Monday, 4 June 2012

The zionist 'Operation Dragon', "Israel’s hidden hand behind Pakistan’s disasters"

It's instructive to take a look into the mind of a paranoid, jew hating muslim conspiracy theorist. It's all there in this piece about the supposed Jewish lobby controlling the world, killing their own allies and of course undermining the country of which the writer is resident in. This article about supposed zionist and Israeli attacks on Pakistan throws in for good measure an accusation that the mossad is blamed for 9/11. Hmmm, what about the Mumbai bombers that attacked a chabad center? Suppose it was the Jews again, always trying to garner sympathy out of gullible gentiles.

There's no need for logic in the mind of a conspiracy theorist. Hatred of jews is all that counts:

The zionist 'Operation Dragon' Policy’ aimed to create an all out ‘sectarian’ chaos within Pakistan, they hired mercenaries, drug lords and mafia figures to unleash the de-stabilization process.
Pakistan is just one cog in the wheel of the establishment of the “New World Order” which George Bush senior, part of the Zionist neocon cabal first mentioned in his speech to congress in March 6 1991 where he basically outlined a long-term plan for America to dominate the world.

According to Imran Hossein a prominent Islamic scholar, Pakistan is not such a just cog in the wheel, rather it’s a very important target for the Zionist led neo con cabal, firstly because it is strategically very important, secondly it’s a nuclear state and “the only Muslim country with the nuclear capability to stand against Israel’s expansionist plans’.

It is a known fact that any Journalist, academic or world leader who states that Israel was behind 9/11, or questions who is really behind Al Qaeda, will be ostracized by the Zionist owned mainstream media never given air time or allowed to surface as a leader. Pakistan news channels also mostly parrot the western media’s narrative, raising the question who really owns the media there?
If one nutjob isn't enough try a different commentator in Pakistan, the US 'ally'. With allies like Pakistan the USA is in no need of enemies:

The piece is entitled "Muslims not to tolerate US threats", and deals with supposed US threats to attack the muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Well Israel is used to this old chestnut. At least a few times a year muslims in Israel riot over idiotic rumours about Israeli threats to blow up the mosques on the Temple Mount:

Ameer Jammat-ud-Dawah Hafiz Saeed has said that the Ummah would not tolerate the threats to assault Mecca and Madina from the USA, which has imposed “War of Crusade” on Muslims. He was speaking to Chairman of Difa-e-Pakistan Council, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq at Dar-ul-Uloom Haqania Akora Khattak on Sunday. On the occasion the leaders of Jammat-ud-Dawah and JUI(S) were also present.
It is the track record of USA, that after facing defeat in battlefield, she always tried to create mayhem among the ranks and file of Muslims”, he added.

There is no point in trying to persuade such people with logical arguments. Any argument will just reinforce their prejudice, their projection of their own hatred onto others. Which takes us to the palestinian problem where the hatred and conspiracy theories likewise abound. As with Pakistani support for Taliban killers of US forces, the threat to Israel is just as real with arab hatred of jews acted on daily. Arson, stabbings, stone throwings, attempted kidnappings (20 last year), shootings, even bombings when arab terrorists manage to get through, and all this topped by the constant terror of Israel's border communities faced daily with rockets and mortars landing with a few seconds to spare.

Israel must never risk giving any more land away to hate filled arabs who once they receive land then demand more. We must always keep in mind that the destruction of Israel, of western values, of western civilization is the true goal of those who cry "aggression" and "occupation".The US should likewise forget about nation building primitive societies who take the money and hate the US just as much as ever. Those who attack the US must know only one thing, that if they attack US citizens, the drones will come overhead. That is the only way to defeat terror, just as the British defeated arab terror in the 1936-39 Arab Revolt, and again during the 1930's when the RAF flattened Iraqi villages using terror against Britain.

For those who think Israel can just give away their ancient homelands,  strategic territory occupying the hills overlooking Tel Aviv almost to Haifa, to genocidal arabs in Judea and Samaria, this video of the Mufti of Jerusalem in January 2012 explains it all:

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