Friday, 3 May 2013

Arab League 'Peace' Plan, splutter, cough, taqiya

I have not written about the much vaunted and supposedly Arab League endorsed peace plan before now because I thought that it was just too obvious that it reflects less any intentions of arabs to make peace with Israel than with Kerry's need to get himself known, and as another opportunity for arabs to put Israel in the dock.

But having personally argued the point with two friends in the past day, I realise that you really can fool some people all of the time, especially when it comes to arab intentions, and their misleading taqiya. Even the Jewish Chronicle's Anshel Pfeffer neglects to notice that this is NOT an Arab League endorsed peace plan, but just one proposed by some of its members. Barry Rubin's report is essential to understand this new deception. He notes that Tunisia has incorporated into its constitution that it can never make peace with Israel, that the so-called 'right of return' (rot) of arabs who left in 1948 is not mentioned. Of course the 'rot' is always there to ruin any accord which begins to take wing (arabs wanting destruction of Israel, not peace with it). And then there is the little fact that palestinians won't even meet with Israel! You can't make peace with someone you can't even discuss with.

And what about the little problem of legitimacy? Even, were there the slightest chance that palestinian arabs making peace with Israel, any government following could say the agreement was not legitimate, as Mohammad Morsy has often intimated. After all, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are some years overdue for an election.

Were arch enemy Abbas (repeated Holocaust denier who praises 'martyr' murderers of israeli children on every possible occasion) ever to actually signe a peace treaty, would the arabs keep to its provisions when presented with such tempting targets from the high hill recently delivered to them by Israel. They could point the shoulder launched missiles and make Israel's skies impossible for the IAF to take off. They could fire down over open artillery sights at Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanya and even Haifa.  All this for a piece of paper.

No other nation would be mad enough to even contemplate such a 'plan', unless like France in 1870 or 1940 it had been roundly defeated by its enemies. Give up Alsace Lorrain, for a scrap of paper from the germans? What frenchman would even have dared to even contemplate that?

You have to be obtuse, or an Obama administration official to believe there is any sense in even trying to make peace with arabs, especially at this time. The arab world is inherently unstable, the leaders of today are not there tomorrow, and in any case, none have them do anything but spread hatred of Israel in their media. Arab populations are educated about evil jews, about war with Israel, not peace.

Arabs use nazi imagery in demonizing jews

The only peace the Arab League has on offer for Israel is of the Chaberlain, 'Peace in our time' sort of 1938.
Israel will not be forced to commit suicide. It has learned from history. Sadly Czechoslovakia was sacrificed, by its friends no less, above all Britain.

Beware of 'friends' bringing 'peace' plans.

The US Obama administration would spend its time better than trying to convince Israel to commit suicide, in trying to understand the dynamics of islamic fundamentalism and extremism in the the region, and how Obama's policies have undermined its friends in the last 5 years.

The US then might copy Israel's policy of arming nobody, of supporting neither blood crazed faction in Syria. Fanatical islamists on either side do not need help from the West, but to be left to themselves, to fight it out between them. They might then one day come to their senses, after the massed bloodletting.

The US and sunni arab states arming the rebels will not help the sunni radicals to win, as this will immediately be countered by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Not such a bad thing from Israel's security point of view, as both sides have declared that Israel is on their list after they win the civil war.

Just to exemplify what peace means to arabs, even Jordan, supposedly Israel's friend gives up no oppotunity to malign Israel in international forums, to work against it and incite arabs in Jerusalem. Even when Israel loaned the Dead Sea Scrolls to Canada, Jordan thought it could make mischief:
The Jerusalem Post reported that Canada has refused a Jordanian request to hand over the historic Dead Sea Scrolls, currently on loan to Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum. The newspaper quoted Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor as saying: QThe Dead Sea Scrolls are an intrinsic part of Jewish heritage and religion. The scrolls have no relation to Jordan or the Jordanian people.

Maybe once and AL 'Peace' were arranged, the Arab League would provide observers to oversee attempts to police it, just as AL observers so successfully did in Syria:

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