Saturday, 5 September 2015

As Islam marches West into Europe Israel's opposition feels left out

Germany is going to allow at least a million mainly Muslims from Syria to enter the country without any checks to see if they are anti-West or even Islamic State members.  Angela Merkel has said that Germany is economically powerful enough to allow the influx. She hasn't addressed the threat of people who have known nothing of democracy simply walking in.

Mr Cameron of the UK has been shamed into getting onto the bandwagon and himself saying thousands of these 'refugees' will be allowed in.

There's no mention of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Arab states or Egypt or Muslim countries of North Africa and Asia. Why should anyone expect them to help their co-religionists? Robert Spencer believes that we are seeing a hijrah mass migration in the cause of Islam, a Jihad wave, a way to undermine the West on the way to becoming erecting the Islamic Caliphate.

 Whilst Europe with an average of 8% Muslim minority wants to end its two thousand years of Christian heritage and fruits of the Enlightenment, Israel's opposition Labor party the incongruously named 'Zionist Union' seems to wish to do the same for Israel's Jewish heritage. This is in a country that already has a 20% Muslim minority, a minority that is often militant and an increasing threat to the security of the State.

Hopefully Israel's present government will not rush to take Herzog's advice in admitting these citizens of Syria, a country which tried on a number of occasions after 1948 to undermine and destroy the tiny Jewish State. These people Herzog wishes to import into Israel were nurtured on anti-semitism and a loathing for Israel and many among them will have been part of the Arab war machine that tried to crush the Jewish State through wars and terror.

These avowed enemies of Israel need to be left outside Israel's borders.  

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