Friday, 16 August 2013

Why Obama is pushing 'peace' talks with arabs who repeatedly declare their intentions to destroy Israel

Obama's charade of peace talks between Israel and palestinian arabs has not only had nothing to do with peace (that has been obvious all along to the unblinkered), but to service two goals, that of 1) divesting Israel of all of its ancestral lands, and 2) of keeping Israel's leadership so busy that it can not meet to discuss the awful decisions necessary to strike Iran.

It is not otherwise logical that the President of the United States should invest his time, and his Secretary of State's time  so profusely whilst the rest of the middle east is literally burning.

Israel is a tiny state surrounded by enemies, and Obama wants at this dangerous time for Israel to give up its strategic high ground? Israel can not be defended without its high ground, just a few miles, literally, from its only international airport and the majority of its population centers in the low lying coastal areas.

It is sad to see that Israel's leader at this time is a silvery tongued diplomat rather than an iron willed Ben-Gurion. Israel has rolled over time and again to receive Obama's tickles on its tummy, his oft repeated guarantees that America will always have Israel's back. And during all this Kerry the Iran lover, Samantha Power ('attack Israel') and the rest of Obama's Israel hating team are sharpening the knife to help arabs slaughter, our nation. We've been there before in 1948 when Britain did the same thing. It is so sad to see this being prepared by the great nation which was the very first to recognize the rebirth of the Jewish State after 2,000 years.

Israel whilst loving the american people must come out from the umbrella of a USA which whilst compelling Israel to join talks in  preparation for its own funeral, forces Israel's prime minister Netanyahu to pay for this  release over a hundred of the most heinous arab killers. Yet again Israel is forced to make gestures to genocidally inclined arabs, who honor the murderers and give nothing but assurances as to Israel's coming destruction.

Israel must say no to any more releases of these killers of old men and women, of holocaust survivors and children.

This release is the latest in a series that have over the years made a mockery of Israel's justice system, as only jews ever serve their full sentences. Israel's population where every family has lost at least one member in the wars arabs forced upon it are sick and tired of being made to pay a blood price every time, solely because they are a moral nation.

It is time that Israel forgets the false morals that the world demands of Israel, morals which prevent Israel ever winning its wars, morals which only apply to Israel and to a lesser extent to western democracies. As someone who has in the past been against the brutal death penalty I find myself in Israel's case becoming increasingly for it.

If there is no opportunity to make mass murderers sit in a cell for the rest of their lives after having taken innocent blood, then they need to be executed after due process.

Israel has a right to protect its society, even if Obama, Kerry and the rest of his evil pack don't believe so.

If Israel does not do reinstitute the death penalty, then its soldiers will probably take matters into their own hands which is not the best solution. It is a better solution however than seeing time after time these prisoner releases which have led to hundreds more deaths of Israelis in the recent past.

Morality demands that arab murderers be punished, just as the USA never releases prisoners, and only this week the USA condemned Mexico for releasing a drug gang leader who killed an american.

This is the world's morality. Jews must time and again be compelled to turn the other cheek and forgive those who destroy our people.

Israel is badly served by its leaders in the face of the most anti-Israel american administration ever.

Shabbat shalom

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