Friday, 15 March 2013

Another good pope

 A visit to Israel and various other commitments have meant that my blogging has been curtailed of late. Hopefully things will improve in the next month or so.

It is with relief that jews can welcome Jorge Mario Bergoglio an Argentinian cardinal as Francis I the new pope. Pope Francis is a jesuit with a long record of friendship with the Jewish People someone who will ensure that the line of friendly post World War II popes is unbroken.

It is a sad fact however that anti-semitism within the church, and anti-jewish propaganda (masquerading as being 'pro-palestinian') is still enough of a factor so as to always give jews reason to worry when church leaders are elected. The collective jewish sigh at the election of Francis I is palpable.

May this undoubtedly good man, Pope Francis I have a long and successful ministry as head of his church.

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