Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Morocco, a moderate arab country paranoid about Israel

You'd think that a country known for its relative moderation, situated a couple of thousand miles away from Israel, and with which Israel has a number of links to officialdom  would perhaps reflect this moderation in the attitudes of its people. Not a bit of it.

The danger posed by the arab islamist winter which has not yet come to Morocco can obviously be placed at the feet of Israel and the mossad. And of course, the monolithic Mossad can spare 300 agents to attack the only country in the area that is even partly friendly to it. Paranoid, but that's the arab world.  Everything that goes wrong is as a result of Israel, and maybe that's why nothing ever improves. How can you improve anything if the ever present malign influence of the jew and Israel will frustrate your attempts at the outset?
And the dangers posed by the islamists? Must be the jews again. Tariq Ramadan said so and that's good enough for a Moroccan journalist also regarded as something of a human rights activist. Well Israel knows all about them. Human rights don't extend to jews and self determination for the Jewish People.

"Bensedrine assured that the fire that destroyed the Court of First Instance in Tunis 2, located in Sijoumi, has nothing to do with things "sacred" because the court focuses on business of a financial nature. The fire was intended to burn all the files regarding fraud and enrichment to do with a suspect businessmen Devereux, according an activist.

Moreover, Bensedrine assures us that the Mossad is present in Tunisia in order to derail the democratic process at home and sow discord. This builds on the recent statements of Tariq Ramadan, who said that elements of the Mossad have been introduced to Tunisia under the guise of being Islamists.

Moreover, Abderraouf Layadi, former Secretary General of CPR, informs us that some 300 Mossad agents are presently very active in Tunisia alongside elements of the secret services of an Arab country that he does not wish to name, for proactive security operations according to the media.

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