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Whilst the Vatican bashes away at Israel christian communities are disappearing

Michael Sabbah apologist for palestinian suicide bombers
Another palestinian arab hypocrite Archbishop Michel Sabbah “patriarch” of Israel's catholics who blames all christian woes on Israel (but in the relative obscurity of the german language begs Hamas run Gaza to leave) christians in peace)
But there is no Muslim persecution of Christians, and in fact they share the same hope of one day having an independent state.
As well as denying that muslims persecute christians, Michel Sabbah the former head of the Catholic Church in Israel is an apologist for indiscriminate arab terror against Israelis, able to understand the suicide bomber and his indiscriminate murder, but not his indiscriminately chosen Israeli civilian victims, normal people, young and old torn apart:
Do you see suicide bombers as true martyrs?
According to Islam, they are. It’s necessary to treat each one according to his own principles. As Muslims see it, suicide bombers are giving their lives for their country, to gain their liberty. As a Christian, suicide is not permissible in any case, even for your country. You may not kill yourself.

The Israelis, too, are under attack. They are being overwhelmed with continuing acts of terrorism.
Under attack, by whom? Israel occupies and attacks someone else’s land and finds resistance. Israel is not being attacked. When Israel ceases to attack and to occupy [the Palestinian territories], they won’t suffer any further counterattacks. If Israel wants to end violence, it only needs to end occupation. I’m 200 percent certain of this, and I’ve said it many times.

The Catholic church in Israel is unreconstructed, an organisation of jew hating clerics indoctrinating new generations of catholics with their hatred of jewsvwhilst enjoying safety in Israel, the only country in the middle east where christians are safe. The Catholic Church in Israel may look around the middle east and see christian communities everywhere being ethnically cleansed. By the end of this century Israel will along with the Lebanon be alone in having sizeable christian communities. It is hard however not to see Lebanon's christian community as also being doomed to extinction. When their expulsion will finally happen is anyone's guess. It could happen in a few years or in a hundred. And Sabbah's successors will still be spouting the old hatreds against jews, the lies about 'occupation' as the justification for the killing of jews.

Sabbah in his 2003 interview could not even find it in his heart to condemn palestinian arab suicide bombers who were placing their bombs not to kill soldiers, but against kids in the Dolphinarium discotheque, in cafes, even in a hotel were a passover service was being held for pensioners. Not one word of sympathy for jews being torn apart by bombs. This representative of the Catholic Church describes arab terror directed at Israeli civilians as 'resistance'. 

Of course Sabbah blamed terror on the 'occuptation', saying that it would all end when Israel withdrew. Israel did that when it left Gaza, and since then over 9,000 missiles have landed in Israel. Even Israeli humanitarian food convoys into Gaza get targeted for attack. And of course before 1967 Israel did not 'occupy' Judea and Samaria or Gaza, so what was the reason then for the constant terror and threats to destroy Israel from arabs? The fact is that even if Israel consisted of one square kilometre of land around Tel-Aviv, that would also be 'occupied'. Sabbah and his fellow jew haters will not allow jews anywhere to express their nationality. The Catholic Church in europe denied jews their very existence for two thousand years. Nothing has changed. Sabbah isn't so much a palestinian arab as someone who uses his christian religion as a vehicle to attack jews.

In Sabbah's latest speech in Gaza (reported only in German) he asks for christians not to be converted by force whilst trying to ingratiate himself with the islamist murderers there.

Sabbah who blames Israel for all christian ills, can not bring himself to admit that his 2003 statement that christians are safe in arab lands was wrong. He seems ignorant of the christians of Iraq and Egypt, of those in Pakistan and Indonesia, and has no words of condemnation for those in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority who constantly attack christians,  have murdered them and stolen their lands:

In Arab countries there is no persecution of Christians. I don’t speak of Pakistan, but in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon—no. Historically there have been some massacres, beginning when Europe entered the Mideast.

Sabbah says Christians are living in fear, but that Hamas and the other islamist terrorists have supposedly nothing to do with this fear, “Christen in Gaza leben in Angst. “ ( Gaza's christians must therefore be suffering from a Freudian “free floating anxiety”, not based in any reality. With people like Sabbah to help them, a man who can only talk about a supposedly shared palestinian nationality which Hamas islamists don't subscribe to, Gaza's christians are living on borrowed time.)

"Here in Gaza, it is the duty of Hamas to defend the Christian presence and to ensure their continued existence. In this sense, I say to all Islamic forces and movements in Gaza remains your true Islam, commit to protecting the Christians, and do not make them Muslims.

All Islamic forces in Gaza, Hamas, Jihad, the Salafists and the people of the mission, all, whatever you think of when you will be with Christians in Gaza or elsewhere faced, I would say, are with us as their brothers, and if anyone says otherwise, we will repeat it again and again and again say that we are here for you, brethren, are Muslims and Palestinians. And see in every Christian in Palestine of a believer and a creature of God, the Creator of all things, the Christians and the Muslims as well as all other people, and we are all his creatures, and God has given us the same dignity. God guides whom He will, whatever He wants.
Each of us is a human being, a believer, Muslim or Christian, a Palestinian, remains committed to the unity and equality of all people, and for the unity and freedom of our country.
Michel Sabbah

Hier in Gaza ist es die Pflicht der Hamas, die christliche Präsenz zu verteidigen und ihren Fortbestand zu sichern. In diesem Sinne sage ich zu allen islamischen Kräften und Bewegungen in Gaza: bleibt eurem Islam treu, aber verpflichtet euch, die Christen zu schützen, und sie nicht zu Muslimen zu machen.

Allen islamischen Kräften in Gaza, der Hamas, dem Jihad, den Salafisten und dem Volk der Mission, allen, wie auch immer ihr denkt, wenn ihr mit Christen in Gaza oder anderswo konfrontiert werdet, möchte ich sagen, für uns seid ihr wie Brüder, und wenn jemand das Gegenteil behauptet, werden wir es nochmals wiederholen und immer wieder sagen, dass wir         für euch Brüder sind: seid Muslime und Palästinenser. Und seht in jedem Christen in Palästina einen Glaubenden und eine Kreatur Gottes, dem Schöpfer aller Dinge, der Christen und der Muslime wie auch aller anderen Menschen; wir sind alle seine Geschöpfe und Gott hat uns die gleiche Würde verliehen. Gott lenkt wen Er will, wie auch immer Er will.
jeder von uns ein Mensch, ein Gläubiger, Muslim oder Christ, ein Palästinenser bleibt, der sich für Einheit und Gleichheit aller Menschen, und für die Einheit und Freiheit  unseres Landes einsetzt.
  • Michel Sabbah

The Catholic Church believes it will mitigate arab hostility to christians by paying with Israeli coin. The stupidity of this belief, that the more enmity that can be showered by the Catholic Church on Israel the safer christians will be, has already been shown to be a fallacy.

As the Vatican and its cardinals and multiplicity of clerics continue their war against Israel, christianity is shrinking in the middle east. The continuing disappearence of christians from the region has nothing to do with jews or Israel, but much to do with christian clerics.

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