Thursday, 6 March 2014

Obama's getting desperate

Obama has again been unable to keep his vitriol against the Jewish State to himself. Last time he called Israel a 'pariah' even whilst bowing and scraping to the saudi rapists and killers of women and gays. Obama tried in 2012 to ambush Netanyahu whilst flying to Washington, and has now done it again.
Obama, in the lengthy interview with Jeffrey Goldberg that was released precisely as Netanyahu was flying in to meet with him, had chosen to assail the prime minister for overseeing “aggressive settlement construction,” indicated that Netanyahu’s positions on the Palestinian conflict were threatening Israel’s wellbeing, and warned that the US would find it increasingly difficult to defend Israel from the international consequences.
Last time it was about forcing Israel back into the 1967 'borders' which were ceasefire lines (Jordan attacked Israel in 1967 when King Hussein, believing Nasser's empty boasts thought Israeli forces had been finished by Nasser's troops, when the opposite was the case).

And now Obama has attacked Israel's"aggressive settlements" when housing starts under Netanyahu in Israel's ancient homelands of Judea and Samaria ('WB') have been lower than in the left wing Barak government.

It is good that Obama is finally coming out in his true colors. Too many people have been tricked by Obama's near constant stating of his commitment to Israel's security, usually before he stabs that security in the back.

Netanyahu thankfully kept his cool and did not respond to this latest provocation, and instead heaped praise on Kerry in his appearence before AIPAC for Kerry's attempts to bring peace between Israel and Arabs.

Obama will survive Obama who attacked Israel even whilst Russian tanks were invading the Crimea. Obama has plenty of time to attack Netanyahu, but had none to attend a Homeland Security meeting to discuss how to respond to Putin.

As throughout our history the Jewish People's enemies can think of nothing else but how to destroy us. There are of course righteous gentiles amongst the most wicked. People like Martin Luther King who knew an antisemite when he met one, and was not afraid to call them out, or the beautiful young lady above who is defending Israel from its enemies whilst still at university.

Golda Meir's words come to mind, written about Idi  Amin who broke off relations in 1972 with Israel (her autobiography was written before the Amin's siding with palestinian terrorists at Entebbe) but apt for that other enemy of Israel:
But Idi Amin is not uganda and even he can't remain a dictator forever, which is some consolation                                                                                    (Golda Meir: My Life: page 279)

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