Saturday, 5 September 2015

As Islam marches West into Europe Israel's opposition feels left out

Germany is going to allow at least a million mainly Muslims from Syria to enter the country without any checks to see if they are anti-West or even Islamic State members.  Angela Merkel has said that Germany is economically powerful enough to allow the influx. She hasn't addressed the threat of people who have known nothing of democracy simply walking in.

Mr Cameron of the UK has been shamed into getting onto the bandwagon and himself saying thousands of these 'refugees' will be allowed in.

There's no mention of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Arab states or Egypt or Muslim countries of North Africa and Asia. Why should anyone expect them to help their co-religionists? Robert Spencer believes that we are seeing a hijrah mass migration in the cause of Islam, a Jihad wave, a way to undermine the West on the way to becoming erecting the Islamic Caliphate.

 Whilst Europe with an average of 8% Muslim minority wants to end its two thousand years of Christian heritage and fruits of the Enlightenment, Israel's opposition Labor party the incongruously named 'Zionist Union' seems to wish to do the same for Israel's Jewish heritage. This is in a country that already has a 20% Muslim minority, a minority that is often militant and an increasing threat to the security of the State.

Hopefully Israel's present government will not rush to take Herzog's advice in admitting these citizens of Syria, a country which tried on a number of occasions after 1948 to undermine and destroy the tiny Jewish State. These people Herzog wishes to import into Israel were nurtured on anti-semitism and a loathing for Israel and many among them will have been part of the Arab war machine that tried to crush the Jewish State through wars and terror.

These avowed enemies of Israel need to be left outside Israel's borders.  

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Arab Oil Money's subversion of democracies targets the highest echelons

Jimmy Carter knows no limits in his war against the Jews. Seen here sucking up to arch Hamas terrorist Meshal

I've been wondering for some
time why the Clintons became highly critical of Israel? Of course for Hilary bashing Israel came with Obama's job, but her husband also did an about turn from being friendly towards Israel towards lambasting its prime minister Netanyahu and casting race tainted slurs on Jews based on their ethnicity:
Clinton said Arabs are the most pro-peace Israelis; then the Sabras, the Jewish Israelis born there; and then the Ashkenazi, the European Jews who came to Israel around the time of the country’s founding.
"The most anti-peace are the ultra-religious, who believe they're supposed to keep Judea and Samaria, and the settler groups, and what you might call the territorialists, the people who just showed up lately and they're not encumbered by the historical record,” Clinton said.
"That's what happened. Every American needs to know this. That's how we got to where we are," he noted. "The real cynics believe that the Netanyahu's government's continued call for negotiations over borders and such means that he's just not going to give up the West Bank."
However, Natan Sharansky, one of those Soviet immigrants, Clinton said, "who just showed up lately" and who Clinton presumably thinks does not want peace, said in response to CBSNews: "I am particularly disappointed by the president's casual use of inappropriate stereotypes about Israelis, dividing their views on peace based on ethnic origins."
What made Clinton change his tune from this?
Clinton has already publicly blamed Arafat for his failure to respond to Israeli peace proposals at Camp David, and instead returning to Ramallah to start a terror war against the Jewish State.

Has that whiff of Arab oil money which has corrupted political, diplomatic and academic life in the USA and Britain also descended on the Clinton family? How much influence does $2 billions buy?

The next time a Clinton opens his or her mouth think about just how much money from Arab tyrants flows into the family coffers. And when in the run up to new US elections Clinton proffers support for Israel, remember that Obama did likewise before he was elected President.

As for ex-president Carter his lifelong activism against the Jewish People and Israel can be first seen in his promoting of antisemitism in his 1950s preachings to Sunday school. Carter may have benefited enormously from Arab oil money but that is probably a sweetener for him in his life long crusade against Jews:
It’s hard for us to even visualize the prejudice against gentiles when Christ came on earth. If a Jew married a gentile, that person was considered to be dead. … How would you characterize from a Jew’s point of view the uncircumcised? Non believer? And what? Unclean, what? They called them DOGS! That’s true.
That Yeshivah University could give an award to such a man is beyond surprising.

The current wave of invective by academics in Europe and America towards Israel although owed not
a little to that ancient hatred of Jews, also owes much to half a century's worth of Arab countries undermining of western institutions through their oil wealth. Whole university departments are paid for by countries such as Qatar (eg Durham University) and Saudi Arabia (Georgetown University).
Any research on Islam and the Middle East is seen through a crooked prism, distorted by those who hold the purse strings. Of course the Universities involved deny that the money brings influence. Who are they kidding?

That miniscule democracy of Israel no larger than New Jersey and containing just 6 million Jews surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs seeking its death at every opportunity has had little chance to be understood in the West.

This is especially so since Russia and its Arab allies hit on the scheme to invent a people more tiny than Israel, the Palestinian Arabs. There never was a Palestinian people, and they mostly identify themselves with Egypt Saudi Arabia or Jordan and hold the passports of those countries. Yet the duped massed will never know that, in the face of a media beholden to the Arab message whether through financial interests
in the Arab world such as Reuters-Thompson and CNN or the loathsome BBC.

For example when he was Pres Clinton praised Israel for commitment to peace, yet afterwards said Israel
is the problem.

The Clinton Foundation is of course bathed in Arab money, as is Carter's. The Clintons have grown personally very rich on Arab oil money.

And now the emails are revealing that Mrs Clinton's frequent attacks on Israel when Obama's Sec of State were linked not just to Obama's hatred of Israel but her anti-Israel Jewish advisor Sid Blumenthal.

He regularly forwarded emails from his Israel baiting son Max to Mrs Clinton when not personally bashingIsrael himself.

 And with the Iranian nuclear fiasco presided over by Mr Kerry, he has been somewhat quiet about his own family's profitable links to Iran

The can of worms that is the Arab and Islamic oil lobby in the USA is as rotten as it is widespread.

So why does the MSM never deal with the foreign and malign lobby carried out by America's Arab enemies, but instead constantly harp about the homegrown AIPAC that lobbies on behalf of US ally Israel?

We're back to money and the old hatred of anti semitism something Obama himself is only too happy to promote:
 Murmuring about “money” and “lobbying” and “foreign interests” who seek to drag America into war is a direct attempt to play the dual-loyalty card. It’s the kind of dark, nasty stuff we might expect to hear at a white power rally, not from the President of the United States—and it’s gotten so blatant that even many of us who are generally sympathetic to the administration, and even this deal, have been shaken by it.
 As Obama attempts to pass his disastrous nuclear surrender to Iran no holds are barred even antisemitic slurs.

Is Obama looking forwards to his post presidency? If so he should remember that Arabs do not see black people as equals, even using the term 'Slave' ('Abd') to denote them. The Saudis and other Arab countries are importing slaves from Africa at this very moment.

The Arab oil pickings for Obama might not be as profound as those Carter and the Clintons have enjoyed.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

As Lebanon crumbles Israel must prepare to defend itself from a new border along the Litani River

Violent Arab 'culture' played out in this long forgotten massacre of 1929, one amongst many pogroms against Jews in Arab countries. Arab violence is now devouring its own. Israel must not allow its bloodthirsty Islam inspired enemies to advance again onto its borders

While Arabs have complained that Israel was aggressive and expansionist from the day of its Independence (a projection that applied to Israel's Arab neighbors rather than itself), the time is coming when Israel is going to have to begin to re-take borders that the Bible prescribed for the Jewish Nation.

In the Torah (Bible) it says:
Genesis 15:18
" the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying: "To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates…"
In the thousand or so years of the existence of the ancient kingdom of Israel the borders expanded and contracted with the fortunes of the wars forced upon its people.

Israel has been under great pressure from the USA, Europe and Islamic nations to shrink its already tiny borders on the way to its total annihilation. The present Obama Administration with its goal of Iranian hegemony over the Middle East would be only too happy for Israel to disappear the sooner the better. With that in mind, Iran's constant calls for the destruction of Israel and Obama's nuclear surrender to Iran make sense. Within the next decade we may see an Iranian attempt to launch nuclear tipped missiles at Israel.

Not for nothing did Rabbi Riskin compare Obama to Haman, Israel's ancient Persion foe who tried to destroy the Jewish People.

Reducing Israel's borders are forever on the world's agenda supposedly for peace and security of all nations in the region including Israel, but in reality the opposite is true, Israel only finds peace when it is strong and has a strong deterrent posture. After 1967 the USA sent a professional military mission to determine Israel's minimum territorial defense needs. It was agreed that Israel needed to keep everything it had taken in the war forced upon it by the Arab states. Giving away the Sinai to a less than friendly Egypt which has no historical claim to the land was a blunder by Begin that will at a future date need to be rectified.

For Israel to be safe it needs to move with the times, to realize that the era of Arab nations is coming to an end and that in order to protect itself from the Islamic anarchy, or even worse, the Caliphate, Israel will have to expand when necessary to new secure borders.

Israel's present borders in the Golan Heights fronting what used to be Syria are relatively strong and defensible so apart from making sure that friendly or at least quiescent forces are encamped on the other side of the border, there is little need for change there for the present although the following should be noted:
It is interesting to note that Israel has already violated the basic strictures of the top US military brass by: — Returning to Syrian control in 1974 all of the strategic high ground on the Golan Heights, running in a north-south direction from Kuneitra. 
Israel's border with Lebanon is in places such as the hills around Metullah defensible but in the West the Iranian proxy Hezbollah could invade at a time of its choosing. Israel has admitted that at least in the beginning of any hostilities it will have to reckon with Hezbollah capturing Jewish border communities. That would of course be a disaster for Israel which unlike with its enemies, values every Jewish life.

Thankfully Hezbollah is otherwise engaged in defending its positions in the Beqa valley and the Qalamoun mountains with the estimated loss so far of around 2,000 of its fighters. For a force estimated to be no larger than 10,000 fighters this is indeed shocking. Whereas once Hezbollah refrained from using child soldiers, children of 15 and possibly even younger are known to have been killed fighting for the terrorist group.

Hezbollah has picked a fight in Syria that it can not win but the blame should not be placed on its nominal head Nasrallah but Ayatollah Khameini in Iran. Hezbollah does Iran's bidding and Lebanon is going to pay the price.
The civil war is on its way in Lebanon and ISIS and friends are knocking steadily on the door.

Hezbollah will eventually fall and Lebanon will empty of its people just as Syria and Iraq are in the process of doing. If Israel does not step in to occupy the vacated lands it will find new foes just as radical as Iran on its northern border.

With the shia enemy defeated, the sunni jihadists pouring out of Syria into Lebanon will be looking for the next stage in their Jihad, the conquering of Israel. Israel will need to advance up to the Litani river at a minimum to preempt this and establish settlements to enable the new borders to be held. Where there are no settlements there is no security and the military needs to be much larger in order to police the borders.

The IDF sorely missed its Gush Katif settlements in the last war with Hamas in 2014 making its entry into Gaza that much more dangerous and costly. Ditto with Lebanon in the years 1982-2000.
As Lebanon crumbles Israel must ready itself to protect its northern border by advancing into the vacuum before it is filled and becomes a new and even more deadly threat than Hezbollah.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Arab blood is worth more than that of a Jew especially if living in Judea or Samaria

Terror has been promoted by Arab governments and now the Palestine Authority for over a century. Thousands of Israelis such as this long forgotten bus driver have been victims of Arab terror. If some Jews are not to be tempted to take individual justice on innocent Arabs, then justice must be seen to be served on Arab perpetrators.
Updated August 2nd 2015:
The media, UN even the State Department are having a field day condemning Israel. Finally they've got another atrocity allegedly by 'settlers' (i.e. the indigenous Jews of Judea and Samaria) to lambast the Jewish State with.

Israel's politicians as usual fall headlong into the trap and are scrambling to outdo each other with the sack cloth and ashes, even invoking the Holocaust!

Someone needs to step back and take stock, which is what I am about to do.

This was a murderous attack, probably but not definitely by Jews. Plenty of Arabs read and write Hebrew to a high level, and it won't be the first time village feuds have been blamed on Jews.

The blood-libel does after all have a long history.

But even if it was Jew who threw that fire-bomb we as friends of Israel have to step back and consider a number of things, without of course intending in any way to justify this attack on innocent Arabs:
  1. Why has this one murder so energized the international community when daily atrocities against the Jews of Judea and Samaria pass without notice?
The BBC let the Fogel family atrocity pass until Israel made a reprisal raid. Eden Atias slaughtered by an Arab while he slept on a bus is still unknown to BBC audiences ditto baby Adele Biton and Shelley Dadon, a young woman dragged into an orchard, raped and murdered by an Arab on the way to work last year. These were Jews and not worthy of world notice, sympathy or understanding.

    1. What were the antecedents to this attack?
Where Arab criminals, terrorists and their foreign instigators such as the foreign nationals of ISM are allowed to feel immune to Israel's forces of law and order, to perpetrate the whole gamut of crimes against innocent Israelis wherever they can be found, and especially in Israel's ancient homelands of Judea and Samaria it is obvious that the conditions for Jewish vigilantiism to fester and grow are being met.

Where Jews such as three year old Adele Biton who succumbed to her injuries (after an Arab's rock throwing caused the car she was traveling in to crash) can not travel the roads without being in danger of death at the hands of an Arab terrorist anger in the community is bound to grow to such an extent that some amongst them will however wrongly take the law into their own hands.

If the vigilantes took the life of a terrorist then their action would be understandable e.g in light of the fact that 6 Jews have to date been killed by Arab terrorists freed in the Gilad Shalit deal.
That the blood of Jews has become so cheap an Arab can reckon on spending only a few years in jail for murder is a continuing outrage against any sense of decency. Arabs contemplating terror know that whilst in prison he will be paid a handsome salary, his family will receive benefits, and he will be appointed to a paid position commensurate with the seriousness of his terror act once he gets out of an Israeli jail.

An Arab who murders a Jew rarely serves the prison sentence given to him which exasperates the citizens of Israel who demand that Arabs who attack Jews must serve their sentences.

The Jews who may have killed the Arab child in Duma may reason that in the absence of justice for Arab terrorists, they will take the law to them. If they can not find a terrorist to kill, then any Arab will serve the purpose. This is not seen as being a civilized way of non-Arabs to behave nowadays but Arab culture fully accepts this reasoning. If someone from your village kills someone from mine then I have the right / duty to kill someone from yours. Ditto with a family killing. Arab culture is seeped to the very core with blood and feuds can be carried on for centuries. Let us not even get into the domain of 'honor killing'.

So Arabs understand when someone from another tribe or family or village will take bloody revenge. They just object when Jews do it. Jews as Christians are after all Dhimmis with no right to life or property, still less any claim to waging a blood feud with Arab muslims.

So did anyone from the Arab village murder a Jew for those Jews to wish to take revenge on someone from their village. It would be interesting to find out?

Giulio Meotti has today written that not far from this village a Jewish hiker was murdered, a name that never made the headlines in the West that counts only the very few real Arab victims of Jews, and has no interest in the steady stream of Jews who have been foully murdered.
"Not far from where an Arab child was killed last week, Arab terrorists killed a Jewish girl, Tirza Porat, while she was on a hike. She was the first Israeli civilian to die in the first Intifada. The Western press and many Israeli journalists blamed her for not staying away “from restive Palestinian villages”. Not a word of condemnation of Arab leaders for encouraging 5-year-olds to join mobs throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, but they condemned Tirza for being victimized. Nobody remembers her name. "
In any case we as a civilized society reject blood feuds, but Britain when dealing with Palestinian Arabs 1936-39 did blow up houses in villages from where terrorists emerged and summarily executed Arab terrorists found with arms. The RAF machine gunned suspected terrorists from the air whilst the army implemented a harsh regime:
Collectivepunitive measures such
as “destroying villages, carrying off livestock and trampling down crops and so
on,” already well established in irregular “small” wars against guerrillas by the
time Callwell wrote his book, were used in the Boer War (1899–1902), during
the Egyptian and Iraqi revolts (1919–20), in India, and during the Irish War of
Independence (1919–21).
In the 1930s, Major General Sir Charles Gwynn
and Colonel H. J. Simson—the latter served in Palestine during the revolt—
developed Callwell’s lessons, applying them to imperial hot spots such as
Palestine and arguing that such situations required firm military rule.
Rather than Israel's leaders tearing their hair over the rare incidence of Jewish terror, they should be learning from how the British suppressed Arab terror in the 1930's, revisit their failed policies which see Arabs terrorizing Jews, Christians and others throughout Israel, and of course in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria.
Jews can no longer walk onto their ancient cemetery on the Mount of Olives for fear of Arab attack. Hundreds of graves have been desecrated with rubbish and smashed to pieces.
Tourists visit the Mount of Olives now in fear of their lives from Arab rock throwers.
Jews are regularly attacked on the Temple Mount.

Israel has lost its grip on Arabs bent on its destruction. The human rights of Arab terrorists take precedence over peaceful Jews.
I can understand that antisemitic leaders of Western governments led by the Obama-Kerry duo will howl at Israel at every opportunity.
But why must Rivlin, Herzog and even Netanyahu make public displays of contrition calling for the whole of Israel to be ashamed for the actions of a few errant Jews who represent nobody but themelves?
How can Israel's leaders be complicit in the western media led demonisation of Israel's public?

Is it fair to demonize the whole Judea-Samarian community?

    Representatives of Jews in Judea-Samaria have overwhelmingly condemned this attack on the Arab family. We need to keep perspective that whereas Palestinian Arabs constantly incite for murder of Jews, all the Jews of Yesha wish for is peace to get on with their lives in their ancestral homelands. That never happens though. The Palestinian Authority and its media incite against Israel and Jews, rarely disguising their wish to destroy Israel utterly.

If the Jewish State wishes to stop revenge killings by a few misguided individuals then the root of the problem must be addressed, the feelings of Jews of Judea and Samaria that they are targets in an Arab firing range, picked off at will and having to live in a state of terror for many years now.

Hardly a day goes by without another Arab terror attack, most of which such as the rock throwings on the Mount of Olives and attacks on Jews there go on unhindered by police.

The increasing Arab terror in Judea-Samaria must be suppressed if harmonious relations between the communities are to be restored.

Arab terrorists need to know that if they do survive arrest, which should never be a certain thing, they will have to pay their debt to Jewish society in an uncomfortable prison cell, not one where they can take masters degrees paid for by the Jews they wish to annihilate.

A beginning in restoring security to the Israeli public is to relax the rules on Israelis opening fire against their attackers. Rather than doing their utmost to arrest attackers, the stress must be on doing their utmost to keep themselves and their peers safe. The Arab terrorist's life must the the lowest of priorities when considering arrest options.

We also need to realize that Palestinian Arab society which celebrates children only as far as they have future value in being 'martyrs' in attacks on Jews, is not shocked by the violent death of a child. The only regret in their evil society is that the child did not take Jewish lives with it on the way to paradise.

We whilst regretting that a human life, even that of an enemy has been taken, should not weep overly much for a child intended to grow in a system of overarching antisemitic indoctrination intended to use education to teach how to harm Jews in ever more fiendish ways.

Rather than join in the chorus of world condemnation and visit families of enemy Arabs, Mr Rivlin and Netanyahu should show the community of Judea and Samaria that they are also cared for, and loved. Yesha Jews are carrying out the heroic task of defending the densely populated coastal region around Tel-Aviv frequently at the cost of their lives whilst normally exercising the utmost restraint.

The least the indigenous Jews of Judea and Samaria can expect is support from Israel's politicians at a time when the world is baying for their blood.

We can expect nothing from a world which even as Islamic terror is being stepped up throughout western countries and which is conducting terror operations on a world wide basis now, is every ready to condemn Israel.

Israel's leaders must learn the lesson of Gaza that when Jewish homes and villages are sacrificed, Tel-Aviv, Ashdod and Jerusalem are next in the firing line.

Friday, 10 July 2015

The kidnapped Israelis must be returned, but not at any price

It has emerged that Hamas has kidnapped two Israelis who deliberately crossed the border from Israel for unknown reasons. One is a beduin and one is an Ethiopian Jew who is said to have psychological problems.

We hope that both of these men will be returned as soon as possible, but hopefully not after Israel paying a Gilad Shalit style ransom for them. That ransom in terms of over a thousands Arab Jew killers only happened because the family of Shalit mounted an excellent media campaign that tugged at the heart strings of Israelis.

It was obvious at the time that the price paid for freeing Shalit would be dead Israelis in new terror campaigns afterwards, and that has come true. Many of those freed have been conducting terror operations from within Israel. Outside of Israel Hamas has its headquarters now in Turkey a NATO memnber and is directing terror against Israel from there.

The European Union and  USA is quiet about Hamas organising terror from Turkey yet is never lost for words when Israel builds a home for the indigenous Jews of Judea and Samaria.

It is sad that one of the brothers of Avraham Mengistu has used the racism card against Israel already. Thankfully the rest of Avraham's family have not stooped to such a disgraceful level.

Netanyahu must not give in to moral blackmail whilst acting to return these unfortunates home.

The first action on the part of the government should be to re-arrest as many of the terrorists freed in exchange for Shalit and make it clear that they will remain in prison until the two hostages are returned to Israel.

It should also be made clear that there will be no more deals, only that every time Israel's loyal citizens are kidnapped the price will be the re-arrest of those previously freed.

Democracies must take the gloves off in this merciless war being waged against them by Islamic terrorists.

Israel must lead the way, not by sacrificing its soldiers and citizens in ever more asinine ways to spare the enemie's human shields but in the robustness of its response to attacks.

Let us hope this new government will show a new mettle in dealing with the terror entities surrounding it.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Israel's Druze support Israel's wariness in being drawn by their Syrian bretheren into the quagmire

The question of the Syrian Druze recently climbed to the top of Israel's priorities, eclipsing
even the ongoing disastrous handling by Obama and European powers of Iran's race for nuclear weapons (As I write this US Secretary of State Kerry is doing his best to paint his 'Peace in Our Time' surrender as not being a done deal, that the USA will supposedly walk away from a bad deal with Iran. But most of the major concessions have been made already from not insisting that Iran owns up to allowing it to use new and ever faster uranium processing centrifuges, ignoring past work on nuclear weapons development and not demanding snap inspections of suspected Iranian nuclear installations and military bases).

Israelis are rightly worried that our blood brothers the Druze in Israel should not see their kith and kin wiped out in an islamist genocide next door in Syria.

Some normally level headed researchers such as Mordechai Kedar have however demanded that Israel drop its neutrality vis-a-vis Syria and actively intervene to establish a new order in that country along Israel's border a policy that although undoubtedly well intentioned is fraught with danger.

Two years ago before the recent crisis I saw the need for Israel to become more involved in helping the Druze take the future into their own hands.

This does not mean however that Israel should simply march into Syria and carve out the Druze homeland for them as Mr Kedar seems to be implying.

Israel must, and I repeat, must, do everything and even beyond everything, to help the Druze minority in Syria survive as it faces the Islamist forces who intend to destroy it. ”
Israel must learn the lessons of its history, not least of its having been sucked into Lebanon in 1982 by Christians who promised an alliance and armed help to Israel in ending the reign of terror by the PLO in that country. Israel was however betrayed by the phalangists who after pulling Israel in let Israel do their dirty work, and the dying. The only time the phalangists emerged out of the woodwork was to commit a revenge massacre in Sabra and Shatila, and then let Israel take the world's opprobrium.

Just as the Christians of Lebanon were no friends to Israel, and had no strategic sense in betraying the one democracy that would ensure their own survival, the Druze of Syria are not friends of Israel, but rather bitter enemies. Druze in Syria have loyally staffed the Assad regime's army and committed or attempted to commit terror atrocities against Israel even as late as this present  year 2015.

We must remember that Samir Kuntar the heinous child murderer who first killed a 3 year old girl's parents in front of her and then bashed her head on a rock is a druze. Now a senior Hezbollah official he is a welcome guest amongst the Syrian Druze and has recently been active organizing Hezbollah's second front against Israel on the Golan Heights. Kuntar's fingerprints are believed to also bee all over the Druze ambulance attack in Israel.

Early this year Israel managed to eliminate a Druze terror squad attempting to lay an ambush for IDF soldiers along Israel's Golan border.

The writing might be on the wall for Syrian Druze but this tight knit community has as yet not been reading the script. The Syrian Druze are still very much in the pocket of Assad and whether or not they are ready to change is a moot point.

Assad is desperate for Israel to become involved in his conflict to act as a lighting rod for his regime. Once Israel were to invade the jihadist groups would unite and attack the IDF giving Assad a much needed reprieve.

And this is very probably the reason for the Druze attack on an Israeli ambulance in which an injured Syrian rebel being transferred for treatment in an Israeli hospital was murdered. This attack was made not so much by irate Druze on rebels who had just committed a massacre of their people, but as a Syrian-Iranian operation to  undermine the Israeli-Druze alliance and enmesh Israel in the Syrian quagmire.

Those rebel injured that Israel treats in its hospitals are indeed the coin Israel pays for keeping the al-Nusra knives off the Druze throats.

Druze murdering rebels being treated in Israel would be a sure way for organized rebel attacks on Druze villages to begin. Despite some sporadic forced conversions to islam and a massacre (that al Nusrah apologized for) the Druze are not yet in imminent danger.

Assad is not interested in the welfare of the Druze but in harming Israel and in his Alawite Shia survival which is becoming questionable in light of the continuing collapse of the Syrian army and the never ending cost in SAA, Hezbollah and IRGC lives. Iran has lost two generals this year in Syria, one of them held the highest army rank, and the Syrian army is believed to have all but disintegrated. Iran and Hezbollah have had to pick up the slack and are dying in the process.

By maintaining its neutrality in the Syrian conflict whilst enforcing its red lines, Israel has so far managed to keep the Golan border quiet and the Syrian Druze safe.

We don't know how long this will continue but when the Syrian Druze finally realize that they have no future allied to Assad, then will be the time for Israel to act in helping the Druze establish a redoubt along Israel's border and establish a militia along the lines of the former South Lebanon Army.

The quid pro quo would be for Druze of the former Syria to renounce their former ties and ally themselves with Israel by joining the blood covenant of their brother Druze in israel. This will be a major psychological hurdle to overcome, and Israel should not intervene further to help Syrian Druze until this happens.
The time for this not yet come. Druze are still loyal to Assad.

The biggest sign that the Netanyahu government is following a judicious policy is that Israel's Druze community refuses to be drawn into Assad's plan, does not ask for any Israeli intervention in Syria on behalf of their bretheren. The Israeli Druze leaders are fully supportive of the present government policy.

“The leader of the Druze community in Israel, Sheikh Moafaq Tarif, strongly denounced the attack.
“Of course we condemned everything that happened. Our tradition and religion are against harming an injured person or an ambulance. This is not our way, not our education… and we hope you will continue to lead this whole affair wisely. We are at your service,” Tarif said.”
“Ayoub Kara, deputy minister of regional development and a Druze, said all Israelis identify with the concerns over the danger faced by Druze in Syria, but there was no excuse for attacking the ambulance.

“To my regret, we as Druze lost Israel’s sympathy because of this grave and unnecessary attack, which has no place in a country ruled by the law,” Kara said.”
Israel is proceeding wisely in for the present must maintaining its hands off policy in Syria and not allowing Assad and his Iranian backers to have Israel save them from the plight they are now facing.

The loyal Druze of Israel refuse to be used as tools by Assad and Syrian Druze for their nefarious ends.
Nonetheless Israel will continue to protect the Syrian Druze even as it is fully cognizant of their continuing attempts to harm the Jewish State.

Netanyahu is no fool and refuses to be drawn into the Syrian quagmire in order to save Assad's neck. That is what Iran is there for and it will be to Iran and its catspaw Hezbollah that the Alawites need to look for help.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

'Lone Wolf' car and tractor rammings show it's time to bring back old British methods against Arab terror

The mass media have made a lot of Israel's rescinded decision not to allow Arabs on buses going into Judea and Samaria. It is a pity this has been rescinded as attacks on Jews are becoming a daily event now.
The mass media of course has totally ignored an Arab's car ramming attack on police officers in Jerusalem however.

It seems that the latest terror attack in Jerusalem was made by a cousin of the Mercaz Harav terrorist.
Thankfully the two officers he rammed with his car were only lightly injured and have already been released from hospital.

The terrorist is dead, and hopefully Israel's security forces will not try too hard in future to arrest these killers, but despatch them with all due haste towards their Islamic virgin studded heaven.

Simply making sure the would be killers do not survive to serve a couple of years in prison before being released to commit more murder and mayhem is not enough however.

Britain's policy of making villages and families responsible for the actions of their family members brought an end to the 1936-39 orgy of murder that was the 'Arab Revolt'.

Britain then understood that family ties are important, and that family and tribal pressure works.

Whilst the Palestinian Authority incites the murder of Jews on its mass media, and pay stipends pro rata as to how serious the terror attack was, Israel needs to begin to put pressure on families.

As we see here, it is not collective punishment when a family or village is involved in terror, supports it, and praises the family member involved.

Britain used harsh measures in the 1930's which are maybe not to be used today, but a family whose member has just attacked Jews for no other reason than their religion need to find their house disappears in a cloud of dust.
There can be no doubt that the British concentrated presence and the persistence that accompanied it in the Palestinian theatre had exhausted the rebels, who, with their leadership, no longer really knew who they were fighting against or why. At one moment the leadership would talk of traditional friendship and common interests with Britain, at another went so far as to agree to the granting of autonomy to the Jews in the areas where they were settled. There can be no doubt that the vacillation of the leadership, and its inability to determine a clear objective to fight for, played its part in weakening the revolt...
...The best estimate of Arab human losses in the 1936-39 revolt is that which states that losses in the four years totaled 19,792 killed and wounded; this includes the casualties sustained by the Palestinian Arabs at the hands of the Zionist gangs in the same period.
This estimate is based on the first conservative admissions contained in official British reports, checked against other documents.102 These calculations establish that 1200 Arabs were killed in 1936. 120 in 1937, 1200 in 1938 and 1200 in 1939. In addition 112 Arabs were executed and 1200 killed in various terrorist operations. This makes the total of Arabs killed in the 1936-39 revolt, 5,032, while 14,760 were wounded in the same period.

Detainees numbered about 816 in 1937, 2,463 in 1938, and approximately 5,679 in 1939.The real significance of these figures can be shown by comparisons. In relation to numbers of inhabitants, Palestinian losses in 1936-39 are equivalent to losses by Britain of 200,000 killed, 600,000 wounded and 1,224,000 arrested. In the case of America the losses would be one million killed, 3 million wounded and 6,120,000 arrested!

Israel can not continue to live with Arabs deciding continually to wreak mayhem with cars and tractors  on Israel's streets. Everyone has a right to go about their business in safety and security, whether Arab or Jew.

If some Arabs decide to put their hatred into practise, they must know that not only will they not survive, but that their family will at the very least also need rehousing.

It is time that Israel demanded that very basic human right for its own citizens, of the right to life, to not be maimed and killed in the increasing number of Arab terror attacks.

It is time Israel put the human rights of its own citizens above those of a braying Arab enemy, murdering yet running to the international community at the first sign that Israel defends itself.

Israel must prepare for the condemnations that will inevitably follow and remind Arab terrorists and their families of some old facts about deterrence, facts that every Arab family already understands, as families being responsible for the acts of their members is what is practised in Arab culture since time immemorial.

Israel must protect its citizens. Harsh measures are essential if the terror is to stop.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Israel's Ethiopian Jews refuse to adopt victimhood politics and violence

The Ethiopian community in Israel is to be congratulated for refusing yesterday to take the example of many in the community of black people in the United States, where 30% of black males have at one time or another been in prison (1 in 12 presently), and where throughout a lifetime, a black male has a 1 in 21 chance of dying violently.

Israel is not the USA with Black people in Israel not having the same sorry history as Black people in the USA. Ethiopian Jews were not brought to Israel as slaves, but as free men and women in order to fulfill their zionist aspirations, to save their lives. They were brought out of love and not hatred or of any intention to humiliate or discriminate against them. 

Israel put many of its citizens in harms way by sending its armed forces and civilians into extremely anti-Israel Sudan and Ethiopia in order to rescue the Ethiopian Jews from starvation that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Every society has its problems and Israel is not an exception, but racism has not, and will not define the relations between black and white communities as it has done in Europe and the USA. Ethiopian Jews were not rescued and brought to Israel in order to be discriminated against and those who are undoubtedly suffering now and have not yet succeeded in society must realise that. They need help so that they too can succeed in Israel. Much is done by the State within its limited budget and with the bringing of this issue to the fore, much more will hopefully happen to raise this community up.

Israel is not such a country in decline and Ethiopian Jews are also not seldom successful in Israel, and will undoubtedly continue to succeed. There are senior officers in the IDF, scientists and doctors among the community. For example the head of the IDF intervention team in Nepal was an Ethiopian Jewish doctor Dr. Avi Yitzchak. All is not doom and gloom.

Ethiopian Jews at yesterday's demonstration cleaerly showed that the violence seen in Baltimore and Ferguson is not the example they want to follow. Looting and destruction is the hallmark of a society in decline and offers no hope for those who use it. Ethiopian Jews are protesting for their future success, not in order to destroy the efforts of those who have already succeeded before them.

The promotion of victimhood and violence is alien to Israel, and thankfully even the Ethiopian demonstrators who split off from the peaceful demonstration to seek confrontation were open to reason and eventually returned to demonstrate peacefully.

The destructive Malcolm X / Black Panther style promotion of victimhood and fomenting of hatred is all to easy. It is a reverse racism, as ugly as the phenomenon it purports to condemn, and Israel last night rejected it. Thankfully the Ethiopian Jews of Israel will not be seduced by hate and destruction.

Enemies of Jews have never worried about whether that Jew is black or white, Sephardi or Ashkenazi. Being a Jew suffices, and Israel's wise leaders realise that, and condemned the police who sparked off the demonstrations.

The rabbis talked of Sinat Chinam (Unjustified/unreasonable/unreasoning hatreds and the destruction of the Temple and warned against those who are determined to feed off a cynical nursing of a sense of victimhood.

Ethiopian Jews refuse to be used as the vanguard in a new attempt to split the Jewish nation apart.

They did not come to Israel in order to be instrumental in its demise, but to build it along with Sephardi and Asheknazi Jews who returned home at an earlier date.

The EU and George Tsoros sponsored anarchists in Israel surely suffered a great defeat last night. As with the cost of living protests a couple of years ago, Israel's enemies fish in troubled waters but Israel is stronger and its people will not be corralled into the self-destructive behaviour seen abroad that Israel's enemies would have it do.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Egypt needs less meddling by Shariah Compliant Obama

Whilst the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during President Morsy's democratic government was in power these scenes were repeated throughout Egypt. Obama's response was to send Morsy Apache helicopters, Abrams tanks and F16s.

The Obama administration that lifted sanctions on Burma which then went on to murder thousands of Kachin Christians in an ongoing genocide has a soft spot for murderous Muslim Brotherhood regimes.
Not for nothing was Mohamed Elbiary who is a member of the MB made a director of Homeland Security in the US. The US security agencies are riddled by extremist muslims placed there by Obama's cronies. Elbiary famously declared the USA to be an 'Islamic country', shariah compliant.

Nobody can be happy at countries where the respect for human rights is so low that people are sentenced to death in batches. But this is the reality of the arab world, where if your regime is not ruthless it will not survive.

Obama did not make one protest to deposed ex-President Morsy at the mass murders of innocents in Tahrir Square and throughout Egypt whilst he was in charge. Morsy's salafist thugs cruised around cities arresting those they thought were contravening shariah law. They made sure such persons were never seen again.
Morsy's men murdered people of the tiny Shia community and Coptic Christians alike. Coptic young women have for years been kidnapped, forcibly converted to islam and 'married' off to salafists.

Christians human rights throughout the world have as usual been ignored by the Obama administration, whether in Pakistan or Indonesia, just as the murder of Jews by islamic terrorists in France was described simply as "some random folks" by Obama.

There is a worrying pattern of this President's interference or at times silence in Arab countries whilst lambasting the Jewish State at every opportunity. Obama wished to tie the American horse to sunni islamists notable Turkey and Egypt allied to Iranian interests, but when that fell apart with Morsy's overthrow, and Turkey's incresing isolation, Obama increasingly has decided to throw the USA into Iran's orbit.  It is only in these terms that Obama's desperation to get a nuclear deal from Iran, any deal can be explained.

After all the Obama administration has done to destabilize the Middle East and Asia, it's a good idea if the Arabs are left to get on with their gruesome tasks. Sadly it is in all our interests, even if not in Obama's.

Egypt and its backer Saudi Arabia realize that the alternative to mercilessly crushing the Muslim Brotherhood is to face another mass breakout from prisons in future and the collapse of Egypt and other Arab states.

However hateful are the remaining arab regimes not yet involved in the maelstrom Obama unleashed by effectively deposing Mubarak, at least they offer some semblance of order in relation to the Iran and Sunni terrorist inspired chaos now ruling in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

We may be disgusted but Arab dictators know their work. For the near future brutal and despotic Arab regimes are the only game in town. The alternative is a further meltdown, millions more refugees along with mass death being the result.

And Obama will be gone soon, but not before his wrongheaded policies have wreaked even more devastation upon the Middle East and the world.
The United States said it was “deeply concerned” about former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi’s death sentence Sunday, joining a growing list of countries and international groups who have condemned Saturday’s court decision to execute the former leader.

Judge Shaaban el-Shami sentence Morsi and over 100 others to death Saturday over a mass prison break during the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak and later brought Islamists to power for the first time in Egypt.

Before a death penalty decision can be finalized against Morsi or the over 100 other defendants included in El-Shami’s decision, however, the case must be reviewed by Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, according to Egyptian law.

Though the decision is not yet final, the ruling has drawn a chorus of international condemnation, joining Washington, Hamas and a host of others in opposition to the execution.

“We are deeply concerned by yet another mass death sentence handed down by an Egyptian court to more than 100 defendants, including former President Morsi,” a State Department official told Reuters Saturday.

“We have consistently spoken out against the practice of mass trials and sentences, which are conducted in a manner that is inconsistent with Egypt‘s international obligations and the rule of law,” a State Department official told AFP.

Noting that they were preliminary sentences, the official added: “We continue to stress the need for due process and individualized judicial processes for all Egyptians in the interests of justice.”

The ruling applies to 120 people in total, including 70 Palestinians, and is the latest in a series of mass death sentences handed down since the military overthrew Morsi nearly two years ago. The sentence will likely further polarize Egypt, a longtime US ally grappling with an Islamist insurgency that has intensified since Morsi’s overthrow.

In what appears to be the first violent response to the ruling, suspected Islamic militants gunned down three judges and their driver in the northern Sinai Peninsula city of al-Arish, according to security officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

They say (ISIS) the Caliphate is on the rise in Iraq & Syria, not such bad news

The time might be approaching when the loss will be reversed
The middle east never ceases to amaze. The arab ISIS assassins gave a swift kick at Mosul and the whole rotten Iraqi edifice came crumbling down. General Petreaus' much vaunted military wonder at Falujah is shown to be the smoke and mirrors that it always was. ISIS now commands Falujah with it's own peculiar way of winning hearts and minds, through sheer terror and decapitation.

Years of American lives and US money are now as nothing. Obama ever the idiot is now readying the US to send in more money, support and eventually waste even more American lives in the service of Iran. Because Iraq is the fiefdom of Iran in the areas ruled by the shiah and far be it from Obama to let his new buddies in Iran take a pasting ( let's not worry about Obama. Whatever he touches turns to dust in the end, and he'll be gone soon in any case).

Iran can not afford to lose Iraq as it is the major supply route to Assad and to Hezbollah. And in any case Iran doesn't want ISIS on its border with Iraq so Iran will fight for Iraq with or without US help. But with trillions of dollars of debt, the US like every good gambler is happy to throw some more money away in the forlorn hope things will improve.

All this is as nothing to the Obama's national security team, unless he's simply ignoring their advice. In Obama's rush to destroy US credibility throughout the world, what better policy than to engender more Taliban style killings of US troops, sent to the battlefield and being virtually forbidden from opening fire in their defense. Which reminds me, Israeli troops are mighty sick of the same thing. And if you are a Jewish inhabitant of Judea and Samaria forget about ever using your gun. You will be arrested by Israeli police, your gun taken away, and no end of further proceedings taken against you.
This is Israel today where it's better to have a soldier hurt than for him to defend himself. David the Nahlai recently gained much support in Israel after his drawing his weapon was believed to have led to his punishment (It wasn't the reason in this case but IDF soldiers have had so much of this policy of 'havlagah' or 'restraint', as now a bad policy in the 1930's which led not to less attacks, but more and intensified ones against Jews. Orde Wingate changed the policy and the desperate situation of the kibbutzim with his offensive Night Squads. They lay in wait outside arab villages and when the terrorists emerged to shoot up and burn Jewish villages they were themselves destroyed. The British new it in the 1930's, the Jews won the 1948 war by defending themselves actively, but now Jewish soldiers need to be social workers protecting the interests of their enemies ).

So okay lets get to Chief of Staff Gantz. Now you would expect him to have a certain relief that his neighbours to the north and east are somewhat embroiled at the moment. Not a chance:
Gantz says conflict in Syria could continue for more than a decade; warns that both Hezbollah and World Jihad gaining strength in Syria.
Israeli generals as their politicians have little strategic horizon, so Gantz of course doesn't understand that the first part of his sentence necessarily contradicts the latter half. If the war goes on for a decade neither Hezbollah, Iran, the sunni al Qaida gangs or anyone else will be in much position to take on Israel. And in that time Israel will have relative peace, as long as it keeps its defense posture secure.

The present Israeli Defense Minister is thankfully on the ball unlike effete Barak and that labor union guy before him. Whereas Barak during the second intifada and afterwards, was nonchalant about Jews being slaughtered by suicide bombers, for Sderot and the south of Israel to get hammered year after year, Ya'alon made it clear the rules have changed. 

So the rockets still come but not every shabbat morning in time for synagogue service and shabbat lunch, not every day when the kids are walking to and from school. Yes the terrorists know Israel's timetable exactly and used to time the rockets accordingly. Sometimes that helped locate and destroy the rocket squads . Things are now very much better in the south. Ya'alon understands that in this region, the only way you get peace is not by smiling and giving away your silver, but by carrying a cosh and grimacing at your enemy.

And Ya'alon fits in with the Israeli street now. Apart from the usual feeble minds which along with Nobel prizes, Jews seem to be endowed with in larger numbers than is their fair share, Israelis understand that to show weakness to arabs, to free murderers for nothing, as 'gestures', is to invite further attack.

And that attack has come with the kidnapping of the yeshivah students. May God grant them a quick and safe return. Of course the lower level attacks nowadays are counted in the hundreds each month, and collated in the monthly Low IntensityConflict Report.

Until Israel was tested in the 1st Intifada and found wanting, there were virtually no attacks on Jews in Judea and Samaria. The fear of 1948 and 1967 was still in their minds. I know because I travelled all over the area during part of that time. Then the human rights era started and palestinians were allowed to attack Israeli soldiers for the benefit of the cameras on a daily basis. This undermined Israel's reputation for robustness with the arabs as regards deterrence, and with the rest of the world with regards Israel's respect of human rights. 
With all the cameras, the odd lapse by a soldier instantly got, and gets beamed around the world. Rather than be seen for what it is, a human rights respecting bastion, Israel is besmirched as an apartheid state with impunity, and there's the pallywood filming in abundance to 'prove' it.

Some time soon people will begin to wake up because the never ending violence coming out of arab countries is getting intense, it will be all but impossible even for the most misled to ignore the fact that Israel is not the problem, but the arab, and those darlings known as 'Balestinians' ( pronounced the arab way, as they can not pronounce the 'P'. Fancy that, a 'people' who can't even utter the name of their own country properly. Something fishy there to start with).

Our poor:
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said Monday that only a handful of states have more firepower than Hezbollah.
Okay the man has sleepless nights and does a magnificent job showing the al Nusrah types and shia on the borders that when they mortar Israel it's no longer forgive and forget like in the 1950's all the way up to 1967. If they mortar Israeli communities they get a Tammuz missile up the tochos about 5 minutes later, or less. And lo and behold, rather than this becoming a 'cycle of violence' as the european fools like to berate Israel, the Syrian border is mostly quiet. A little education goes a long way in this region.

But the General is clearly worried:
Speaking at the Herzliya Conference at the Interdisciplinary Center, Gantz said, "Show me four or five states with more firepower than Hezbollah: the US, China, Russia, Israel, France, the UK."

Okay, but they need all that firepower to protect Israel. Sorry? Come again? PROTECT Israel? Yes. 

Without Hezbollah and all its weaponry on the borders of Syria and Lebanon the sunni jihadis would be able to munch their sandwiches opposite the guard post at Rosh Haniqra whilst taking the odd pot shot, at point blank range.

The Chief worries too much about the firepower of Hezbollah and all the training it is getting in the field. Hezbollah are shi as in Iran, Assad's gang of Alawites and Maliki's domain of Baghdad. They are but a tenth the size of the sunni world, and if only they weren't such fanatical believers in the second coming of the Mahdi, they'd be buying their houses in Park Lane and Paris, just in case.

As it is they have to make do with renting houses in Thailand, Argentina and Bulgaria, but I digress, as that's for wholly different purposes.

Going from a stable shia ruled Syria two years ago that could put around a thousand tanks into Israel in a future war, Allah forbid, Iran now is fighting a war in Syria and now Iraq. Hezbollah has lost around 500 men so far in Syria. 

It's not so much fun to lose around 10% of your men on the battlefield (including top commanders of Hezbollah and the IRGC), and to know that there is not only no end in sight, but that there's so far not been so much as a peep from the Mahdi to say when he's gonna come and finish of those Jews and infidel apostate sunni muslims.

Of course Hezbollah is busy training up thousands of replacements, and so are the sunni jihadists, and so the party is getting bigger and better, and the carnage is set to increase exponentially.

And so:
Gantz said that Syria was falling apart "like a house of cards," and no outcome was good for Israel.
Sorry old boy. Just hold onto your hat, steady your nerve and get ready for the ride. You might even have just a little faith in the good Lord who has sent miracle upon miracle to the benefit of a state that otherwise could never have even got off the ground in 1948. If Christy Anastas can believe with her somewhat garbled understanding of our history that the survival of Israel is part of God's intention, for the world, “a Covenant“ , then you can surely afford to relax a little.

ISIS has been braying in the last few days about their caliphate coming to fruition, and however much Obama might move to help them, they are going to have a long hard slog, just as was predicted

The rock of Iran (and its ally Assad and proxy Hezbollah) has hit the hard sunni world, a world unforgiving of those they see as apostates threatening their very regimes.  A world full of extremist madrassas with students just longing to become involved in the fight against the shia 'heretics', as they see them.

The USA and Russia should sit this one out as it has little to do with them, and much to do with islam.
But the USA and Russia will not sit on the sidelines, more pity for the region, and also for Israel, although it might continue to be spared direct involvement.

Israel has been the wisest actor in the region, keeping its cool, growling menacingly and acting firmly when its interests are threatened or missiles, mortars or even bullets come over the border on the Golan Heights. Hamas learned last November that the rules have changed, that Israel will no longer tolerate its border communities being terrorized

The carnage we have seen this week is as nothing to what is about to happen, and whilst it does Amalek will be steadily weakened so that Israel will  hopefully have peace for a generation, quite a lot for us Jews.

All General Gantz needs to do is pick the time he bombs Iran's nuclear installations. God expects us to help ourselves to some extent, and Israel might need to clear Hezbollah from south Lebanon and allow its hostile population to escape the fighting, if Hezbollah does indeed attack Israel. If so, the most foolhardy thing to do would be to allow the shia civilian population back into the border after the inevitable ceasefire to start things up again.

If Israel is attacked, then in its defense it will be entitled to extend its borders up to the Litani river, an ancient border of Israel, and a natural defense line. The line could then be settled with Jews or any mix of loyal allies such as Christians and druze. Even Walid Jumblatt who humbled himself with such bad timing before Assad, the son of his father's murderer, even Jumblatt is very possibly asking himself if a lifetime's hostility to Israel has been a mistake. Sandwhched between sunni and shia violence, Jumblatt will himself begin to feel the heat before long.
We must learn from Russia, that if you attack us, we will not give you anything other than a bloody nose, and we'll also take back our ancient lands as compensation. A growing population means there will never be a problem settling and defending the new borders.

So things are not half bad for Israel with a strong economy, a strong army and an ever increasing and young population. All that is needed is a little faith.