Sunday, 15 January 2012

With the islamic winter sending its chill around the arab world do we really need to get ready to welcome the Caliphate?

The average man in the street is sick of those who are so sensitive to every imagined or real slight, who can not see the funny side of anything that might in any tangential way affect their bigoted beliefs, or that professes to be a caricture of a beloved 'prophet'.

The west is sick of hearing of 'days of rage' and suicide bombings and of so-called western imperialists and colonisers from arabs who controlled the african slave trade and in some countries such as Saudi Arabia still indulge in slavery. It is tiring to be harangued as imperialists and aggressors by those who no sooner than their religion was born sent armies to pillage,  convert and kill in the name of a 'prophet' and his caliphate.

It's time for the arab and islamic world to grow up, to stop trying to blame the west the USA and Israel for its ills, to stop wishing for an islamic caliphate. Only then will the islamic world be ready to join modern civilisation. The problem is that outside of europe the islamic world doesn't seem to want any part of modernity unless it is regarding the tools of waging war or of internal repression of an educated class of citizens not always grateful for being forced to grow beards or wear veils.

Of course every opportunity that the muslim/arab peasant gets, he votes for the most extreme versions of islam to represent him, and this is why democracy in the arab world is turning into a nightmare, one even now encouraged by western governments and of course president Barak Obama. Billions of US dollars in aid will continue to flow to Egypt no matter what the salafists and Muslim Brotherhood get up to.

The silver lining in all this is that the more the arab world regresses into primitive chauvinistic and anti-western and anti-semitic beliefs, the less likely it will ever be able to carry out its malign intentions of forcing a caliphate on the west through force of arms.

This islamic bigot is besides himself with joy having reassured himself that there won't even be any need go to war. The low birthrate in western countries will mean that islamic will and the caliphate will triumph not by force of arms but by the birthrate of muslims.

The only problem is that a large proportion of muslims in the west are moderate and want the material benefits that a modern western life provides. As each new generation arises there will be less and less muslims who look forward to bringing up large families, that aspire to the founding of a caliphate and the implementation of shariah law. They will just want a decent lifestyle like everyone else.

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