Friday, 22 June 2012

The jew hating bishop 'reaches out' to a self-hating jew

 Desmond Tutu never seems to pass up on an opportunity to use his status as a Nobel Prize winner to spread a little more hatred of the jewish state of Israel. But his posing as an understanding friend of the jewish faith is surely a low even for him. Tutu should understand that jewish people are not fooled, but know him for what he is, an inveterate enemy, one in a long line of christian priests who used their office to whip up the masses in a frenzy of hatred against us. 

It is not so acceptable nowadays for a good christian to be seen attacking jews, so what better way to get at them than by targetting Israel? An anti-semite can now have the best of both worlds, to beat jews and to feel morally good about himself, doing the Lord's work so to speak.

The journalist below, 'Moira' (I've never heard of a jewish 'Moira' before) has so easily turned her back on judaism because of media misinformation about Israel's allegedly harsh treatment of african people. This Moria most likely only identified herself as jewish all the better to attack the jewish people. She has most likely never seen the inside of a synagogue, or joined in any jewish activities other than to identify with other 'as a jews'. The alleged 'jew' Moira was never part of our people and as such is no loss to Am Yisroel, the people of Israel.

This now former 'jew' Moira however believes that Israel has no right to deport any of the African migrants who have come uninvited to Israel. As of this writing around 100 South Sudanese have been flown back voluntarily to their country after the UNHCR agreed that they no longer had reason to stay as the south of their country is now safe. They were each given $1,300 for not resisting their deportation in the courts. Yes terrible Israel gives every migrant, as with arabs with a gripe against Israel, the right to access its courts. And our South African duo don't notice either that almost the whole israeli political spectrum condemned what violence and racism that has occurred against the migrants.

The media frenzy about Israel centers only on a few racists who have attacked african people in the wake of serious social problems created by many thousands of impoverished migrants living in already deprived neighbourhoods. The fact is that the immigrants have brought with them some difficult social problems, not least the fact that so many lone men living rough has led to a spike in rapes and other violence in the area of South Tel Aviv such that people are now afraid to go out at night. 

This is normal in such deprived neighbourhoods all over the world when new immigrants come in waves to an already established community. It is not so much about racism as poverty and its effects. Tutu and 'jewish' Moira make no attempt to understand the problem before issuing their condemnations of Israel, and also nothing to say about the real racism  using extreme violence of a hundred Sudanese in an arab village Kfar Manda in Israel a couple of weeks ago. I wonder why?

I wonder why Bishop Tutu is not interested in the ethnic cleansing of christians in palestinian areas over the last twenty years? Why does he not mention the fact that Israel is the only country where christians are safe in the middle east? Tutu's crocodile tears are shed for african migrants whilst the original black christians, the Copts are being ethnically cleansed in their hundreds of thousands. And let's not forget a million Iraqi christians who left that country in the last ten years. No crocodile tears for them either.

Our former 'as a jew' Moira might instead of allying herself with the anti-semites have interested herself in the fact that Egyptians shoot and kill many of the migrants even before they get to Israel's border. She might also have interested herself in the 400 missiles fired into Israel from Gaza in the past year, over 12,000 in recent years. But 'our' Moira has no pity for jews, she only identified with jews and judaism in order to attack us.

The fact is Israel has its african migrant problem because of its humanity. For many years politicians sat on their hands because they did not want to send the migrants back to their countries such as Sudan and Eritrea where they might face death. They are not yet being sent back to anywhere other than South Sudan, in full agreement with the South Sudanese authorities and even the UN.

As for Tutu, what is one more christian priest who hates jews amongst the untold thousands in our history. Tutu will soon be forgotten. Israel is eternal.

Tutu reaches out to Jew upset at Israel kicking out Africans

 June 22 2012 at 10:42am

ARCHBISHOP Desmond Tutu has responded to a Capetonian who has stated publicly that she will turn her back on her Jewish roots because of the policies of the Israeli government.

In a letter to the Cape Times, journalist Moira Levy had

said because of Israel’s recent “violent racial repression”, she had cut ties with her past, legacy and family roots “and, painful as it is turned my back on being a Jew”.

Levy questioned Israel’s deporting of Africans. “Israel has declared that the threat they allegedly pose is to the racial purity of the Jewish state. As a Jew and a white South African I have to ask myself if I can continue to be associated with people who’ve learnt from history only the ability to repeat the same horrific mistakes.”

In response, Tutu wrote that he had been moved by Levy’s “anguish… However, please don’t blame your faith for the policies of the people in power.

“When our family behaved wrongly, we did not turn our backs on them, but tried to convince them to steer a fairer course.” Some of the most outspoken apartheid critics, and of Israel, were Jewish. “These compatriots have a unique understanding of discrimination

.” – Staff Reporter

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