Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Peace with the arab and muslim world is a mirage

Daniel Greenfield has written an eye opening article as to why there is no peace in the middle east. It is not because Israel is unkind to palestinians but because of a tribal and intolerant arab and islamic society that is rooted in the medieval world. Greenfield believes that peace will come there as happened in Europe when the US imposes peace. The only problem with this is that Obama recently tried to do this by sitting on Israel, by forcing it to make concession after concession to the palestinians. Israel froze building settlements for 10 months and the only result was that Mr Abbas the palestinian president refuse any longer to even talk to Israel, unless it agreed to never build any more settlements on the ancient jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria. Mr Abbas then thought again and decided that he couldn't even then talk to Israel unless it withdrew to all territory it occupied in 1967 as a result of the war forced against it by arab aggression.

We must keep in mind the palestinian foreign minister's remarks last month:
"The two state solution means a jewish state over there, and a palestinian state over here. We will never accept this".

Why for heaven's sake does Israel even try to make peace with these people. Arabs wish to destroy Israel, they never tire of telling Israel so, and never tire of committing terror against it. And Israel still believes in sitting down and talking to them?

The lesson comes fr om Germany. In WWI its armies were allowed to stay in the field rather than face the utter defeat that was coming. German honour was thus salved. This led to WWII and the allies did not make the same mistake. The germans had to know they were defeated, once and for all. Now the Germans are a peaceful people. This is the lesson Israel must learn when it deals with the arabs. Utter defeat is the only solution to war mongering arabs. The US after the execrable Obama must stop pressuring Israel but support its ally. Ditto Taiwan that Obama is abandoning to chinese aggression. Red lines need to be drawn, and defended.

"The absurdity of Israeli leaders signing peace treaties for generations with Muslim leaders who can be overthrown any minute was always obvious. But the fall of Mubarak brought it home. Had they foolishly bowed to pressure and turned over the Golan to Assad for another peace treaty, the loss would have been even worse.

"Similarly the Palestinian Authority was not able to outlive Arafat. The current Abbas/Fayyad entity financed by international aid and propped up by Israeli soldiers will fall to Hamas sooner or later. And on top of that Israel is forced to prop up Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the last of the British Empire’s line of Hashemite puppet kings, whose own restive population will eventually toss him out.

"But Israel doesn’t understand how to play by regional rules. It’s only slightly less clueless in this regard than America and Europe. Europeans pride themselves on a colonial background that makes them more in touch with the realities of the region than Americans. And Israelis pride themselves on their behind the scenes contacts that keep them even closer to the pulse of the Arab world than the Europeans. Unfortunately all of them keep making variations of the same mistakes.

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