Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Arabs 'relishing' Israel's demolishing of Ulpana dont' understand Israel's moral strength

This article from an Omani site celebrates that Israel is suffering as the state enforces orders of the court. Of course this mouthpiece of an arab potentate can't understand that in Israel's democracy PM Netanyahu sees the rule of law as paramount, even above his natural sympathies with those in Yehuda and Shomron who defend Israel with their lives and property. In arab countries there is no rule of law, just of power and vested interests and arbitrary justice. Palestinians might think about building their lives but that's not what this struggle is about. Arabs wish to destroy Israel as being representative of the best of a western civilization which they reject. To defend Israel is to defend the West, and western values over the nightmare of rule by medieval theologians, sheiks and ayatollas.

Ulpana will be rebuilt and Israel will grow stronger, just as it always has done from May 1948 when US Secretary of State gave Israel only 3 weeks to survive the arab onslaught against it. In 3 weeks Israel had broken the back of the five arab armies which invaded, and within three months the arabs needed their British backers to unleash its own military against Israel if it did not stop its counterattacks on the invading arabs.

And the 'palestinians........' Created in the 20th century Cold War as a trojan horse by Russia in league with arab despots, celebrated by western media and governments indoctrinated through arab oil money, will this so-called people be remembered as anything but a grand arab hoax in the next century?

Palestinians are relishing the Israeli government’s discomfort as it struggles to evacuate five settler buildings in the occupied West Bank. 

 Israel’s Supreme Court upheld a petition by a group of Palestinian landowners last month, mandating a demolition order by July 1 against the apartment blocs that sit on Ulpana Hill above the Palestinian village of Dura Al Qara.

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