Friday, 3 August 2012

Whilst arabs dream of destruction and genocide Israel grows

Hatred clouds our enemies' judgment

In an ideal world one might think that arabs would look towards Israel to discover its secret, of how it can exist as a successful democracy working for all its citizens, jew, christian and arab in a sea of misery; of how Israel's economy can bound forwards from year to year whilst its neighbours' citizens wallow on a few dollars a day. Elsewhere in the middle east the 'free floating' ethnic and religious hatreds are turning in on themselves.

Israel's detractors misinform themselves about Israel, its society, economy, population and its capability to survive. They are never surprised to learn that they are wrong but go on to repeat the myths and invent new ones. This is on balance not always such a terrible thing as when the enemy can't even bring itself to properly understand how Israel ticks, it's that much easier for Israel to survive and prosper. And prosper it does despite all the claptrap about its economy (according to them donated by the USA), sepharadim and ashkenazim and the poverty in Israel (exaggerated although in this case real).

So now arabs are happy to discover Israel's demography is against it, that Israel is about to disappear within the next 20 years, and all without arabs having to lift a finger. In your dreams buddy.

Population trends of arabs and jews in Israel are converging to around three which means that Israel is under no demographic threat within the 1967 lines. And even over the lines in Judea and Samaria Israel could quite happily annex the 4% of lands which are essential to Israel's security and on which jewish villages stand and still maintain a healthy population ratio that will ensure the survival of Israel as the Jewish State. 
There is no need at all to annex any but lands essential to Israel's security. Even if Israel annexed all of Judea and Samaria the results of absorbing an aging arab population of around 2 1/2 millions (Spengler explains that UN estimates which include palestinian arabs living abroad exaggerate the figures by up to a million people) would not become the dire threat supposed. 

It is better to read the Ettinger and Spengler articles linked above to better understand why the excerpts below are the product of fantasy:
 Israel: a Future in Doubt questions the survival of Israel as a political state and ‘a national entity’ beyond the next 10-20 years because of internal and external factors. The book, authored by Richard Laub and Olivier Boruchowitch, states that the very existence of Israel in the Middle East is at stake. They cite conditions such as mounting anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism sentiment having a dire effect on the survival of Israel, as well as the rapid rise of Islamic forces in neighbouring countries who look at Israel “as an integrated extension of the ugly western imperialism that generated it”.

 Israel’s constant efforts to attract new immigrants by claiming to be ‘the national homeland for world Jewry’ appears to be losing its impact. For the first time in four years, the number of new colonisers has gone down. The Israeli ministry responsible for receiving and assimilating new immigrants has reported that their number in 2011 was 18,968 compared to 19,231 in 2010. It also became apparent that the number of immigrants coming from Russia and Ethiopia — who do not have a clear designation as Jews yet by the conservative rabbinical authority — has increased compared to the number of confirmed and practising Jews from other countries.

 “Most immigrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union did not come to Israel because they yearned to live the Jewish life among Jews, but only to better their lives in a material way,” says Israeli writer Yaron London in an article titled White Immigrants, Black Immigrants. He goes on to say that “if the doors of the rich western countries were to open for them, they would have never come to Israel in the first place”.

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