Monday, 26 December 2011

Israel must disband the Temple Mount riot provoking Waqf.

Western countries have for many years been suffering from a guilt complex over their colonial and imperial past. They now have to interminably show fitting atonement for this, and what better than to offer up the jewish state as atonement to the religious bigotry of muslims. The slightest allegation of an israeli misdemeanour gets jumped on by the nations of the world. The members of the UN Security Council usually lead the pack rather than trying to restrain the religious hatred dressed up as identification with a supposedly oppressed palestinian people. Only the US veto prevents Israel from suffering severe UNSC condemnation and sanctions on a regular basis.

Israel will be condemned whatever it does to defend itself. So why then does Israel take islamic feelings into account at all. After all muslims don't even recognise that jews have any rights to Israel, let alone the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Muslim media always refer to the 'alleged temple' when referring to jewish claims to the Temple Mount. Not that jews claim much nowadays, just the right to climb up to the mount and maybe say a prayer or two. But that is not allowed by the muslim Waqf that Israel allowed to hold sway over the Mount even after Israel took it back when defending itself against Jordanian aggression in 1967.

Did Moshe Dayan think Israel would get any thanks for allowing the Waqf to control the area? Did he think they would become any less extreme, and allow jews free access? Did Dayan think the archaeology would be protected? Well none of this has happened. Jews are constantly harrassed and arrested if they even dare to say a prayer in their most holy place. Boulders are regularly thrown down upon the jewish worshippers at the Wetern Wall below, and the Waqf regularly removes/destroys any remains they find that might possibly be of jewish archaeological interest.

The muslims have seven entrances to the Mount and yet the Waqf objects to the jews having even one at the very southern tip of the Mount, the so-called Mughrabi bridge. When it collapsed the Waqf condemned Israel for having undermined it with archaeological digs, and when it was replaced with a temporary bridge the muslim world condemned Israel. And now that the temporary bridge is again in danger of collapse and will be replaced the muslim world with the Waqf at the head, aided and abetted by the UN is busy condemning Israel again.

Israel must think about removing the sectarian Waqf from responsibility for the Temple Mount and take over responsibility itself. Jews and muslims both have a right to pray on the Temple Mount.

Islamic bigotry, intolerance and disrespect for other religions must no longer be allowed.

If Abraham Were to Come This Year, Temple Mount Would be Closed
“If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed', the London Guardian wrote this week. And what if Abraham were to visit?

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 12/26/2011, 5:03 PM

Temple Mount
Temple Mount
Flash 90

“If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed', the London Guardian reported this week. And what if Abraham were to visit?

The Guardian article painted a bleak picture of an “Apartheid wall” and military checkpoints that supposedly have stagnated the city of Bethlehem, located immediately south of Jerusalem.

The writer, Phoebe Greenwood, also details the nearby Jewish communities that are “strangling” the city and quotes a Catholic priest bemoaning the exodus of Christians from the ancient city. Many businesses in the communities employ neighboring Arabs, who are able to travel freely while Jews are not allowed into Bethlehem and other “Apartheid” areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Foreign media headlined the alleged problems of Bethlehem – until Christmas Eve, when suddenly there were reports of nearly 100,000 visitors who apparently were able to pass the “Apartheid wall.”

All of the reports from foreign news services, such as the Associated Press, routinely traced Christians’ problems to Israel. “Like the rest of the West Bank, the town fell on hard times after the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation broke out in late 2000,” according to AP.

As FrontPage writer Leo Rennert noted, Justus Reid Weiner, an international human rights lawyer who teaches at Hebrew University, has stated that Christians lost their majority status in Bethlehem soon after Yasser Arafat assumed control of the Palestinian Authority.

“Weiner, in a survey of human-rights abuses under Palestinian rule, found plenty of reasons – intimidations, beatings, land theft, firebombing of churches, denial of employment, torture, kidnappings, forced marriages, and extortion,” wrote Rennert. “And woe the Palestinian Muslim who converts to Christianity.”

In the previous years under Jewish control, the economy in Bethelhem, as in all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, flourished after being suffocated under Jordanian rule, until the Intifada under Arafat. Under Jordanian occupation between 1948 and 1967, all holy sites were barred to both Christians and Jews, except for visiting dignitaries, until Israel opened up the sites after the Six-Day War in 1967.

Neither the Guardian nor foreign news services noted what would happen to the Biblical Abraham if he were to return today for a visit to the Temple Mount, where he sacrificed a ram after HaShem told him not to sacrifice his only son, Yitzchak (Isaac).

After the Six-Day War, Israel recognized Muslim claims to the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most sacred site, but Muslim authorities have used their de facto control to haul out tons of earth containing artifacts dating from the First and Second Jewish Temple, whose existence has been increasingly denied by the Palestinian Authority in specific and the Arab world in general.

Jews are barred from praying on the Temple Mount and are not even allowed to carry any holy articles with them. With Muslim observers supervising visits, police have frequently arrested or removed Jews for various violations, such as singing or reciting a prayer even in a whisper.

The Palestinian Authority has been insistent in claiming that the Temple Mount, as well as all of the Old City, is sovereign PA territory and will be the seat of a country it wants to establish. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has stated that in a Palestinian Authority country, no Jews would be allowed, which would preclude a visit by Abraham to the place that is the foundation of the belief in one G-d.

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