Saturday, 23 February 2013

Haaretz reporter begs palestinian to condemn Herodian exhibition

I'm lucky to be in Israel for Purim. Where i'm staying I picked up Haaretz  and read an article by a journalist Benny Ziffer who i've not heard of before, but who won some international prize for his journalism in betraying Israel. The few articles I managed to find time to read this shabbat were all devoted to portraying Israel as a racist state stealing land from arabs. Haaretz knows its readership well and long ago abandoned any semblance of objectivity. Haaretz journalists are interested in painting Israel in as negative a light as possible.

Ziffer starts off the article about the illegality of Ehud Netzer digging the archaeological site of Herodian, on "Palestinian territory". Ziffer forgets that the Levy committee found that no international law that would justify this term. Judea and Samaria is territory in dispute full of jewish history, and nothing of the mythical 'palestinian people,' an invention designed to take territory away from Israel. Despite what enemies of Israel constantly repeat, the League of Nations decision to call for 'close settlement' in Judea and Samaria still holds. 

The irony is that having invited "a palestinian archaeologist who somehow managed to arrive at the meeting without being held up", who visited what Ziffer agrees is a "breathtaking exhibition" which reconstructs Herod's grave and the ancient jewish settlement of Herodian, he is confronted by an arab archaeologist who can't see anything wrong with it. The arab says, "I don't understand. Why should I feel antagonistic toward this exhibition?"

Perhaps the arab knows something that self-hating israeli jew Ziffer doesn't.

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