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Israel is weakened by Netanyahu's apology, and Obama pulls the wool over a seasoned observer's eyes

Caroline Glick takes up my points about Netanyahu's foolhardy apology to Turkey for its act of aggression by sending the flotilla including the Mavi Marmara to provoke Israel. This was the worst  yet not the first provocation against Israel. We also need to keep in mind Erdogan's decades long hatred of Israel, his even having penned a Stuermer like play entitled 'Maskomya' when head of the islamic youth organisation. And as

    On Saturday, the Arab League convened in Doha, Qatar and discussed Israel’s apology to Turkey and its ramifications for pan-Arab policy. The Arab League member states considered the prospect of demanding similar apologies for its military operations in Lebanon, Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

    The Arab League’s discussions point to the true ramifications of the apology for Israel. By apologizing for responding lawfully to unlawful aggression against the State of Israel and its armed forces, Israel did two things.

    First, Israel humiliated itself and its soldiers, and so projected an image of profound weakness. Due to this projected image, Israel has opened itself up to further demands for it to apologize for its other responses to acts of unlawful war and aggression against the state, its territory and its citizens from other aggressors. The Arab League like most of its member nations is in an official state of war with Israel. The Arabs wish to see Israel destroyed. Kicking a nation when it is down is a perfectly rational way for states that wish other states ill to behave. And so the Arab League’s action was eminently predictable.

    As for the future of Israel-Turkish cooperation on Syria, two things must be borne in mind. First, on Saturday Erdogan claimed that Netanyahu’s apology was insufficient to restore Turkish-Israel relations. He claimed that before he could take any concrete actions to restore relations, Israel would first have to compensate the families of the passengers from the Mavi Marmara killed while assaulting IDF soldiers with deadly force.

As I noted previously, Erdogan has not even fully accepted the apology. The way is open, as usual with islamists, for further grievances, further demands, that not everything was solved........... In fact just as Egyptian president Morsi complained about the Egyptian-Israel Peace Treaty when he took power, that Israel had to compensate Egypt, that the palestinian arabs needed including in the equation etc etc. With an islamist there is never finality, because the end goal is not peace, but subjugation. This is what by their latest statements, president Peres and Chief of Staff Gantz do not understand. Do they really think that this obeisance to islamist Turkey will bring in a new era of cooperation and friendship with Turkey? How blinkered can you be? Well Israel's leaders were blinkered before 1973 in the face of Sadat's posturing about wanting peace.

I can forgive Peres who at his advanced age is seemingly desperate for peace, can even forgive Benny Gantz for being in favour of just about anything which could possibly break the ring of islamist that is now closing around Israel. Gantz has an impossible task to perform which existential threats looming all around, so a little apology might seem to a soldier but small beer.

But I can not understand just how people of the calibre of professors Dershowitz and Barry Rubin can be so fooled by the slick rhetoric of Obama. Dershowitz after Obama having proved himself week in, week out throughout his first term to be an inveterate enemy of Israel campaigned for Obama's re-election. Okay, Dershowitz is a democrat and could not bring himself to abandon ship even in the face of this mortal enemy of Israel. Dershowitz preferred to listen to the pro-Israel rhetoric that Obama spews out from time to time rather than watch the actions of his minions who condemned Israel incessantly for building a few houses, who set up a propaganda organization 'J Street' with the brief to attack Israel on every occasion. There was also the matter of the Cairo statement and Obama's bringing down of arab regimes which were at peace with Israel (Mubarak was no friend, he allowed the supplying of Hamas with rockets for years through Sinai, a cold peace with Israel, and incessant attacks on jews and Israel by the state controlled Egyptian press). And Obama has supported islamist Turkey with a Nato missile shield from which Israel is excluded, and Egypt has been given money, aid and top of the range F16's and Abrams tanks. All this shortly after Morsy inspired riots at the American embassy in Cairo!

Update 27th March 2013: 
Barry Rubin is back to form after his wobble, asking why Obama didn't make similar speeches in Israel and the palestinian arab territories, why did Obama ask Israelis to take risks for peace, but not arabs? Obviously Obama understands the deep hatred for jews by arabs after years of indoctrination. As ever it is Israel which must take all the risks for no gain.

Israel is supposed to be grateful to Obama for some money in the development of the Iron Dome all the while Saudi Arabia and other arab countries, including islamists in Syria are being stuffed with american arms. Whilst Obama speaks softly, the USA Obama administration is acting as Israel's enemy, not its friend. And then there are the palestinian arabs. Obama has forced Netanyahu to begin again its funding of the Abbas undemocratic government, whilst Abbas broke the Oslo Agreement in going to the UN to found a state (not for the betterment of his people, but so that it would be easier to condemn Israel, act against it in UN forums such as the the UNHCR and UNESCO). Jewish shrines such as Rachel's tomb are now to become 'palestinian'. Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza don't wish independence so as to forge a national future, but to further the goal of destroying Israel. A palestinian arab state is seen as helping to bring Israel before the International Criminal Court over its supposed crimes.

So reading Barry Rubin today I could hardly believe my eyes:

 After going through all the possible ways Obama's visit to Israel could be seen, and dismissing them, Rubin comes to the 'Serious Israeli Observer'

    After more than four years of hard work and with the help of the other side’s intransigence, we got Obama to see reality in policy if not always in rhetoric, which is far less important.  Perhaps a narrow escape from what would have been the most anti-Israel president in history by far. Look, the American people elect the president and then we have to deal with whomever they choose. Sure hope he wakes up about the Islamists and stays tough on Iran.

 No Mr Rubin, Obama has not woken up to anything. Obama has rather been well advised that if you want Israelis to accede to your outrageous demands as a president, rather than berating them, as Obama did all through his first term, you should show them some love.

Israel for very good reasons feels so unloved, that the first charlatan to come along gets the wedding ring! Obama through his Taqiya has seen his poll ratings increase in Israel by way of seeming to 'understand' Israel's ancient connection with the lands of Israel. It's funny that in his Cairo speech he did not understand this, stating in effect the arab position that Israel resulted not from any jewish connection but from western states' guilt over the Holocaust. The corollary was therefore, 'why should arabs pay for the Holocaust with their lands'.

So in Israel Obama has shown some understanding for Israel's rights. But then he wanted things from Netanyahu. Probably he asked for a whole lot more than we know about. But what we do  know is worrying.

Firstly Netanyahu  was forced to make that disastrous apology, something that will come back to haunt Israel faced by many enemies, of which Turkey is definitely now one, always seeking Israel's weak points.

Netanyahu was forced to being paying the Palestinian Authority monies collected as customs dues, even whilst Israel has extra security costs because of the palestinian terror on the roads. One israeli baby, Adelle is still fighting for her life after arab stone throwers in Samaria forced her car into a bus.

And Obama has released half a billion dollars to the arabs in Judea and Samaria, even without them agreeing to talk to Israel. For that they have a string of demands, including agreeing to the destruction of Israel via the 'right of arab return.'

All this whilst israeli forces are beginning to come under attack on the Golan Heights from islamists supplied by america and its islamist arab allies.

Rubin might himself be suffering from having fought so hard all these years to understand Israel's enemies so that  he finally can't come to terms with the cognitive dissonance of Israel's greatest friend, the american people being led by one of Israel's greatest enemies.

Rubin will wake up, as will hopefully Benny Gantz. Peres is too far gone,  as with Abba Eban too gullible, too much the diplomat to understand when the knife is at the neck and draws blood that the time has long passed for action (Eban urged Israel's government not to begin a pre-emptive attack to break the arab stranglehold and armies poised to strike in 1967. Eban delayed the attack by around a month to allow the USA to live up to its commitment to sail a fleet to break the egyptian blockade of Suez and the Straits of Tiran. The Israeli people forced a change of government after a disastrous speech by Israel's PM Eshkol, and Israel under Dayan managed to save the day).

The situation for Israel is bad, but allowing snake oil salesman Obama to force toxic remedies on it is not the answer.

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