Saturday, 31 August 2013

If you can't do a job properly..................

Yet again the US President Obama shows the world how unable he is to act like a statesman or cope with world problems.

Obama was unwise to lay down a red line over chemical weapons use, but once done, he should have acted decisively. Instead we see the americans psyching themselves up, explaining why they are certain that despite Assad's denials, it was Syria which used the nerve gas Sarin to clear areas of Damascus of the rebels who were gearing up for an offensive (Damascus is the Assad regime's own red line. Assad can not afford to lose much more of that city or indeed of the areas beyond it needed to protect the alawite homelands). Yet now Obama says he won't attack until he gets the authorization from Congress. Obama is just like the blustering man threatening to fight, yet secretly happy when he's held back. Such behavior doesn't impress on the world stage.

After lightweight David Cameron's posturing, the British people put him in his place. Britain has little more stomach for exerting its imperial will anymore, especially as British bodybags are still regularly returning from Afghanistan. Britain is now detached from any attack on the Assad regime, which is just as well. Enough damage was done in Libya to the region's security.

Obama has dearly wished to avoid attacking Assad and will when he finally gets the okay from Congress to mount an attack, will do the minimum necessary to show that he means what he says. But the fact is that nobody believes a word Obama says, not in the middle east, not in China, Russia, or in the Philippines, Japan or Taiwan.

USA policy in the middle east is seen as supporting islamist Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood, and extremist jihadists in Syria rather than the secular moderates. The egyptian military which decided to take back their country after the popular uprising has thumbed its nose at British and USA cries of 'democracy'. Egyptians had enough of being dragged into the middle ages by Morsy. Egyptians understood what the West, even after the Hamas coup don't understand, that islamists like the nazis, take power through the ballot box to impose tyranny, oppression of minorities and the police state. That is not what people in the west understand by the word 'democracy', but its good enough for western journalists and politicians.

Thanks to support of islamists, the secular opposition cause in Syria is all but lost now because of this with two sides of islam, shia and sunni slugging it out against each other. As someone who cares about Israel above all, I find it hard to cry for a secular opposition in Syria who repeatedly in the past have shouted their hatred of the Jewish People and Israel. If people want to be my enemies, to destroy Israel for no reason, then i'm not going to cry that they are suffering. If people are so full of hatred, pull up the drawbridge and let them get on with it. Yet Israel does not do that, it has set up a field hospital on the syrian border, and treats their wounded when they come by. I can't fathom the goodness of Israel's leaders.  Why spend tiny Israel's limited means on helping its enemies? Surely the funds spent should go on reinforcing still undefended schools and nurseries in Sderot and surrounding communities from Hamas missiles?

The utter depravity of this islamic conflict was brought home with a video on youtube of 3 truck driversstopped at a jihadist checkpoint. After ascertaining that these men were shia/alawite, they were executed. 

It is horrific to watch, almost impossible for a western mind to comprehend, but Obama has favored a side in Syria that kills people purely on account of their religion. 
What could be more harmless, more normal than truck drivers, working to keep their families fed? But they were marked out for extermination by the jihadists, so proud of their guns, their black flag and their demonic music.

On the other side is Assad, every bit as cruel, as his opponents, and he has used chemical weapons on a frequent basis, with the latest massacre of around 1500 people. He should be punished, but that punishment should have been swift and uncompromising. Instead Assad has been allowed to move his strategic assets out of harms way, and the american attack will in any case be most likely no more than a pin prick.

That pin prick will not deter Assad, but it could very well see Israel attacked and dragged into the war by the Assad regime, Hezbollah and Iran which time and again have reiterated their intention to attack Israel. Hopefully Israel's warnings will be enough to prevent them from doing this, but anything can happen with crazed fanatics.

The USA should not attack at all, if it does not intend to inflict major damage on Assad.
Just making a show of an attack will further destabilize the middle east, bringing Israel into the conflict and possibly tearing Lebanon apart in the process, not that I have much sympathy for the duplicitous Lebanese who are allies one day and your enemies the next.

The wises course is that Israel has taken until now, to sit and watch the lunatics killing each other, and be thankful they are too engaged to think about you. Thanks to Obama, the lunatics are going to be given the pretext to drag neutral Israel into the fighting.

Hopefully this won't happen, that Obama will have his little fireworks party over Syria, and the islam inspired blood crazed fanatics will be content to continue their warfare without expanding their war Israel. Unlike Obama's total lack of interest in what will happen to ally Israel if he puts on a show to salvage what little respect is left for the USA nowadays (and losing even that in the process), Netanyahu has made it clear how intense will be Israel's response if it is attacked.

Netanyahu will reestablish Israel's deterrent credentials if attacked, and then let the barbarians next door carry on as usual, tearing themselves apart.

Those who have been so intent on murdering jews for so many years, the Assad regime, the palestinian arabs and Hezbollah who have spilled so much blood in Israel, are now punishing themselves. Good luck to them.

The G-d of Israel works in strange ways to protect his people.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Why Obama is pushing 'peace' talks with arabs who repeatedly declare their intentions to destroy Israel

Obama's charade of peace talks between Israel and palestinian arabs has not only had nothing to do with peace (that has been obvious all along to the unblinkered), but to service two goals, that of 1) divesting Israel of all of its ancestral lands, and 2) of keeping Israel's leadership so busy that it can not meet to discuss the awful decisions necessary to strike Iran.

It is not otherwise logical that the President of the United States should invest his time, and his Secretary of State's time  so profusely whilst the rest of the middle east is literally burning.

Israel is a tiny state surrounded by enemies, and Obama wants at this dangerous time for Israel to give up its strategic high ground? Israel can not be defended without its high ground, just a few miles, literally, from its only international airport and the majority of its population centers in the low lying coastal areas.

It is sad to see that Israel's leader at this time is a silvery tongued diplomat rather than an iron willed Ben-Gurion. Israel has rolled over time and again to receive Obama's tickles on its tummy, his oft repeated guarantees that America will always have Israel's back. And during all this Kerry the Iran lover, Samantha Power ('attack Israel') and the rest of Obama's Israel hating team are sharpening the knife to help arabs slaughter, our nation. We've been there before in 1948 when Britain did the same thing. It is so sad to see this being prepared by the great nation which was the very first to recognize the rebirth of the Jewish State after 2,000 years.

Israel whilst loving the american people must come out from the umbrella of a USA which whilst compelling Israel to join talks in  preparation for its own funeral, forces Israel's prime minister Netanyahu to pay for this  release over a hundred of the most heinous arab killers. Yet again Israel is forced to make gestures to genocidally inclined arabs, who honor the murderers and give nothing but assurances as to Israel's coming destruction.

Israel must say no to any more releases of these killers of old men and women, of holocaust survivors and children.

This release is the latest in a series that have over the years made a mockery of Israel's justice system, as only jews ever serve their full sentences. Israel's population where every family has lost at least one member in the wars arabs forced upon it are sick and tired of being made to pay a blood price every time, solely because they are a moral nation.

It is time that Israel forgets the false morals that the world demands of Israel, morals which prevent Israel ever winning its wars, morals which only apply to Israel and to a lesser extent to western democracies. As someone who has in the past been against the brutal death penalty I find myself in Israel's case becoming increasingly for it.

If there is no opportunity to make mass murderers sit in a cell for the rest of their lives after having taken innocent blood, then they need to be executed after due process.

Israel has a right to protect its society, even if Obama, Kerry and the rest of his evil pack don't believe so.

If Israel does not do reinstitute the death penalty, then its soldiers will probably take matters into their own hands which is not the best solution. It is a better solution however than seeing time after time these prisoner releases which have led to hundreds more deaths of Israelis in the recent past.

Morality demands that arab murderers be punished, just as the USA never releases prisoners, and only this week the USA condemned Mexico for releasing a drug gang leader who killed an american.

This is the world's morality. Jews must time and again be compelled to turn the other cheek and forgive those who destroy our people.

Israel is badly served by its leaders in the face of the most anti-Israel american administration ever.

Shabbat shalom