, as in the arab world the conspiracy theorists blame the jews.
The MB hates the west, so it must be jews who would attack the Twin Towers. Similarly it is Iran that daily threatens to wipe out Israel that is most vehement in denying the existence of the Holocaust.

The Muslim Brotherhood is as extremist and anti-western as ever. Hopefully the US government will wake up to this fact. Not before next year though, and not whilst Obama is still president.

Esam El-Erian: The media and think tanks play a very important role. You created a ghost, a monster, this terrorism. You magnify terrorism, and we face its vengeance. You in the media link every Arab, every Muslim, to terrorists. We were pushed to take off our shoes in your airports.

MJT: I have to take off my shoes, too.

Esam El-Erian: Why?

MJT: I don’t like it either.

Esam El-Erian: You make people live in terror.

MJT: Who does?

Esam El-Erian: You do. The media.

MJT: Who is living in terror?

Esam El-Erian: Your politicians. Your media. Your media.

MJT: We don’t live in terror. I don’t know a single person in the media who lives in terror.

Esam El-Erian: Can you answer one question? Why don’t we hear about trials for September 11?

MJT: Because the people who did it are dead. They killed themselves in the towers.

Armin Rosen: There was a civilian trial.

Esam El-Erian: Four thousand innocent people were killed, and there has been no trial.

MJT: That’s because the people who did it are dead.

Esam El-Erian: Nobody was put in a cage to face a trial.

MJT: They were on the planes. They blew themselves up in the towers.

Esam El-Erian: No. Who was behind it?

MJT: Osama bin Laden. And we just killed him, too.

Esam El-Erian: We know you have about 600 people in Guantanamo Bay. None of them have faced trials. Why? This is a very big mystery.

MJT: Well, what do you think happened? What’s your theory?

Esam El-Erian: And another 4,000 Americans were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. You have almost 10,000 innocent Americans killed. Never mind the millions killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. You never put anyone on trial. Who is behind all this? Who made the conspiracy? Is Osama bin Laden alone? Who is behind Osama bin Laden?

Armin Rosen: Who do you think is behind Osama bin Laden?

Esam El-Erian: I want to know!

MJT: What’s your theory?

Esam El-Erian: You have the documents now that Osama bin Laden is dead.

MJT: What’s your theory?

Esam El-Erian: I don’t know.

MJT: You have a theory.

Esam El-Erian: I want to know. That is the question.

MJT: Everybody has a theory. What’s yours?

Esam El-Erian: Why 10,000 Americans killed? Why? Without any investigation

Michael Totten's interview with Esam El-Erian of the Muslim Brotherhood

Moslem Brotherhood ex-leader Mohamed Akef reiterates MB aims: to re-establish the islamic caliphate in Europe and destroy Israel

Former leader of the Moslem Brotherhood and holocaust denier Mohamed Mahdi Akef

alludes in Jordan to the re-establishment of the islamic caliphate and says that “the liberation of Jerusalem starts from the Arab capitals”. In other words, he is calling for the overthrow of moderate arab regimes and their peace treaties with Israel ( secular egyptian parties such as the Wafdhave also called for the abrogation of Egypt's peace treaty with Israel)

Mohamed Mahdi Akef former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and holocaust denier
addressing the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Labour Party in Jordan made a thinly veiled call for the tearing up of the peace treaties between Israel's two arab neighbours Jordan and Egypt and for the extension of Sharia law there.

The Muslim Brotherhood treads carefully both in Jordan and Egypt where it has to show itself as 'moderate' when expressing itself in public. It is therefore necessary to examine its statements carefully as they will not nowadays be openly anti-semitic or even openly espouse their anti-democratic sentiments. Islamist aspirations are couched in humanistic terminology and that of liberation from oppression.

To understand what the Muslim Brotherhood is really about one must scratch below the surface of such comments, to understand the historical allusions such as to the “virtuous Mujahideen and the Almoravids and the defenders of Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue.” The deeper meanings then become apparent, that the Muslim Brotherhood has not changed, that the goal is for the islamists to first conquer the arab world and then establish the caliphate in europe, to islamify the west.

The reference to the medieval Almoravids that built an empire that extended from Africa to Spain and Portugal is very well understood by Mohamed Mahdi Akef's islamist audience. And that is why the Jordanian authorities keep their version of the MB under tight control.

If only the same could be said for the US that is poised to throw 20 billion dollars at Egypt after its elections in November, no matter which party wins (the MB in Egypt now goes by the moniker of the “Freedom and Justice Party”. This sounds very good, but the justice and freedom will be that of Sharia, a tender justice, once that excludes women and other minorities.

The MB offshoot in Gaza, Hamas points to the Egyptian future that the MB envisages for that country. It most likely won't happen as quickly or as easily in Egypt as happened with the overthrow of the corrupt Fatah party in Gaza. The process will happen more slowly through an ever deepening infiltration of egyptian society and the army, as has been happening for many years in Turkey with much success by the AKP party.

The US however seems to be clueless as regards the Muslim Brotherhood, as it has been with regard to the other islamist movements of Iran, Hezbolla and Hamas.

Rather than warn Egyptian society against the results of radicalisation, the US will reward it for this.
Instead of condemning the islamist bigotry that the deposing of Mubarak unleashed against the Copts,

Jeffrey Feltman the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs has said that the United States will cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood, “so long as it respects the rule of democracy, minorities’ rights and human rights”, and that, “ the Brothers are part of the international community” Is he serious?

Feltman goes on to say without any proof for this that sectarian strife was caused by the Mubarak regime.

Feltman might read the following expression of Copts' worries as to sectarianism

“As bad as Copts have had it in Egypt, conditions are likely to deteriorate soon, especially if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over. “The overthrow of the Mubarak regime will not by any sense of the imagination lead to the advent of Jeffersonian democracy,” former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton recently told the Daily Caller news website. “The greater likelihood is a radical, tightly knit organization like the Muslim Brotherhood will take advantage of the chaos and seize power. … It is really legitimate for the Copts to be worried that instability will follow Mubarak’s fall and his replacement with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Copts are ambivalent about Mubarak’s ouster. “He’s the best of the worst,” Sameh Joseph, a church worker at a Coptic church in Alexandria, told a Los Angeles Times reporter. “Whoever comes after him might want to destroy us.””

And this explains why the US is losing credibility throughout the world. Under Obama's watch the US has gone from being seen as a country that will stand by its allies and resist extremist crusading islam to being seen as undermining its moderate arab and islamic allies and whitewashing its enemies in the hope that they will go away or at least moderate their stance. Recently Obama's hacks have been trying to peddle the myth of a 'moderate' Taliban as well. The lie is given to this by the assassinations in Kandahar of Karzai's brother and governor there, along with Kandahar's mayor, not to mention the constant killings of Nato and US troops.

No wonder the egyptian military is negotiating with the Muslim Brotherhood. They see the writing on the wall.