Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Israel helping the Philippines recover from the tornado

It is typical of Israel to want to help the Philippines after the most savage tornado ever to hit the islands.

An IDF delegation departed on a humanitarian mission to the Philippines Wednesday morning to provide aid to the storm-ravaged city of Tacloban, the army said.

The 148-member group, comprising national search-and-rescue unit officials and senior doctors in the IDF medical corps, will be tasked with rapidly setting up a “multi-department medical facility” to provide medical care for casualties of the disaster in Tacloban.

The facility will have children’s, women’s and ambulatory care departments, as well as a general admission department, and will be “equipped with approximately 100 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies from Israel.
No country is more deserving of such help, not only because a thousand jews were given shelter from the nazis, but because thousands of Filipino people spend their lives caring for Israel's elderly and disabled citizens.

Also interesting is that despite Philippines being a very religious catholic country, you will be hard pressed to ever find an expression of antisemitism in that country.

Filipino people are tolerant, and jew hatred so endemic in europe and the muslim world is alien to that country. This tolerance is seen in the historic acceptance of transvestite and homosexuals. The Philippines to my knowledge never in history engaged in the discrimination and violence meted out to LGBT people in europe.

I can only hope that the victims of this tragedy can soon rebuild their lives despite all.

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