Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pope Francis again demonstrates his love for the Jewish People

After John Paul II it was hard to imagine a pope even more full of love for the Jewish People than him, and then came Pope Francis (this does not imply criticism of Pope Benedict whose temperament was much more low key). 
Jews can only hope that Pope Francis will have a long and happy life in his post at the Vatican. 

He will have his work cut out if he tries to do something about the entrenched hatred of jews in his church however.

But hopefully some of Pope Francis' love can filter down to the frankly unlovely catholic orders such as found in Israel, none worse than the Franciscans, whose clerics are ever ready to attack Israel which protects them from arab muslim fanatacism, the one country in the middle east where to harm a christian is a criminal offence, and treated as such.

OME – Calling Jews “our older big brothers,” Pope Francis marked the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht by renewing what he termed his “closeness and solidarity with the Jewish people.”

Francis spoke about the anniversary following his Sunday address to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square.

“Today is the 75th anniversary of the so-called ‘Crystal Night,’ ” he said. The violence on the night between Nov. 9-10,1938 against Jews, their synagogues, homes, and businesses, he said, “signaled a sad step toward the tragedy of the Shoah.”

He added, “We renew our closeness and solidarity with the Jewish people, our older big brothers. And we pray to God that the memory of the past, the memory of past sins, helps us to be ever vigilant against any form of hate and intolerance.

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