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Palestinian archaeologist says he's found coins under the Kotel thus 'disproving' jewish history

One method archaeologists use to date buildings are by finding artifacts beneath them. That inevitably involves destroying the original building. How else would you get to the strata underneath it? The Temple retaining walls were built on bedrock, which is one reason they have withstood earthquakes over the milennia.

Palestinian arab archaeologist Jamal Amro has however managed to find 17 coins predating the Western Wall that were underneath it. He doesn't say how he managed to do this, or how there can be another archaeological strata where objects can be found underneath a wall built on bedrock.

This lie that the Western Wall was built after 16 AD after coins were 'found' underneath it is too ridiculous to lend credence to. But the lies come thick and fast, such as the one that never seems to go away of Israel plotting to destroy the Temple Mount mosques. That Israel could have done this any time in the last 45 years, and would have done so by now if there was any truth in this is too much for Israel's detractors to think about. They will keep repeating the lies, as this is all in a 'good' cause of undermining Jews, their history and their legitimate claims in Jerusalem and Israel (before the state of Israel was established many jews were killed in pogroms after such claims of trying to harm the Temple Mount mosques).

The 'archaeologist' doesn't say how he managed to extract the coins from under thousands of tons of wall without hurting himself. You'd think this person would be ashamed to put his name to such an obvious lie, and to bring it to a conference, even of sympathisers. Does hatred of jews forbid any participants at such conferences from allowing their common sense to work?

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Archaeologist rebuts Jewish claims about their alleged temple
[ 06/12/2011 - 09:38 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Palestinian archaeologist Jamal Amro declared he made a discovery of 17 ancient coins that vindicated further the false story and belief of Jews about their alleged temple in occupied Jerusalem.

The coins date back to 16 AD, which means they were minted 20 years after the death of Herod the Great whom the Jews allege he built the second temple, Amro added.

He demonstrated his finding on Monday in a news conference held by the Islamic-Christian commission for the support of Jerusalem and the popular national congress of Jerusalem in Ramallah city.

The archaeologist told the attendees that these coins were found under Al-Buraq wall (wailing wall) which is claimed to be the western wall of the alleged Jewish temple.

He added this discovery confirmed that the building of the wall happened after Herod in the era of Roman ruler Valerius Gratus.

He also stated this discovery left the Jewish archaeologists in a state of shock and frustration because it just proved further their false claims and beliefs about the legend of the temple.

All archaeological discoveries that were found before this one in the Arab city of Jerusalem and around the Aqsa Mosque date back to ancient Arab and Islamic eras especially the times of Umayyad and Abbasid reigns up to the Ottoman rule, the Palestinian archaeologist said.

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