Wednesday, 20 May 2015

'Lone Wolf' car and tractor rammings show it's time to bring back old British methods against Arab terror

The mass media have made a lot of Israel's rescinded decision not to allow Arabs on buses going into Judea and Samaria. It is a pity this has been rescinded as attacks on Jews are becoming a daily event now.
The mass media of course has totally ignored an Arab's car ramming attack on police officers in Jerusalem however.

It seems that the latest terror attack in Jerusalem was made by a cousin of the Mercaz Harav terrorist.
Thankfully the two officers he rammed with his car were only lightly injured and have already been released from hospital.

The terrorist is dead, and hopefully Israel's security forces will not try too hard in future to arrest these killers, but despatch them with all due haste towards their Islamic virgin studded heaven.

Simply making sure the would be killers do not survive to serve a couple of years in prison before being released to commit more murder and mayhem is not enough however.

Britain's policy of making villages and families responsible for the actions of their family members brought an end to the 1936-39 orgy of murder that was the 'Arab Revolt'.

Britain then understood that family ties are important, and that family and tribal pressure works.

Whilst the Palestinian Authority incites the murder of Jews on its mass media, and pay stipends pro rata as to how serious the terror attack was, Israel needs to begin to put pressure on families.

As we see here, it is not collective punishment when a family or village is involved in terror, supports it, and praises the family member involved.

Britain used harsh measures in the 1930's which are maybe not to be used today, but a family whose member has just attacked Jews for no other reason than their religion need to find their house disappears in a cloud of dust.
There can be no doubt that the British concentrated presence and the persistence that accompanied it in the Palestinian theatre had exhausted the rebels, who, with their leadership, no longer really knew who they were fighting against or why. At one moment the leadership would talk of traditional friendship and common interests with Britain, at another went so far as to agree to the granting of autonomy to the Jews in the areas where they were settled. There can be no doubt that the vacillation of the leadership, and its inability to determine a clear objective to fight for, played its part in weakening the revolt...
...The best estimate of Arab human losses in the 1936-39 revolt is that which states that losses in the four years totaled 19,792 killed and wounded; this includes the casualties sustained by the Palestinian Arabs at the hands of the Zionist gangs in the same period.
This estimate is based on the first conservative admissions contained in official British reports, checked against other documents.102 These calculations establish that 1200 Arabs were killed in 1936. 120 in 1937, 1200 in 1938 and 1200 in 1939. In addition 112 Arabs were executed and 1200 killed in various terrorist operations. This makes the total of Arabs killed in the 1936-39 revolt, 5,032, while 14,760 were wounded in the same period.

Detainees numbered about 816 in 1937, 2,463 in 1938, and approximately 5,679 in 1939.The real significance of these figures can be shown by comparisons. In relation to numbers of inhabitants, Palestinian losses in 1936-39 are equivalent to losses by Britain of 200,000 killed, 600,000 wounded and 1,224,000 arrested. In the case of America the losses would be one million killed, 3 million wounded and 6,120,000 arrested!

Israel can not continue to live with Arabs deciding continually to wreak mayhem with cars and tractors  on Israel's streets. Everyone has a right to go about their business in safety and security, whether Arab or Jew.

If some Arabs decide to put their hatred into practise, they must know that not only will they not survive, but that their family will at the very least also need rehousing.

It is time that Israel demanded that very basic human right for its own citizens, of the right to life, to not be maimed and killed in the increasing number of Arab terror attacks.

It is time Israel put the human rights of its own citizens above those of a braying Arab enemy, murdering yet running to the international community at the first sign that Israel defends itself.

Israel must prepare for the condemnations that will inevitably follow and remind Arab terrorists and their families of some old facts about deterrence, facts that every Arab family already understands, as families being responsible for the acts of their members is what is practised in Arab culture since time immemorial.

Israel must protect its citizens. Harsh measures are essential if the terror is to stop.

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