Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Netanyahu's back to freezing jewish building, in the interests of peace?

Israel's enemies are fixated on preventing building in the ancient jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria, as if that were to stop, all problems in the middle east would be solved.

Even Israel's President Peres seems to subscribe to the view that if Israel could make peace with its genocidal neighbours, the so-called 'palestinians' then all problems would be solved.
  "Peace can bring balance and stability back to the Middle East."

If Peres's has been hoodwinked by arab and eruopean sweet talk, then it is hard to blame the average jew in London or New York from not understanding the issues.

Israel's enemies such as Obama and sidekick Kerry along with best buddies Abbas, Fayad and Erdogan have one strategic aim in mind, to shrink Israel's borders back to the indefensible 1948 armistice lines. If they can achieve that, the scene will be set for Israel's demise. The rest of the region's problems can go hang, but if Israel can be defeated it will all be worthwhile. This crazed mentality that possessed the nazis, that of dealing with the jews at all costs is mirrored by the arabs. This for all his bluster and shows of arming Israel (nothing to the sheer quantities of arms being delivered by the USA to Israel's foes, $60 worth signed to Saudia Arabia in the last year alone) where Obama's sympathies lie.

But the hand of God seems to be at work because Israel came within an ace of giving the Golan to Syria and Jerusalem along with the rest of Judea and Samaria to the arabs in the last decade alone. Only arab intransigence forestalled that. How utterly stupid of them. It really is hard to understand why they rejected such offers on the flimsiest pretexts. Whether it is God, the intensity of the hatred which can not bring arabs to make peace with Israel, or whether arab leaders are simply afraid for the consequences from their own people, arabs always seem to pull Israel's chestnuts out of the fire, by their sheer hatred and extremism.

My advice to arab leaders is to accept any Israeli peace plan. Take what you can when you can, because you know that the next leader who deposes you will tear up any peace treaty. The jihad can then be waged that much closer to Israel's heartlands. That is the logic, and arabs follow that logic in their negotiations with Israel and western nations, but in the end, they can not bring themselves even to that.

You might mention the peace with Egypt and Jordan. What a peace, where the Muslim Brotherhood president Morsy keeps threatening to end the peace, where he has allowed jihadists to fire missiles at Israel from the safety of the Sinai desert? The reason the peace is holding now is because on one hand Israel has put the fear of God into Hamas, and on the other, Egypt which is in economic crisis is at loggerheads with Hamas for causing trouble within Egypt. Even the so-called 'moderate' Jordanians are not at peace with Israel, but are in terror of the prospect of going to war with it. Jordan wages a constant diplomatic war against Israel throughout world forums.

As with europe until the german people had their aggression smashed out of them through British and American carpet bombing, through Russian and allied slaughter of german soldiers, the arabs will accept a real peace not through signing pieces of paper, but only after they undergo a similar process.A lasting peace in the middle east will only come when as with Sadat after 1973, the terror of war is 'in their bones.' The Islamic Civil War now underway if it gets intense enough will bring about peace where no amount of signed peace treaties with arabs will.

But for the present we should imagine the jihadists now being able to look down on Haifa, Tsefat and Tiberias from the Golan heights. That is what Barak would have achieved for Israel. 
 We need to say the ‘Hagomel’ blessing (Ooops:- Jews recite this when they have narrowly escaped death) every day for not being talked into the agreement with Syria with Erdogan’s mediation,” Dayan added. Hagomel is the blessing recited after an escape from danger.

Israel should prepare itself in multiple ways, he said: by strengthening its defenses on the northern border, improving IDF preparedness for a counter-terror operation, strengthening Israeli settlement in the Golan and improving relations with Druze residents of the Golan.

And Olmert's legacy would have been the Western Wall once again in arab hands. Israel would have been nicely prepared by its leaders to again fight for its life from borders in places only 12km wide. Why are Israel's leaders so gullible?

In this game of freezing and unfreezing jewish building in Judea and Samaria there needs to be countervailing democratic force applied. Netanyahu needs to have his back stiffened so that he is forced to turn round to our enemies and say, sorry, "it's just not possible, the government will fall apart." And fall apart it should if the one place in the world jews are not allowed to build houses are in Judea and Samaria, in Shilo and Shechem, in Hebron and Susiya. Of course neither Obama or his friends mention the wildcat building of arabs in Israel's Negev or elsewhere in Israel. Arabs and their friends have always tried to stop jewish building in Israel. They failed then, as they will fail now.

Of course, once the great slaughter now underway in Syria and Iraq and which will possibly expand throughout the arab world is forgotten, arabs will very possibly once again return to their old ways, to threaten the destruction of Israel. But as Israel gains strength from year to year, and increases in population, its enemies will not be able to take comfort in this.

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