Monday, 25 March 2013

Whilst mealy mouthed Franciscans talk of 'occupation' and human rights for arabs...........

 Jihadists make no bones about their hatred being old style hatred of jews. Israel is being surrounded by an islamist crescent all the way from Egypt, Gaza and Turkey to the border of Jordan.
And Obama spent his time twisting Netanyahu's arm to apologize to islamist Turkey. This makes no sense for Israel, for the USA seen again as stabbing its ally in the back under this administration, and no sense for turkish secular democrats fighting to survive the onslaughts being made against them on every level by the islamist turkish state. Erdogan and his AKP islamists are riding a wave now after the latest humiliation forced on Israel by this US President. Obama if he was a real friend of Israel as he keeps proclaiming, might have pressured Erdogan to make the apology for sending a ship full of violent activists who attacked a legal boarding party enforcing the legal blockade of islamist Gaza that has fired over 12,000 indiscriminately fired rockets at Israel.
Obama's legacy will be the rise of islamism throughout the middle-east, possibly engulfing Jordan before too long.
But at least the islamist enemy sometimes announces just what they are fighting against, "bloody Jews." Without the normal Taqiya (muslims pretending they seek peace, disguising their real aims when dealing with 'infidel' kuffars) Israel will find it easier to defend itself.

 Syrian Mujahideen gained ground in the Golan Heights, which is partly occupied by bloody Jews, launching coordinated attacks in the area and in nearby Daraa province on Thursday.

 Mujahideen launched coordinated attacks on multiple parts of the Golan, taking control of areas and villages in the province of Quneitra.

 The offensive came as some 2,500 trained and equipped Mujahideen fighters had entered the Daraa region in recent weeks.
Kavkaz Center

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