Friday, 10 July 2015

The kidnapped Israelis must be returned, but not at any price

It has emerged that Hamas has kidnapped two Israelis who deliberately crossed the border from Israel for unknown reasons. One is a beduin and one is an Ethiopian Jew who is said to have psychological problems.

We hope that both of these men will be returned as soon as possible, but hopefully not after Israel paying a Gilad Shalit style ransom for them. That ransom in terms of over a thousands Arab Jew killers only happened because the family of Shalit mounted an excellent media campaign that tugged at the heart strings of Israelis.

It was obvious at the time that the price paid for freeing Shalit would be dead Israelis in new terror campaigns afterwards, and that has come true. Many of those freed have been conducting terror operations from within Israel. Outside of Israel Hamas has its headquarters now in Turkey a NATO memnber and is directing terror against Israel from there.

The European Union and  USA is quiet about Hamas organising terror from Turkey yet is never lost for words when Israel builds a home for the indigenous Jews of Judea and Samaria.

It is sad that one of the brothers of Avraham Mengistu has used the racism card against Israel already. Thankfully the rest of Avraham's family have not stooped to such a disgraceful level.

Netanyahu must not give in to moral blackmail whilst acting to return these unfortunates home.

The first action on the part of the government should be to re-arrest as many of the terrorists freed in exchange for Shalit and make it clear that they will remain in prison until the two hostages are returned to Israel.

It should also be made clear that there will be no more deals, only that every time Israel's loyal citizens are kidnapped the price will be the re-arrest of those previously freed.

Democracies must take the gloves off in this merciless war being waged against them by Islamic terrorists.

Israel must lead the way, not by sacrificing its soldiers and citizens in ever more asinine ways to spare the enemie's human shields but in the robustness of its response to attacks.

Let us hope this new government will show a new mettle in dealing with the terror entities surrounding it.

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