Sunday, 28 July 2013

Yet again the USA undermines the security of Israel

The american people are solidly pro-Israel, for the very good reason that they understand that the same enemies who attack Israel, also constantly plot and plan to attack americans. Americans know that the outpost of western civilization in the middle east is a solid and dependable ally for americans, updating US weapons, giving american forces Israeli knowhow bought with israeli soldiers' lives.

Yet the US president Obama has from the moment he came to power shown his enmity for Israel. Apart from his friendship with Israel's enemies in the past, his over 20 years relationship with the antisemitic pastor Wright, he has surrounded himself with advisers who have shown not just their hatred of Israel (Samantha Power), but even of friendship with Iran (Kerry).

Obama's latest ruse is that Israel should release over a hundred terrorists who have the blood of over a thousand Israelis on their hands. Would the USA ever release murderers of americans for any reason? Yet Obama has forced Netanyahu to release these killers, not for peace, not even for the hope of peace, but just so that Kerry can put a notch in  his belt.

The killers will be released so that palestinian arab terrorist in chief Muhammad Abbas, the financier of the Munich Olympics Massacre of 1972 will agree to sit at the same table as Israelis.

Has the world gone mad?

I pity Netanyahu because nobody but he knows the pressure the president of the USA put on him. What does come to mind however is Yitchak Shamir's warning around 30 years ago that Netanyahu was not to be trusted. When it comes to Israel's security, Netanyahu can weave a fine speech, can put Obama in his place, but he will nevertheless cave in.

By forcing through the releasing of these blood soaked prisoners Netanyahu has yet again sold Israel out. Israelis will pay with their lives for the 104 terrorists with blood on their hands. The murderers will soon go back to work for a palestinian arab regime which lauds the murderers of  jews constantly, in its press, on tv, with special shows for children preaching hate of jews, with roads and squares named after heinous murderers of jews. In the PA dead terrorists are not dead criminals but 'shahids', 'martyrs'.

Only last week a senior Palestinian Authority official said that peace discussions with Israel were like the 'hadabiya' treaty where the muslim founder Mohammed tricked the jews of Quraish into a ten year treaty. The 'prophet' broke the treaty two years later.

This attack on Israel by Obama and his henchmen is just another front in his attempt to fundamentally undermine the Jewish State. We still have the demand that Israel withdraw from its secure positions on the ancient jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu's unwise recognition of the false arab palestinian 'people' was the first mistake. The arabs living in Judea and Samaria want nothing less than the destruction of Israel. It is not land they need, but a warning that their homeland is the territory that is 80% of British Mandatory Palestine, before being broken off by Britain. It is there that they should seek their homeland, and there they will need to go if they attack Israel again.

Netanyahu must not again be allowed to implement such a fundamentally divisive plan to let a large group of murderers out of prison. Israel's security is now heavily damaged, as the head of the Shin Bet Yoram Cohen advised.
"The chance that the prisoners will go back to terrorism is relatively large,” he said. Experience shows that as the years pass from the terrorists' release, they tend to go back to the activity that landed them in jail, he added.

Netanyahu's behavior in recognising the fake arab palestinians, the stopping of the building of housing for jewish communities in Yesha etc has been explained as a way to get the USA to back Israel if it attacks Iran.
This is a ludicrous argument. If Israel attacks Iran's nuclear installations, it will be doing what the USA should itself be doing. Israel does not need to 'buy' the attack by compromising the lives of its people, time after time after time.

Netanyahu has gone too far with this release of the most dastardly of murderers of jews, and has thereby prepared the ground for more and greater demands by Obama for 'concessions' by Israel, even as the middle east seethes with islamic violence.

I first warned about Obama here some years ago. This enemy of Israel keeps inveigling Israel with sweet words whilst undermining its security on many levels, even to setting up a jewish front group, 'J Street' to attack Israel in the name of jews.

Netanyahu knows full well what Obama is about, the man who destroyed the peace in Libya, Mali and Egypt. Yet Netanyahu can not protect Israel from the depredations of this man.  Israel must give no more, and that means Israel's latest appeaser Netanyahu must go.

It is time for the Likud to oust Netanyahu and find a prime minister with a spine.

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