Saturday, 14 January 2012

Europe's dying and the Caliphate's on the way

According to Egyptian Cleric Ali Abu Al-Hasan in only a few decades "Europe Will Become a Single Islamic State".

He's probably over egging the pudding because people are waking up to the islamist menace in Europe. They are waking up to the islamist wahabite schools that take state money and preach hatred of jews, christians and western civilisation.

Europe's population is indeed reducing but the moderating influence of western civilisation means that many muslims prefer to drop the hate filled and primitive islamist cultures they came from. They are thus not much of an asset to the islamist cause. Just the opposite. In any case, with civilisation and prosperity the birth rate of moderate muslims tends to align itself with the wider population.

But just in case islamist fanatics like our cleric Ali Hasan have any illusions, they should know that western europe has enacted immigration laws that effectively prevent future waves of primitive islamists reaching their countries in any great numbers.

Israel for example has just enacted a law that will prevent 'palestinians' any longer swamping Israel by way of Israel's generous family unification rules. Arabs in Judea and Samaria (WB) could immigrate to Israel if they married an israeli arab. In recent years 130,000 arabs from Judea and Samaria took advantage of this. Israel paid for this with a number of terrorist attacks launched by arabs who had taken advantage of the rules.

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