Thursday, 26 July 2012

Defend christians by telling muslims how much you hate Israel

Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna christian discrimination by arabs elicits hate speech against...... Israel!

This Alt-Neu strategy attempts to deal with muslim discrimination and ethnic cleansing of christians. Various christian denominations, most notably the Catholic and Anglican churches subscribe to the thesis that by underlining just how much christians have in common with muslims in their hate for Israel, christians will be protected from the consequences of arab and islamic bigotry towards christians and jews. This hasn't been true in the past, and it isn't now either. 

Christian communities throughout the middle east are being decimated by islamic intolerance, almost without protest by established churches. The only protests we hear about are when Israel is lambasted for fictitious acts against christians. Christ At The Checkpoint was one of the more recent acts of infamy linking the fable of Jesus' suffering and the deicide, to that of the invented torments of palestinian arabs today. 

That conference showed that the basis of support for palestinian arabs by christian churches is inspired by the old hatred for jews, of the replacement theology which can never come to terms with a thriving Israel. Israel according to this theology should not exist, and jews should never again rear their heads in their ancient land. For such people, Israel is a constant provocation, just as it is a never ending "aggression" for arabs and muslims.

So majority christian hatred for Israel is an unsurprising thank you to Israel for its toleration of minorities, the full equality given them by Israel, the help that Israel is all to ready to extend to the christian community. As Israel has never asked for loyalty and thanks from its christian communities, it rarely gets any. Just the opposite, there is a veritable war against Israel by most christian denominations in Israel of which the Greek Orthodox are one of the most inveterate. Its archbishop Capucci was caught in Israel gun running for the PLO. It seems that the Church will only thank those who beat christians, that murder them, that kidnap and convert them to islam, that ethnically cleanse christians. Israel can't win as it will never stoop to returning an eye for an eye, no matter what the provocation. 

Israel will keep to its ideals, will remain an oasis of peace and tolerance for all in the middle east. The Israel which extends full civil rights to jew, muslim, bahai, christian and all others without favour or discrimination is the Israel I love and cherish. This is what encourages me above all to defend it.
Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna stressed Wednesday the necessity to protect Palestinian Christians and rejected any efforts to undermine their rights.

During a visit to Ma'an in Bethlehem, he said “they (Palestinian Christians) must be preserved because their absence is considered a big loss for everyone including Muslims.”

Commenting on claims of foul play by relatives of two Gaza Christians who converted to Islam, Hanna said that “Christians are not mercenaries or fifth column, they live in their homeland Palestine and among their people.

“They should be respected and kept as they are an integral part of the homeland”.

He rejected treating people differently according to their religion and stressed the necessity of equality between Muslims and Christians. He also emphasized the need to live in a civil state that respects citizens equally.

Regarding events in Syria, Hanna said Syrian people’s fair demands must be supported and he rejected any exploitation by other countries of these demands.

He added: "We rejected violence, murder and torture since the beginning of the Syrian events. Syria is under a global war that aims at weakening it and an attempt to spread religious strife into it."

He reiterated his opposition to Israeli plans aiming to to "Judaize" Jerusalem and Palestinian holy places in addition to stealing their land. He called Israel "an illegal country."

He concluded by demanding that Arabs and Muslims take responsibility for Jerusalem and Palestine.
It is of course interested to contrast the Bishop's straightforward denunciations of Israel. E.g. of 'Judaising' the Jewish ancient city of Jerusalem in which they have been in a majority in since records began (ever heard of the Bible Archbishop?), with the euphemism and indirect speech directed at muslims. There is no direct denunciation of arab ethnic cleansing of christians, or of the murder of christians or of the forced conversions, only a plea that christians be recognised as palestinians like any other, to be able to live without discrimination.

Sorry Archbishop, the only place where you will find christians soon in the middle east will be in that country you hate so much, and where you live, Israel. Christians are in the process of being wiped out of arab countries, not a little because of your behaviour and that of other cowardly church leaders who believe that by following the age old prescript of kicking jews when problems in society arise, they will curry favour with the islamic bullies.

If christian churches had united to protest, to publicise christian plight in the muslim world, to demand in world forums and in countries where the Church has influence, then things might have been different. It's already too late for Iraq's christians.

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