Sunday, 1 July 2012

Don't reject out of hand christians who come with messages of love for the Jewish People

Tomorrow I am in Israel for a week and will possibly be unable to post anything until my return. One of the things I shall be doing is visiting a development town where there is possibly some stealthy missionary activity happening.

I may be wrong, and I hope i'm wrong, because christians who love jews should not be automatically dismissed as having an ulterior motive of effectively wiping out the jewish people. We have had so many bad experiences that we have maybe become all too cynical and afraid of even those who mean us well.

I believe that nowadays there are christian groups who love us as jews, who accept that their salvation will come about through the jewish people, and not by replacing them, and that they deserve a fair hearing.

We must be very careful about branding all christians with the same brush, but welcome those who love us, whilst treating with just contempt the Bishop Tutus of this world, those who come mealy mouthed to us, professing love but whose only motivation is that of hate, of a desire to attack our people, to subvert jews by undermining Israel, by painting it as an 'apartheid' state, who wish to convert us. Jews are always under attack by so many foes.

So we have to be careful, but at the same time we must not subject our real christian friends to an inverted prejudice along the lines that "all christians are the same", all are that man who has made himself an enemy of our people, Tutu. Just we object when anti-semites aver that "all jews are the same" (mean, crafty, perfidious, wow so many epithets are flooding into my consciousness..... i'd better stop here) we must not fall into the same trap of hating christians.

I'm getting happy just at the thought of being in Israel tomorrow.

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