Monday, 12 May 2014

Another Israeli general who's lost the plot

This is a time for arabs to be at war with themselves and with Iran's proxy Hezbollah, and for Israel to enjoy some peace

Usually the problem is of Israeli generals is that of their feeling so powerful that they wish to test Israel's strength to resist attack. By making Israel such a tempting target through the giving away of land the surrounding arabs will be just unable to resist having another go. General Nizan Alon is just one of a number of such generals and intelligence Diskin types who really believe that miniscule Israel is way too large for its own good.

So it's refreshing to have an ex-general Amos Yadlin, who headed military intelligence between 2006 and 2010 who comes along without weeping for the poor palestinians, about how if he was a Palestinian he'd also take up the gun and slaughter Jews - Yes ex-defence Minister Barak actually said he could understand our enemies attacking Israel, that he would in their shoes. Well thankfully Barak the walking security disaster who during two years of the 2nd Intifada and thousands of dead and injured Israelis is well out of the picture. Barak didn't have a clue to stop the slaughter. Sharon did however, and the job was done within the year. Sharon didn't spend years using the friendly Nato manual on how to make friends with hostile muslim population and Palestinian Arab enemies, or by throwing money at them as Nato did in Afghanistan. No Sharon used good intelligence to find the murdering swine who sent idiots high on islam to place bombs in cafes, buses and even in a Passover seder for the elderly. He then arrested or assassinated the killers. There was much condemnation from the world, but Jews stopped dying, and the PalArabs have little stomach for a rerun of the intifada. Israel managed what western armies say is impossible, to suppress terror without cosying up to the enemy population. And that's why Israel won during the second intifada, and Nato is leaving Afghanistan with its tail between its legs.

Of course Israel has gone soft again since 2002 and the arabs are making Israeli's lives hell on the roads with tactics just short of an armed intifada. Isolated killings and daily firebombings and stonings are the rule, and woe betide a Jew who draws his weapon in self defence.

But I digress. Back to Amos Yadlin who believes Israel has so few problems that it should go look for a little action, as in bombing Syria, with the best of intentions of course.  Yadlin seems to believe the anti-Israel propaganda about Israel's being the region's policeman, and wishes to stop Assad from massacring his civilians.
We have red lines [for intervention]. Our red lines include [Syria] firing at Israel, the transfer of advances weapons to Hezbollah, and activity by the chemical [weapons] units. I believe we should add to these red lines the murder of civilians at a level where we can no longer stand idly by,” Yadlin said.
But what Yadlin doesn't explain is why Israel should pull the arab irons out of the fire when arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt are just brimming full of western weapons, with many hundreds of the most modern fighter aircraft including Awacs radar. If arabs themselves don't feel the necessity to go put Assad's airforce out of business, why should Israel risk doing the job?

And in any case let's be frank, is it in Israel's strategic interest to stop this war between the sunni and shia world? We know very well that what will happen once this conflict ends is that those thousands of seasoned jihadis in Syria will turn their guns and their rockets on Israel. They make no secret of their goal being Israel after they have sorted Assad out. Thankfully Assad has powerful friends who are propping him up, true friends such as Israel can only dream of. Russia doesn't spill crocodile tears for Assad's enemies as the US and Britain do for each arab terrorist Israel knocks on the head. China is quite happy to sell anything Assad needs, if Iran doesn't have it in its own armory.

Has Yadlin even given a thought to how many of the 170,000 rockets shared between Hezbollah, Syria and Iran might descend on Israel were Iran to take offense at Israel knocking out the air force of their best buddy in the middle east?

Yadlin goes on:
Unilateral action should by no means be Israel’s first option, said the retired major general, who currently heads the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.
Aha, it's preferable to have some friends join in, but Israel with all of 8 million people should be prepared to go it alone to start a totally unnecessary war on behalf of the civilians of an enemy state who spare no opportunities to tell how much they hate jews and the 'zionist entity,' unless they are receiving treatment for wounds at the zionist's field hospital in the Golan.
The preferable contingency would be a NATO operation led by the United States with Turkey as its key member to implement a no-fly zone over Syria “at the very minimum.” 
Where has Yadlin been for the last few years? He wants Turkey to drive its war planes up to the Golan Heights? Will Erdogan be able to resist the opportunity for another provocation? What will Israel do when Turkey's jets 'stray' over the border? Nato might not be so interested in going to war with Israel once Israel down a couple of Turkey's F16's, or F35's when they arrive, but does Israel really need to get entangled with such a mess.

Turkey would dearly like to 'protect' Syrian civilians, just as Jew baiting and killing Russia 'protected' Jerusalem's Jews in the 19th century. There was reason for its interventions to help Jews, and that was of a grand strategy for warm waters that Yadlin is blissfully unaware. In those days Britain and France protected themselves from Russian hegemony in the area, in their own interests of course. Yadlin might not be that savvy or knowledgeable, but with Turkish troops already 30kms inside of Syria at least, 'protecting' a tomb, it would not take much encouragement for Turkey's army to march up to the Golan.

And that might not be such a bad idea as that would surely bring the islamic proxy war between Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others into a hot one. Sadly the truth is the hotter the Syrian-Islamic war gets, the better for Israel and western interests. Only when a terrible price in blood has been paid, by many arab actors, Iran and Turkey will they, as with Europe after two world wars learn the meaning of peace. Iran should have learned the lesson when it lost a million men fighting Saddam Hussein. Like Germany after WWI, it needs another opportunity to learn the lessons.

Israel should learn from the Kurds. They lie low until attacked, but will not be pushed around, as ISIS and Al Nusrah have found to their cost.

As for the muslim Arab world, it is wedded to violence in its culture, violence in the family, in the tribe and in the state. And unbridled violence will be the cure.

Turkey's irascible PM Erdogan is itching to join in against Syria and he should not be dicouraged to do so, but with his fellow muslim radicals for support, not with any Israeli complicity or help. Turkey is nowadays no friend, it is an enemy state not only for Israel but for the West and its values.

The sooner Israel learns to ignore the sometimes lukewarm overtures from Turkey the better. Erdogan has been a lifelong antisemite, a man who even wrote a disgustingly antisemitic play called MasKomYa, supposedly about Jews controlling the world as masons, communists and simply being jews. Hatred of Jews is in Erdogan's blood and he will spare no effort to undermine Israel, even if it means for a time suppressiong his hatreds.

Israel has lost enough blood because of a hundred years of arab aggression against the jewish People. We must suppress our sadness at seeing so much conflagration in a region that could be so different were arabs to lust after peace rather than conquest and war in the name of islam. Any intervention Israel makes will rebound on it, as when Israel tried to force a peace agreement with Lebanon in 1982.

Let Israel instead continue to enjoy its breathing space, to sit this one out and thank the Lord who works in mysterious ways to keep his People safe.

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