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The 'moderate' Moslem Brotherhood shows its true face in arabic

To those that believe the Moslem Brotherhood is now moderate, is now changed as many western journalists would have you believe, you need look no further than today's Moslem Brotherhood website (June 14 2011). It says that the MB is still true to the ideals of 'Imam al-Banna'. Banna was the man who turned Egyptian nationalism extreme, gave it an islamist and antisemitic twist, who admired and was trained by the nazis, who encouraged muslims to go fight with the nazis in the mufti's Bosnian SS division.

But the message comes through loud and clear, that nothing has changed with the Moslem Brotherhood. This coupled with constant provocations against Israel, the arrest of an israeli tourist as a spy, propaganda about mossad sharks killing tourists in the Red Sea and demonstrations by the April 6th movement calling for the tearing up of the peace treaty with Israel means that the west should be very careful about uncritically supporting the arab spring. There are those who have even called it the 'muslim' spring as despite many brave protester looking to modernise Egypt and the arab world, the sinister Moslem Brotherhood is waiting in the wings, to come to power through the ballot box and take over, as has now happened in Lebanon with the new government, under Hezbollah supported premier Najib Mikati, and previously with Hamas and with the Iranian revolution.

The JCPA gives some background as to the development of extreme ideology in Egypt:
“Until 1936 the moderate Arab forces, which welcomed or at least tolerated Zionism, had in no way been marginalized. This changed after the National Socialists threw their weight behind the Islamists. They successfully spurred on the unrest in Palestine and so contributed to spreading the idea that the Jews were the enemy to Egypt. The Islamist mass mobilization was financially and ideologically supported by Radio Zeesen and other means of propaganda. This was one of the reasons that it was the Islamism and anti-Semitism of Hassan al-Banna rather than the enlightened modernism of Kemal Atatürk that gained general acceptance in the Arab part of the Islamic world.”

Banna also believed in the compulsory nature of aggressive jihad:

All Muslims must make jihad –Jihad is an obligation from Allah on every Muslim and cannot be ignored or evaded.

(The Way of Jihad by Hassan al-Banna, Pg 2)

But Banna preferred to fight the Jihad once the MB had wrested state power from all rivals:

It is Fard (obligatory) on us to fight with our enemies. The Imam must send a military expedition to the Dar al-Harb (land of war) every year at least once or twice, and the people must support him in this

(The Way of Jihad by Hassan al-Banna, Pg 8, Prelude Ltd, 1997)

To get to power Banna was even prepared to ally with the likes of the Nazis.

Banna’s ideology and the Nazi ideology were quite similar. .
The Nazis wanted to create an expansionist empire with a Fuhrer at its head; Banna wanted a Caliphate with a religious leader at its head. In the 30s and 40s the MB worked tirelessly to propagate Nazi propaganda in the Middle East. Members of the MB translated Hitler’s book ‘Mein Kampf’ into Arabic, calling it ‘My jihad’ and they also propagated the notorious anti-Semitic forgery ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

At the outbreak of WW2 Banna also appealed to Nazi Germany for help in fighting against the British backed monarchy in Egypt. MB even helped spy on the movement of British troops for the Nazis. The Nazi party’s ascent to power through exploiting democratic means inspired Banna to similarly use democracy as a tool to take power. The best known Nazi sympathiser in the Muslim brotherhood was Banna’s friend Hajj al-Amin Housseni who worked to propagate Nazi propaganda. Housseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, instigated riots against the Jews in 1929 (which destroyed the 3000-year old Jewish community in Hebron) and again in 1936 before visiting Nazi Germany in 1941. The founder of Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) Taqiuddin al-Nabhani , who, prior to establishing HT was involved with the MB, also associated with Housseni.

Another prominent member of the Muslim brotherhood was Syed Qutb. Qutb’s books, especially ‘Milestones’ and ‘Social Justice in Islam’ played a key part in formulating Islamism’s violent ideology. Qutb also wrote an essay called “Our struggle against the Jews” in which he condemns the Jews as being the root of all evil. Although he was executed in1966, his works continue to be a source of inspiration for militant Islamist movements like al-Qaeda


And so to today's offering from the website of the MB. Hardly moderate.

The translation of excerpts from the Mohhamed Badie the leader of the Moslem Brotherhood is stilted as it was translated using google (translate.google.com).

But the antisemitism and hatred of western civilisation is all too clear.

And this group might be in the future government of Egypt?

Time to be rethinking that $20billion aid package Mr Obama. Oh sorry, you've already said that the aid will be delivered no matter what the make up of the next government is. American voters take notice.


Dear Muslims .. Dear world

The Muslim Brotherhood are still loyal and stewards of what they had inherited from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him with all Muslims, and expressed by Imam al-Banna - may God have mercy on him - in the visibility of the unambiguous with no ambiguity, no place where the wits and cunning politicians, in what is going on behind " backstage politics "Feltsama world those words:

Search our enemies, "divide and conquer"

This is a policy for every colonist cruel, and all occupied NAHB; because they are sure they will not find a foothold in the light of the unity of the country, and then were such as night and day, band of Muslims, old and new, Vkadima over Shas bin Qais Jewish, to a group of Aws and Khazraj, Fgaza what he saw of their group and dumped, and good with them on Islam after which he was among them of hostility in ignorance, he said: God, what have we to them if he met his chiefs, lest by the decision, ordered the boy a young man of the Jews, he said: baptize them, I sat with them and reminded them on Avat, and Oncdhm some of what they Tquaoloa its poetry, he did, Vtnazawa and boast, even Twathb men Vtquaola, that said: "weapons of arms, that reached the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, went out to them and said:" O Muslims, Allah Allah, Obdaoy ignorance I am among you after they have been guided to God of Islam and the sight of him, and cut by you is ignorance, and Astnqzkm him of infidelity and a thousand among you shall be returned to you as you are infidels "; we know people they tendency of Satan, the intrigue of their enemy, so they do weapons from their hands, and wept and hugging the men of the Aws and Khazraj each other, then they went away with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him hearers obedient, you may turn off their God Kidd enemy of God, Allah revealed:) O you who believe obey the party of those who received the Scripture they will turn you after ye (100) ( (Al-Imran).

According to Theodor Herzl in the Masonic Conference, Ecumenical in 1903:(Of course this is invented - Oopscaliphate) ".. lets all religions, and then put it signals a question, then shake Matnicoha back, and said: Do not Khalid, the Laws of Moses, but a shortcut way we enter the religions of the people, and we keep Israel in our hearts, to refer those religions difference and the doctrines and sects, the variety and Tillsha and Aguettalea; because people look after their land sheep, and we have to sign it we have, and eat the meat, and regain their land but that we feed the fire of animosity between them, to facilitate the destruction in our hands. "

"Israel's" Zionist entity occupying a symbol of racism

We have warned of God of the tricks of the Jews, and their grave in igniting the fire of war, God said:) whenever lit a fire for war, Allah extinguished and spread mischief on earth and God does not like spoilers (64) ((table: verse 64), Vidhm ignite the fuse daemon, which is not visible, and far from the field, and soon they fire up to the field of war which is all the Muslim land, each collection is to them a threat, or prevent the achievement of their goals, and the war in Sudan and divided only exposed for and their likes, and conflict and war that took place between Palestinians only planning, and Gazam only peace between Fatah and Hamas, and pray to God be on them the grace to reach this peace to his goal, and that the people of Palestine Muslim practical application of God's words:) Allah extinguished (and put an end of the war, including to forever, and that Iatsamua rope of God and unite in the face of the usurper of the occupier.

The road to salvation .. Faith and the Union

O Muslims: I do not think that the West wants Muslims good, I do not think that NATO Alzioomriki wants of our revolution blessed to reach its objectives, which are in the forefront: that we enjoy freedom in our land, and boarding in our decision, and to have sovereignty over our homeland - and agrees that all Indeed, who reads in the light of faith - and here I call on all Muslims to the path that will bring them to escape from the plots of enemies, and access to the revolution and its purpose is to:

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