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British media suppresses the islamic motive of the barbaric terror attack in London

Who sent this jihadist to chop up a british soldier on a busy street in London? Which mosque did he attend? Which radical preacher did he learn from?
In 2001 Israel faced a wave of terror which killed and wounded 10,000 israelis for no other reason than being jewish in Israel. Of course many non jews, muslims and christians also suffered in the terror wave. The outbreak was largely due to the liberal world view of and long standing appeasement of Israel's enemies by Ehud Barak who cared more for what Israel's enemies would say, rather than protecting his people as prime minister. When Ariel Sharon came to power the situation whereby suicide bombers were setting off their bombs in israeli streets, cafes and restaurants every other day came to an end.

Rather than wait for the suicide bombers to come to Israel, Israel in operation 'Defensive Shield' went to Jenin and Ramallah and cleared out the terrorists' nests. When those training and sending the suicide bombers on their missions could not be arrested, they were killed. The Security Fence was also built to stop easy access to Israel for the suicide bombers, and the checkpoints were built. Under the intense pressure of Obama's administration most checkpoints have been removed so now there are only 12 of them. And Israelis are once again being killed on the roads of Judea and Samaria.

In winning the war against the terrorists in 2002, Israel gave a lesson those 'specialists' in the west who said that you can not win a terror war among an enemy population without bribing them, without 'nation building' them. Well we see where 'nation building' has got Nato in Afghanistan. Absolutely nowhere. The secret of Israel's success was excellent intelligence, and a will to act. Britain took longer, but similarly defeated IRA terror by infiltrating its organisation. Winning the war against the terrorists did not mean that Israel acts indiscriminately, just the opposite. Israel's operations were targeted only against those involved in terror. Arabs in Israel have always known that if they don't get involved in terror, the state doesn't get involved with them, it tries its best to spare their lives.  Even Israeli smart weapons were created to spare arab civilians, such as the bomb that can be shifted to another target in mid-air if civilians are spotted near a terror target.
Israel's 'dummy bomb', an inert bomb was not so successful as when warned, civilians would then crowd the target with human shields knowing Israel would not launch an attack.

So now to the Woolwich terror attack. Britain has been lucky until now with the horror of terror on its streets being mostly prevented by its security forces.Britain has never faced the full wrath of jihad on its streets. This is partly because jihad does not always need to be violent. Demographic jihad also has its place, and with 10% of babies born in the UK now being muslim and with the commonest name for children now being 'Muhammad', Britain is well on its way to becoming another muslim country. If that's what the British people want then all well and good. But British people who are generally very tolerant should know that all muslim countries are intolerant of minorities, and many have islam written into their constitutions. Christianity is barely tolerated in most muslim countries and in them it is often very dangerous to be a christian. Is that what British people want, to be slowly forced to adopt other cultures and the muslim religion?

Whatever British people want, they should see that muslims in Britain are themselves protected from the extremism of the wahabite Saudi radical preachers. If integration rather than 'multi-culturalism' was promoted then there would be little to complain about. When jews came to the UK they assimilated culturally whilst keeping their religion in the home. But islam is a supremacist ideology, and if the host culture is not careful then shariah law, its intolerance and its punishments will follow once muslims become a majority. Already intolerance stalks London's streets with 'muslim patrols' enforcing sharia zones near mosques, where women are told how to dress and where alcohol may not be carried in the street, where muslim women are stripped of their rights in 'voluntary' shariah courts.

Shariah intolerance and islamic supremacism is what the Woolwich terror attack was about, of two violent men who instead of having their limited intelligence and their strength being channeled into something positive such as gardening or stacking shelves in Wallmart (Asda in the UK) or Tesco's, were taught in their saudi financed mosque to hate the society which paid them their benefits, where they learned that a good muslim should "strike the neck of the infidel" (47:4), and strike they did.

As usual the British liberal media jumped to cover up the islamic nature of such an awful crime. The BBC buried the fact that the terrorist chanted 'Allah Akbar'  many paragraphs down in its report of the attack. The BBC 'analysis' was predictable, that Britain is to blame, " basic principle that they (jihadists) oppose a Western presence in the Islamic world". Maybe the BBC would like to explain the gruesome bombings of shia against sunni and vice versa in Iraq? The lust for blood can be sated for all manner of reasons, all manner of invented grievances. But of course British journalists swallow these grievances hook line and sinker, as long as they are directed against Israel or western 'imperialism'. Islamic supremacism and imperialism is never mentioned. That might offend, and once offended certain people get violence. The liberal British version of the 'cycle of violence.' 

Even the terrorist wearing black shouting Allah Akbar and talking about 'good Ayas' in favor of jihad at the beginning of the video was given a voice over to disguise the islamic nature of his rantings. Only when the terrorist began spouting off about the British army invading other countries was he allowed to be heard, because this is part of the British liberal credo.

But then Israel gets this sort of distortion as part of the normal treatment by the mass media. I looked all over youtube for the video of the terrorist dressed in black ranting without the voiceover, but only jihadwatch had it.
 Here’s what he said:
We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth. We apologise that women had to see this today but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you.
The yahoo account neglected to mention the bit about, "We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you."
"They apparently encouraged passers-by to video them.  One of the alleged attackers was filmed wielding a bloodied meat cleaver, saying:  "We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

 I apologise that women have had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don't care about you," he said.
The first mention in the yahoo account of islam was in paragraph eight, to allow a denial by the group one of the terrorists belonged to:
Anjem Choudary, the former leader of banned Islamic group al Muhajiroun, said he knew one of the alleged attackers but had not seen him for about two years.
Yahoo mentions the islamic side only in paragraph twelve:
 Two suspected Muslim fanatics attacked the man in the street a short distance from the Royal Artillery Barracks after apparently knocking him down with their car.
So the evidence of the islamic motive was in part selected out, voiced over, and buried deep in an article about. And of course the perpetrators are allowed full reign to distort their hateful crimed, to state their own victimhood status, that this poor soldier 'had it coming', that the 'sins' of the British are responsible for pushing poor muslims into doing such terrible acts.

 Exactly the sort of treatment the media gives habitually to Israel. At least there is until now no 'Pallywood' involvement, whereby news is invented.

It's interesting that the media will mention if a christian or jew act unsocially. The media loves to repeat versions of the mantra of 'right wing jewish extremist'. Usually those 'extremists' are caught defending themselves from arab rock throwers, but of course the arab rock throwing will be edited out in the versions for youtube. Thankfully the IDF and jews of Judea and Samaria are slowly learning to take their own videos of confrontations. Not nearly enough are made or posted to youtube.

So Britain after its security forces frustrated many hundreds of islam inspired terror attacks in the last few years has had another one. Sadly the lesson will not be learned.

The only way to defeat these jihadist terrorists is to go to the source, to close down radical mosques, madrassas and schools, and deport radical islamic preachers, usually emanating from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan back to their countries of origin.

Britain (along with other west european countries and the USA) won't do this, and that is why a large and growing proportion of Britain's muslim communities are being radicalized. We can only wait for the next islamic inspired terror attack to happen on Britain's streets, because happen it will.

Will the British people ever learn? It's hard to say with such biased media, indoctrinated in their universities to a particular world view of the West being forever at fault. Polls in Britain and europe consistently show Israel as being seen as akin to Iran, at the very bottom of the league, when it comes to human rights. The perversion of the truth is almost total, but after many years of spoonfeeding of arab propaganda, rehashed and 'soundbited' by western media, it's understandable.

So the media message is Britain is to blame. How predictable.

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