Friday, 13 July 2012

When an arab wins a talent show in Israel this is a new BBC opportunity

The BBC can not change its spots. Ever since its inception in the 1930's it has propagandised against jews and Israel. So an arab winning a TV talent show is an opportunity not to praise Israel's open and non- discriminatory society but the very opposite. To stress that this israeli arab is a 'palestinian' who is discriminated against just like sepharadim supposedly are in Israel is just grist to the daily dish of BBC hatred against jews and Israel. Of course an anti-Israeli jewish reporter is used in evidence for the allegations.

Yesterday's offering from the BBC was its highlighting in its health section of an orthodox, black garbed Israeli jew who was caught selling human organs. The BBC journalist who found that must have been ecstatic. Strangely the article has been moved off the front page. The massive Chinese trade in body parts, after first executing the donors is of little interest to the BBC.

The old BBC, the old hatred, all the old tropes.

Rosenbaum traded in organs to the delight of the BBC
BBC uses every opportunity to bash Israel, as here with Nisren Kader winning Israeli song contest

Mizrahim arrived in Israel from countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen and Iran in the years following its establishment.

They were met with condescension by the European establishment who saw them as inferior and threatening because of their resemblance to the perceived Arab enemy.

They are a group that is still under-represented in Israel's institutions of power and are economically disadvantaged.

Rachel Shabi, a Mizrahi journalist who has written extensively on the subject, says Palestinians and Jews from the Middle East suffer a similar type of cultural discrimination in Israel.

"Ultimately nationalism trumps everything," she explains. "If you have this entry card called Jewish you will be less discriminated against than if you are Palestinian, but there are shades of discrimination and I think the thing that they both share - Palestinians and Jews from the Middle East - is cultural discrimination dictated by the European minority."

"If you look at Israel, how it presents itself is European, despite a majority population which is Middle Eastern, if you combine the Palestinian Israelis and Jews of Arab or Muslim lands."

Despite several areas of common ground, there is no real closeness between Israel's Arab citizens - who mostly identify as Palestinian and make up about 20% of the population - and the Mizrahim.

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