Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Israel's Ethiopian Jews refuse to adopt victimhood politics and violence

The Ethiopian community in Israel is to be congratulated for refusing yesterday to take the example of many in the community of black people in the United States, where 30% of black males have at one time or another been in prison (1 in 12 presently), and where throughout a lifetime, a black male has a 1 in 21 chance of dying violently.

Israel is not the USA with Black people in Israel not having the same sorry history as Black people in the USA. Ethiopian Jews were not brought to Israel as slaves, but as free men and women in order to fulfill their zionist aspirations, to save their lives. They were brought out of love and not hatred or of any intention to humiliate or discriminate against them. 

Israel put many of its citizens in harms way by sending its armed forces and civilians into extremely anti-Israel Sudan and Ethiopia in order to rescue the Ethiopian Jews from starvation that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Every society has its problems and Israel is not an exception, but racism has not, and will not define the relations between black and white communities as it has done in Europe and the USA. Ethiopian Jews were not rescued and brought to Israel in order to be discriminated against and those who are undoubtedly suffering now and have not yet succeeded in society must realise that. They need help so that they too can succeed in Israel. Much is done by the State within its limited budget and with the bringing of this issue to the fore, much more will hopefully happen to raise this community up.

Israel is not such a country in decline and Ethiopian Jews are also not seldom successful in Israel, and will undoubtedly continue to succeed. There are senior officers in the IDF, scientists and doctors among the community. For example the head of the IDF intervention team in Nepal was an Ethiopian Jewish doctor Dr. Avi Yitzchak. All is not doom and gloom.

Ethiopian Jews at yesterday's demonstration cleaerly showed that the violence seen in Baltimore and Ferguson is not the example they want to follow. Looting and destruction is the hallmark of a society in decline and offers no hope for those who use it. Ethiopian Jews are protesting for their future success, not in order to destroy the efforts of those who have already succeeded before them.

The promotion of victimhood and violence is alien to Israel, and thankfully even the Ethiopian demonstrators who split off from the peaceful demonstration to seek confrontation were open to reason and eventually returned to demonstrate peacefully.

The destructive Malcolm X / Black Panther style promotion of victimhood and fomenting of hatred is all to easy. It is a reverse racism, as ugly as the phenomenon it purports to condemn, and Israel last night rejected it. Thankfully the Ethiopian Jews of Israel will not be seduced by hate and destruction.

Enemies of Jews have never worried about whether that Jew is black or white, Sephardi or Ashkenazi. Being a Jew suffices, and Israel's wise leaders realise that, and condemned the police who sparked off the demonstrations.

The rabbis talked of Sinat Chinam (Unjustified/unreasonable/unreasoning hatreds and the destruction of the Temple and warned against those who are determined to feed off a cynical nursing of a sense of victimhood.

Ethiopian Jews refuse to be used as the vanguard in a new attempt to split the Jewish nation apart.

They did not come to Israel in order to be instrumental in its demise, but to build it along with Sephardi and Asheknazi Jews who returned home at an earlier date.

The EU and George Tsoros sponsored anarchists in Israel surely suffered a great defeat last night. As with the cost of living protests a couple of years ago, Israel's enemies fish in troubled waters but Israel is stronger and its people will not be corralled into the self-destructive behaviour seen abroad that Israel's enemies would have it do.

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