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BBC half truthful program does not "break the mould"

Baby Shalhevet Techiya Pass, one of many jews murdered for living in the ancient jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria
BBC Watch, evidently dazed by the constant propaganda put out by the BBC has been 'nobbled'
by a part truthful program, which did allow some of Israel's case to be put. The unsigned BBC Watch report was entitled, “BBC documentary ‘Israel: Facing The Future’ tries to break the mould.
The BBC the program although often seemingly being fair, ended by putting one of the big lies accross, that of the so-called dilemma of having a truncated and even tinier jewish state than is already the case, or a state with more arabs inhabitants over and above the 20% who already hold israeli citizenship. This would supposedly force Israel to either lose its jewish character or become an apartheid state. This nonsense is frequently peddled in anti-zionist media, and this program simply mirrored these arguments.

There are a number of additional solutions that Israel's enemies don't mention, such as leaving the mass of Judea and Samaria in arab hands for an arab state whilst Israel annexes only what it now is in possession of.
Israel would in any case not wish to  re-conquer arab cities with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. Unless arabs make war again on Israel, the 1% of Judea and Samaria that jews live on is enough to provide for Israel's security. There is no demographic danger at all from annexing the 1% of disputed territory, and allowing an arab state to arise on much of the rest (as long as the security of jews living there could be assured).

Even were Israel to find itself in control of all of Judea and Samaria again, with all its arab inhabitants, Israel could give arabs living there citizenship and still remain a viable jewish state.

But the BBC agenda is not about letting these little facts emerge. It allows one David Landau and Avraham Berg, both anti-zionists, to put a case whereby Israel must leave Judea and Samaria, that the only solution is for Israel to sacrifice its security by giving away the strategic heights in Judea and Samaria to arabs bent on Israel's destruction.

Israel left Gaza and reaped thousands of missiles. Judea and  Samaria is much nearer to Israel's population centres, and that withdrawal experiment will not happen again.

My letter to BBC Watch:

Dear Hadar Sela,

In addition to the problems you mention with the program please note that there was absolutely no attempt to deal in a balanced way with the wrong assertions as to the supposed demographic time bomb, made at length by ex-Haaretz editor and anti-zionist David Landau.

I have not dealt with this program on my blog as there are just too many BBC biased programs and reports to get hot under the collar about.

As Israel Meldad has recently published articles trashing any possible dangers to Israel's democracy were it to annexe Judea and Samaria you and interested readers should refer to his blog for some excellent information on that:

The fertility rates are truly important. Their effect is delayed but they are important for the future. Yes, youthfulness of the population must be taken into account. But this, ultimately, works in the Jews' favour. Consider the graphs here and also here. At first glance, the graph relating to the Jewish population displays aging and that of the Arabs shows a youthful character, the bottom of both graphs shows the opposite trend. Note, the ratio is roughly 3:1 Jews in the 0-4 age bracket.
Arab Fertility Rate will start to decline towards convergence with the Jewish in the first two decades of the 21st century. This is now recognized also by Dr. Ahmed Hleihel, the Head of the Demographic department of the ICBS, who is a decent professional researcher and honest scientist and an Israeli Arab
Apart from the latest French court decision that the 'occupation' is not illegal, Israel has very compelling legal and security reasons to annexe Judea and Samaria (Israel's ancient homelands, legally Israel's after the still valid San Remo Mandate of 1921, whatever Israel's enemies would have you believe. Prof. Eugene Kontorovitch among others has written exhaustively about this).

The John Ware program was on the face of it better than the usual in your face hate fest offered by the British Propaganda Corporation (BPC), but it was only slightly better once the program is seen in its gestaltic whole.

It was interesting to see how one palestinian complained about needing the whole of Israel so as to bathe on Tel-Aviv's beach. Israel allowed them to do that recently in honor of a muslim holiday, and did so without any controls until the waves of the suicide bombers came after 2001. John Ware was probably ignorant of this, but he might have in any case asked himself if Britain would allow germans, french or anyone else just to land on British beaches and enjoy themselves, without going through a border control. But Israel must always be subject to different rules, expectations, and suis generis law, new concepts of international law designed and applied only for Israel's 'benefit'.

Don't expect anything better from the BBC Hadar. This is as good as it will ever get. Since the time the BPC ignored the Holocaust, described Israel's freedom fighters of Lehi (denoted Stern 'Gang' rather than 'Group') and Irgun as terrorists against the really illegal British Occupation (after the 1939 White Paper renouncing the Mandate to set up a Jewish Homeland, Britain was declared in material breach of the mandate by the Permanent Mandates Commission of the LoN) the BBC has acted as the mouthpiece of the British FO and Government, as an organisation out to get Israel.

If it were up to me I would restrict BBC reporters' access to Israel after each new example of biased reporting, just as Israel is now closing the crossings (except for humanitarian aid) after each rocket attack. The damage the BBC does to Israel is worse than the overwhelming majority of Hamas rockets. BBC misinformation corrupts minds, makes people believe that Israel really is the worst country in the world, excepting Iran, possibly.

The BBC demonises Israel, so as to prepare the way for its destruction. This was the intention of Britain and its propaganda organs in 1948, a time when british soldiers attacked Israel, directing artillery fire onto jewish Jeruslem, and of the 'BBC' now.

For me the BBC's ignoring of the Fogel atrocity until Israel responded with the mild announcement to build homes, and then designing its report so as to obufuscate, belittle and then blame Israel for what happened shows that the BBC is as odious as it ever was, if not more. Even arabs were ashamed of the slitting of a baby's throat, but the BBC hid this, unlike with the atrocities falsified by Donnison and others last year.

The only BBC program I can remember which dealt with the facts fairly was the Panorama program about the terrorist IHH attack on israeli soldiers legally boarding the Mavi Marmara.

None of this should be taken as a criticism of you or your work Hadar. I think your website is doing an excellent and necessary job.

Best wishes,
David Mizeon

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