Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Obama's new attempt to put Israel off attacking Iran, this time regarding 'accurate' Iranian missiles

We had this in 2007 concerning Iran:
A new assessment by American intelligence agencies concludes that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and that the program remains frozen, contradicting judgment two years ago that Tehran was working relentlessly toward building a nuclear bomb.
And now we have near constant reports such as the one below, about how Israel will supposedly only be able to put back the Iranian nuclear program by a year, and that even the USA can't do the job........

This latest Pentagon report is just more blather, of american intelligence linked strategists led by Obama who are working non stop to dissuade Israel by any means from taking responsibility for its fate and attacking Iran. Of course Israel now only has a tiny window of opportunity to attack Iran's program before it goes fully underground and not vulnerable to conventional bombing. Obama is constantly working to reduce that window, by using black propaganda against Israel and by threats and cajoling. Israel last year said it only had until this October to attack, and now we hear that Israel won't attack before November so as not to upset....... Obama and his election.

Netanyahu the mature politician and statesman ran rings around Obama last year, turning the tables completely. Obama had surprised Netanyahu as he was on the way to the US with a demand for the Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 'borders' with 'mutual swaps.' When Obama then tried to push his betrayal at the G20, Canada scotched the plan. But Netanyahu is sailing very close to the wind now. Israel will suffer from attacking Iran, but there seems little choice, Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons no matter what the cost. Ahmadinejad and his lunatic minions and media remind us of the necessity of pulling their sting almost daily now. And attack Israel must. It is time for Netanyahu to ignore Obama, attack and then explain why to the American people. Americans will most likely be most understanding, as unlike Obama, they have the measure of the threat from Iran, and they've not forgotten Khomeini's hostages.

From the Jerusalem Post:
Iran’s military has "boosted the lethality and effectiveness of existing" ballistic missile systems with "accuracy improvements and new sub-munition payloads," according to a Pentagon report. Portions of the document were declassified on Wednesday after having been presented to Congress last week.

The Pentagon report, obtained by Bloomberg, specifically notes that Iran's short-range ballistic missiles are evolving toward an operational ability to target sea vessels.

Iran's military improvements are occurring in parallel with regular ballistic-missile training that “continues throughout the country” and the addition of “new ships and submarines,” the report concluded.

The report repeats the long-standing US assessment that Iran with “sufficient foreign assistance may be technically capable of flight-testing” an intercontinental ballistic missile by 2015.

In February 2012, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said in a CNBC interview that Israel estimates Iranian missiles will soon be capable of reaching the United States.

Iran is investing billions of dollars, Steinitz said, to develop inter-continental ballistic missiles. "We estimate that in two to three years they will have the first inter-continental ballistic missiles that can reach the east coast of America."

Iran also continues to develop ballistic missiles which can reach regional adversaries, Israel and Eastern Europe, including an extended-range variant of the Shahab-3 and a 2,000 kilometer medium-range ballistic missile, said the Pentagon report.

The report also disclosed that Iran is improving the "survivability" of its missile arsenal, code for saying that Iran has strengthened its missile counter-measures against potential attacks.

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