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Arab blood is worth more than that of a Jew especially if living in Judea or Samaria

Terror has been promoted by Arab governments and now the Palestine Authority for over a century. Thousands of Israelis such as this long forgotten bus driver have been victims of Arab terror. If some Jews are not to be tempted to take individual justice on innocent Arabs, then justice must be seen to be served on Arab perpetrators.
Updated August 2nd 2015:
The media, UN even the State Department are having a field day condemning Israel. Finally they've got another atrocity allegedly by 'settlers' (i.e. the indigenous Jews of Judea and Samaria) to lambast the Jewish State with.

Israel's politicians as usual fall headlong into the trap and are scrambling to outdo each other with the sack cloth and ashes, even invoking the Holocaust!

Someone needs to step back and take stock, which is what I am about to do.

This was a murderous attack, probably but not definitely by Jews. Plenty of Arabs read and write Hebrew to a high level, and it won't be the first time village feuds have been blamed on Jews.

The blood-libel does after all have a long history.

But even if it was Jew who threw that fire-bomb we as friends of Israel have to step back and consider a number of things, without of course intending in any way to justify this attack on innocent Arabs:
  1. Why has this one murder so energized the international community when daily atrocities against the Jews of Judea and Samaria pass without notice?
The BBC let the Fogel family atrocity pass until Israel made a reprisal raid. Eden Atias slaughtered by an Arab while he slept on a bus is still unknown to BBC audiences ditto baby Adele Biton and Shelley Dadon, a young woman dragged into an orchard, raped and murdered by an Arab on the way to work last year. These were Jews and not worthy of world notice, sympathy or understanding.

    1. What were the antecedents to this attack?
Where Arab criminals, terrorists and their foreign instigators such as the foreign nationals of ISM are allowed to feel immune to Israel's forces of law and order, to perpetrate the whole gamut of crimes against innocent Israelis wherever they can be found, and especially in Israel's ancient homelands of Judea and Samaria it is obvious that the conditions for Jewish vigilantiism to fester and grow are being met.

Where Jews such as three year old Adele Biton who succumbed to her injuries (after an Arab's rock throwing caused the car she was traveling in to crash) can not travel the roads without being in danger of death at the hands of an Arab terrorist anger in the community is bound to grow to such an extent that some amongst them will however wrongly take the law into their own hands.

If the vigilantes took the life of a terrorist then their action would be understandable e.g in light of the fact that 6 Jews have to date been killed by Arab terrorists freed in the Gilad Shalit deal.
That the blood of Jews has become so cheap an Arab can reckon on spending only a few years in jail for murder is a continuing outrage against any sense of decency. Arabs contemplating terror know that whilst in prison he will be paid a handsome salary, his family will receive benefits, and he will be appointed to a paid position commensurate with the seriousness of his terror act once he gets out of an Israeli jail.

An Arab who murders a Jew rarely serves the prison sentence given to him which exasperates the citizens of Israel who demand that Arabs who attack Jews must serve their sentences.

The Jews who may have killed the Arab child in Duma may reason that in the absence of justice for Arab terrorists, they will take the law to them. If they can not find a terrorist to kill, then any Arab will serve the purpose. This is not seen as being a civilized way of non-Arabs to behave nowadays but Arab culture fully accepts this reasoning. If someone from your village kills someone from mine then I have the right / duty to kill someone from yours. Ditto with a family killing. Arab culture is seeped to the very core with blood and feuds can be carried on for centuries. Let us not even get into the domain of 'honor killing'.

So Arabs understand when someone from another tribe or family or village will take bloody revenge. They just object when Jews do it. Jews as Christians are after all Dhimmis with no right to life or property, still less any claim to waging a blood feud with Arab muslims.

So did anyone from the Arab village murder a Jew for those Jews to wish to take revenge on someone from their village. It would be interesting to find out?

Giulio Meotti has today written that not far from this village a Jewish hiker was murdered, a name that never made the headlines in the West that counts only the very few real Arab victims of Jews, and has no interest in the steady stream of Jews who have been foully murdered.
"Not far from where an Arab child was killed last week, Arab terrorists killed a Jewish girl, Tirza Porat, while she was on a hike. She was the first Israeli civilian to die in the first Intifada. The Western press and many Israeli journalists blamed her for not staying away “from restive Palestinian villages”. Not a word of condemnation of Arab leaders for encouraging 5-year-olds to join mobs throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, but they condemned Tirza for being victimized. Nobody remembers her name. "
In any case we as a civilized society reject blood feuds, but Britain when dealing with Palestinian Arabs 1936-39 did blow up houses in villages from where terrorists emerged and summarily executed Arab terrorists found with arms. The RAF machine gunned suspected terrorists from the air whilst the army implemented a harsh regime:
Collectivepunitive measures such
as “destroying villages, carrying off livestock and trampling down crops and so
on,” already well established in irregular “small” wars against guerrillas by the
time Callwell wrote his book, were used in the Boer War (1899–1902), during
the Egyptian and Iraqi revolts (1919–20), in India, and during the Irish War of
Independence (1919–21).
In the 1930s, Major General Sir Charles Gwynn
and Colonel H. J. Simson—the latter served in Palestine during the revolt—
developed Callwell’s lessons, applying them to imperial hot spots such as
Palestine and arguing that such situations required firm military rule.
Rather than Israel's leaders tearing their hair over the rare incidence of Jewish terror, they should be learning from how the British suppressed Arab terror in the 1930's, revisit their failed policies which see Arabs terrorizing Jews, Christians and others throughout Israel, and of course in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria.
Jews can no longer walk onto their ancient cemetery on the Mount of Olives for fear of Arab attack. Hundreds of graves have been desecrated with rubbish and smashed to pieces.
Tourists visit the Mount of Olives now in fear of their lives from Arab rock throwers.
Jews are regularly attacked on the Temple Mount.

Israel has lost its grip on Arabs bent on its destruction. The human rights of Arab terrorists take precedence over peaceful Jews.
I can understand that antisemitic leaders of Western governments led by the Obama-Kerry duo will howl at Israel at every opportunity.
But why must Rivlin, Herzog and even Netanyahu make public displays of contrition calling for the whole of Israel to be ashamed for the actions of a few errant Jews who represent nobody but themelves?
How can Israel's leaders be complicit in the western media led demonisation of Israel's public?

Is it fair to demonize the whole Judea-Samarian community?

    Representatives of Jews in Judea-Samaria have overwhelmingly condemned this attack on the Arab family. We need to keep perspective that whereas Palestinian Arabs constantly incite for murder of Jews, all the Jews of Yesha wish for is peace to get on with their lives in their ancestral homelands. That never happens though. The Palestinian Authority and its media incite against Israel and Jews, rarely disguising their wish to destroy Israel utterly.

If the Jewish State wishes to stop revenge killings by a few misguided individuals then the root of the problem must be addressed, the feelings of Jews of Judea and Samaria that they are targets in an Arab firing range, picked off at will and having to live in a state of terror for many years now.

Hardly a day goes by without another Arab terror attack, most of which such as the rock throwings on the Mount of Olives and attacks on Jews there go on unhindered by police.

The increasing Arab terror in Judea-Samaria must be suppressed if harmonious relations between the communities are to be restored.

Arab terrorists need to know that if they do survive arrest, which should never be a certain thing, they will have to pay their debt to Jewish society in an uncomfortable prison cell, not one where they can take masters degrees paid for by the Jews they wish to annihilate.

A beginning in restoring security to the Israeli public is to relax the rules on Israelis opening fire against their attackers. Rather than doing their utmost to arrest attackers, the stress must be on doing their utmost to keep themselves and their peers safe. The Arab terrorist's life must the the lowest of priorities when considering arrest options.

We also need to realize that Palestinian Arab society which celebrates children only as far as they have future value in being 'martyrs' in attacks on Jews, is not shocked by the violent death of a child. The only regret in their evil society is that the child did not take Jewish lives with it on the way to paradise.

We whilst regretting that a human life, even that of an enemy has been taken, should not weep overly much for a child intended to grow in a system of overarching antisemitic indoctrination intended to use education to teach how to harm Jews in ever more fiendish ways.

Rather than join in the chorus of world condemnation and visit families of enemy Arabs, Mr Rivlin and Netanyahu should show the community of Judea and Samaria that they are also cared for, and loved. Yesha Jews are carrying out the heroic task of defending the densely populated coastal region around Tel-Aviv frequently at the cost of their lives whilst normally exercising the utmost restraint.

The least the indigenous Jews of Judea and Samaria can expect is support from Israel's politicians at a time when the world is baying for their blood.

We can expect nothing from a world which even as Islamic terror is being stepped up throughout western countries and which is conducting terror operations on a world wide basis now, is every ready to condemn Israel.

Israel's leaders must learn the lesson of Gaza that when Jewish homes and villages are sacrificed, Tel-Aviv, Ashdod and Jerusalem are next in the firing line.

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