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Muslim Waqf incitement against any jewish visiting of the Temple Mount

After yet another posting by the Elder of Ziyon showing a group of religious jews with young children walking around the Temple Mount, I decided to put what he says each time this happens to the test.

Are the Waqf really so hate filled, so intolerant that just the fact that jewish religious tourists' feet tread on that holiest of areas sacred to jews throughout millenia can be taken by muslims as 'provocation'? Is this enough for the muslim Waqf to write about "occupation" and "storming" of the mount? Are the jews not doing something to provoke all this invective, this emotive language?

The Waqf object to the jews taking pictures, but take many of their own. The pictures of the jews show them simply walking around and doing nothing in particular. If these are the worst pictures that the Waqf can find to portray the terrible behaviour of the jews, then this speaks volumes not of the jews but of the brimming over hatred for jews per se by the muslim authorities who control the Temple Mount.  There is no recognition at all of Moshe Dayan's magnanimous gesture in 1967 which left the jews' most holy place in muslim hands, all in the cause of peaceful coexistence. More fool you Moshe. A lifetime living with arabs, understanding their language, and still not understanding the basic dynamics of the middle east. If you have power you have peace. If you are perceived as weak  you will be attacked.

That jews setting up a tripod to take pictures arouses Waqf wrath brings yet again into question any possibility of ever coming to an agreement with palestinian arabs, of any chance of ever living as equals, side by side together in peace. Jews don't want to lord it over arabs, just to live peacefully with them in Israel. That is too much for the Waqf and its religious leader the Mufti, the supreme religious authority for palestinian arabs.

The Waqf piece alludes to the so-called 'science' students who seem to be a paramilitary force, of being prevented from rioting by the 'occupation' force. Religious jews with their kids peacefully walking around and learning about their history is obviously the utmost provocation for these people.

The problem is therefore not anything the jews are doing, but that they exist, that they are there. The jewish visitors' very peacefulness is a 'provocation' to those anti-semites who long for the times when they could drive a herd of sheep and cattle through the jewish worshippers praying in the narrow space at the Kotel on Yom Kippur. This was a new innovation by the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin El Husseini with the connivance of the British Mandatory authorities. They in collusion with the Mufti in the 1920's forbade the blowing of the shofar on the most holy day of the year for jews.

When jews tried to erect a mechitza (a curtain to separate men and women) at the Kotel, this was the pretext (nothing changes, as now the call was that el Aqsa was 'under attack') for the arab riots throughout the country in which hundreds of jews were killed and injured, the ancient jewish community living in Hebron attacked with many killed. The community was ethnically cleansed and remained so until 1967. The interesting thing is that the jews were not even 'zionists', just apolitical jews living as they had always done with their muslim arab neighbours. The riots only happened because of perceived weakness of the authorities. The arabs saw that the British were either with them, or would do nothing, and used the opportunity to play out their hatred against jews.

Of course whilst the Ottomans ruled Israel, if a jew was caught on the Temple Mount of in the Cave of Machpela in Hebron he would be lynched. Just to go to the Western Wall during Jordanian times needed production of a baptismal certificate by foreigners.

Arabs take the long view, see the jews as crusaders and bide their time until jews can be evicted and killed as 'crusaders on holy muslim ground'. The Mufti of Jerusalem could not have made himself clearer only a few months ago in a talk (rather an emotion filled bout of screaming, the spewing of hate filled invective) to the 47th Conference of the terrorists of Fatah.

Yet again my thanks to the 'Elder'. The wall of hostility by our foes can not be broken down by any gestures we make. Israel must keep up its guard and remain strong, until such time our arab neighbours tire of violence and war, as happened with the Germans. This didn't happen after the First World War but only after terrible devastation and losses to the German people. Germans needed to  have their nihilistic wish and efforts to destroy our people and build a German empire bombed out of them. After at least 4 million dead, Germany learned to hate war. Arab intransigence and aggression must similarly follow such a process, which is maybe happening now in Syria if not elsewhere. 

 There is nothing we can do to change the realities other than refuse to be intimidated by threats of violence, to peacefully assert our rights to visit our holy place such as the Temple Mount , and to defend ourselves aggressively when we are attacked.

Israel despite itself is condemned to always live in an armed peace, to never let down its guard, and moreover to never make the slightest concession unless matched by our opponents. Concessions have always been misinterpreted in the past, as weakness by Israel, and not as an olive branch, a concrete sign of Israel's wish to live in peace together.

The many concessions by Israel have always led to more incitement and conflict, and it is because of this refusal by Israel to learn from past mistakes that Israel, is to blame for arab efforts against it on every level. If Israel gives something for nothing, to the arab mind and culture unexplainable weakness which leads to more threats and demands. This is the middle east, not post modern europe, and Israel's politicians must understand. 

The Translation is by Google and therefore not always easy to understand. The message is however clear, the Temple Mount should be 'Judenrein':

Main »News, violations and attacks» "Al-Aqsa Foundation settlers from the group" Attiyrat Cohanim "storming Aqsa and a video camera documenting Tdnashm provocatively"Al-Aqsa Foundation settlers from the group" Attiyrat Cohanim "storming Aqsa and a video camera documenting Tdnashm provocativelyTuesday, July 24, 2012, 16:51Print this topicNews, violations and attacksAdd a comment

For a third day in a row: storm and the desecration of the maximum:Trapping Msatab science students after the arrest of one of them and threaten others by preventing them from entering the Al-AqsaIn a summary of the developments taking place in the al-Aqsa mosque said: "Al-Aqsa Foundation for the stop and Heritage" in a statement Tuesday, 24/7/2012, about 30 settlers stormed the Al Aqsa Mosque and desecrated its facilities, but the interesting thing is today transferred witnesses from "Institution Building-Aqsa and the holy sites" A group of four settlers from the group "Attiyrat Cohanim" extremist, including two children, stormed at the tenth-Aqsa mosque by the Mughrabi Gate, carrying a video camera with a stick installation, and the Mughrabi Gate turned directly towards Midhat cup and has one of the settlers photographed the children and an interview with the settler the other on a bench by the cup, try a guard of al-Aqsa mosque to prevent them from shooting, but police occupation confronted him, and insisted on allowing the settlers photography, and occurred between the guards of Al-Aqsa and the occupation forces Mlasna reciprocal, and in the meantime, combine a number of occupation forces to guard the settlers during the imaging process by the settlers who have completed pictorial tour around the eastern side, it is likely that these settlers were preparing a report for television broke into the extreme.
He adds witness during his interview with "Al-Aqsa Foundation" It's in these moments, a number of older students terraces of science and turned towards the east to get to know the truth of what is happening there, and immediately suffered three of the Special Forces and two officers and members of the police occupation and cordoned off the area, After the out settlers from the door of the series gathered police and officers on the ring science students and arrested Abu Ayman - Ghassan Younis, one of the students Msatab flag and threatened to others that they will not allow them to enter the al-Aqsa mosque, and they know that the possession of cameras and they will work to prevent the introduction of these cameras to Far, in the same sustenance occupation forces prevented a school science project Msatab from the use of a small loudspeaker was used to provide one of science lessons in the Al-Aqsa.
 In the same context has confirmed that "Al-Aqsa Foundation" The number of settlers from the day they perform rituals of Jewish and Talmudic Temtemat and rituals in different parts of the Far, especially next to Bey off the Dome of the Rock.
 So in this charged atmosphere stressed occupation forces on the worshipers entering the Al Aqsa Mosque to perform the noon prayer, and since the morning hours present in the arena of maximum scores of students of terraces of science and an audience of worshipers from the people of Jerusalem and the pioneers of the march of flags and the number of visitors from different regions.
 This followed the "institution-Aqsa" on these events by saying: "We see what happened today in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and what happened in the last days of break-ins and the desecration of the Aqsa Mosque, and previous statements from agencies of the Israeli occupation, look at them into danger, and we stress that the occupation will not work to impose the status quo in the Al Aqsa Mosque, and to make incursions and attacks on Al-Aqsa and as is normal, we emphasize that the al-Aqsa mosque is a prerogative of the Muslims and Muslims alone, also emphasize that the presence of the occupation in the Al-Aqsa is the presence of occupation of the void, which is evanescent in the near future, but we stress again the importance of intensifying tension pack up and increasing daily communication early in the Al Aqsa Mosque. "

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