Friday, 18 February 2011

The Nazis and the BBC

In a report yesterday the British BBC journalist Bowen talked about the influence of Cairo radio in radicalising the middle-east in the 1950's. Strangely enough he failed to mention the broadcasts by the Mufti of Jerusalem from the 1930's and throughout World War II praising the nazis and how they dealt with the jews (The mufti didn't just cheer from the sidelines but founded the SS muslim battalion that killed jews and partisans in Croatia and Serbia). Arab and muslim anti-semitism nowadays is the result of those nazi broadcasts by the still venerated palestinian. Even the palestinian president Abbas has praised the mufti as "outstanding", saying that his role in history should remain in the forefront of Palestinian Arab consciousness.
Well it shouldn't be surprising that Abbas knows so little about the Mufti's role in the Holocaust, because Abbas wrote his Phd thesis denying the holocaust. In communist Russia of all places!

The BBC might peddle its slanted history of the middle-east but it doesn't help in educating its audience of the true realities there. Its strange, but even the BBC hasn't been peddling the hoary myth of the root of all problems in the middle-east being related to the jewish settlements in the ancient jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria  (the 'West Bank') lately. Maybe it's because nobody would now believe this particular lie any more.

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