Saturday, 16 March 2013

Israel's love for America is reciprocated but arab indoctrination is making inroads

The latest Gallup poll shows that americans are becoming increasingly pro-Israel. Whereas last year 61% of americans professed to be pro-Israel, on the eve of Obama's visit this has risen to 64%. And this is in the face of a president who loses no opportunity to criticize Israel, who called into question Israel's very existence in the face of its so-called 'intransigence' recently, and where the mass media apart from Fox news  is solidly anti-Israel.

That americans know who their friends (and enemies) really are should not lead to complacency however. Just as in europe for the last 30 years, american universities are the battleground for the minds of future opinion formers in  the USA. Arab  countries are very active in sponsoring professorships at american universities, even whole departments. And the whole panoply of anti-Israel activities are in full swing.Those who care about Israel in the US should not be complacent as the present anti-Israelism seen in much of old europe began with the arab propaganda effort in the universities.

To some extent the fruits of the arab effort in the USA is already bearing its poisoned fruit. Those who are anti-Israel are increasingly being seen in those who have a university education, with 20% of those with a degree favoring the palestinian arabs over Israel.

So the more educated you are nowadays, the more indoctrinated you will be against the only state in the middle east which gives full equality to citizens no matter what their religion, the only country where arabs are free to lead their lives in equality and without fear of expressing themselves.

The only country in the middle east where a christian can plan his future in safety, where he can see his family grow without one or more daughters being kidnapped and forcibly converted to islam is the country that arab dictatorships are successfully portraying to educated americans as 'apartheid'.

What a world.

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