Saturday, 1 September 2012

Iran keeps telling Israel its days are numbered, so what is Israel waiting for?

Iran has been making statements for years about the need to destroy the 'cancerous tumour of Israel' ( to quote only the latest gem). It was argued in the past that Iran's statements were taken out of context, that it wasn't really threatening Israel. In the last year the threats to destroy Israel have come from so many different levels of government and the armed forces that no one can any longer deny they are being made.

So now people say that they don't mean what they say, that it's only bluster. To that we must look back in history.

When Hitler threatened to wipe out the jews in 'Mein Kampf', when the threat wasn't ignored, it was similarly described as bluster, as ravings of a fool.
Then Hitler said in 1939:

"If the world of international financial Jewry, both in and outside of Europe, should succeed in plunging the Nations into another world war, the result will not be the Bolshevization of the world and thus a victory for Judaism. The result will be the extermination of the Jewish race in Europe."

Hitler was deadly serious but he was not listened to and nearly all of europe's jews were killed.

In Israel much of the top military and intelligence services are locked in the 'concept', just as they were in the time of Bar-Lev, that a war with Iran is too costly, that there is time, will know when Iran goes for the breakout for the bomb, that Israel is in any case so powerful that Iran would never dare to attack it even if it had the bomb. As with Hitler, logic is not always Israel's enemies strong point.

They all forget what Liebermann has remembered in his 2001 comment, that the later you leave things, the less likely you are to do the job properly, the more likely the enemy will be able to recover. Leaving things so late may even mean missing the fact that a bomb has been built, assembled and delivered to Hezbollah to 'post'. A bomb could travel overland to Lebanon and then by ship until opposite Tel-Aviv and then delivered in the ultimate suicide bomber's mission in a rubber dinghy.

Israel and the USA could easily miss this whilst looking for the breakout in terms of Iran's attaching a bomb to a missile.

So what more justification does Israel need to act? What more convincing do Israelis need?

It is time for Netanyahu to stop procrastinating. Sanctions have not worked and the latest IAEA report that far from inhibiting Iran's nuclear efforts, Iran has 30% more centrifuges spinning than at the beginning of the year.

If Israel is not to face a middle east full unstable states, nuclear armed powers, at least one of which is bound to use its weapon in a future conflict with Israel then it must act now. Israel must attack Iran's nuclear installations with all the power it can muster.

Only if Israel is resolute will arabs think twice about attacking it. Israel must think less about the human rights of its enemies and more about the human rights of Israelis not to be attacked with missiles, not to have to sleep in bomb shelters every night.

Israel must restore deterrence to those which would attack it with missiles.

It is therefore time for Israel to make the ultimate threat to Iran, that if it fires missiles indiscriminately into Israel's population centers, then as per Chriraq's threat in 2005, it will face an 'overwhelming response'.

This message may come before or after Israel's attack on Iran.

Not for nothing did Rafsanjani call Israel a 'one bomb state'

Netanyahu must now either order the attack on Iran or face going down in history as the prime minister responsible for Israel's demise after being attacked with one or more Iranian (or arab) nuclear weapons.

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