Friday, 18 February 2011

God doesn't love the Jews - The New Statesman wishes to reinvent the wheel of anti-semitism

In the British broadsheet media the whiff of antisemitism is never far below the surface. Yet another example of a British publication's sneering and hate filled invective against jews comes from this week's winning entries in the captions competition in the New Statesman magazine. Were it not for an overwhelming mass of invective against Israel and the fact that both winning captions had anti-semitic overtones I would be tempted to take the captions in a lightearted vein.

The picture showed someone whispering guardedly into Netanyahu's ear.

The winning caption was,”It's God, sir. He says if you don't ease off on Palestine, he's choosing another people.”(Adrian Fry).

So here we have something that the left in the UK tries so hard and so often to deny, that hatred of Israel and anti-semitism are often linked. Here we find yet another example of this linkage, it being God himself who has bought the line of the collective jewish people oppressing others, so much so that God addresses himself to the prime minister of Israel as the representative of that people so as threat to sever links with the jews, their having by their behaviour renounce all claim to God's indulgence. In case you are wondering where we've heard this before and what it led to ''Holocaust” is the clue.

The Runner-up:
Aid to Netanyahu: “”We have sent a plane for Mubarak.”(James Mackinshaw)

And this is another accusation against Israel, that it spends its time propping up dictators in the middle-east, that it looks after the puppets who have supposedly carried out Israel's bidding of suppressing the democrats in the arab world. Of course that the jew controls the banks, the american government and world politics is nothing new, dating back to the Tsar's publication of the Protocols of the Elder of Zion and most recently given new impetus by Walt and Mearshimer. The muslim world's dictators such as Ben Ali, and Idi Amin of course usually end up Saudi-Arabia. The dictators in the middle-east are home grown.

For the anti-semite Jews are behind everything bad in the world. What's new?
Possibly once the New Statesmen realises its been caught out again, an article will be commissioned on Holocaust commemoration. That's the usual way that the jewish people's detractors nowadays believe they can buy their 'Get out of jail free card', all the better to carry on demonising jews and Israel.

The antisemitic British University and Colleges trade union UCU that has seen much of its jewish membership leave in recent years has been quite adept at using this tactic.

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