Thursday, 23 August 2012

Obama trying to sap Israel's will to take on Iran

In the face of Israeli leaders' refusal to rule out an attack on Iran to divest it of its nuclear weapons program, Obama's propaganda war against Israel is in full swing.
Today the State Department has put the whole of Israel on its 'watch list', recommending against travel there.
Having only recently been to Israel this travel warning can only be described as nonsense ( I travel to other parts of the world where the dangers of getting harmed in Israel pale into insignificance. Like anywhere else one has to exercise caution, and this especially if you can be identified as jewish when in arab areas such as in  Judea and Samaria or East Jerusalem. I was recently in different areas along the border of Gaza, the 'hottest' part of Israel recently and still felt safe ).

Recently the US top soldier Dempsey said that Israel did not have the ability to take on Iran, that it could only halt its program for around a year which would just make Iran even more resolute and speed up its program.

Dempsey ignores what happened in Iraq when Israel destroyed its nuclear reactor. It never did renew its program, or with Syria in 2007 when Israel destroyed a plutonium conversion facility. Both programs were stopped dead.

It is wrong of Dempsey to fortell the future. The truth is that no one knows what will happen. Iran might try to move forward even more quickly, or it might be stopped dead in its tracks. The embarassment might even lead to the collapse of the regime, as happened in Argentina after the Falklands conflict. The Iranina regime of the ayatollas is not popular.
So now former US ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk is trotted out saying that "Israel’s talk of attacking Iran was “a classic case of crying wolf” and that Washington was learning “to live with it.”

Well maybe, but rather than crying wolf, Israel has been under extreme pressure for years now from the Bush and Obama regimes not to attack. We should know by summer of 2013 whether it was all just crying wolf or not.

Indyk should know that there has been great heart searching at the top levels of the Israeli state as to whether Israel should attack Iran. Israel has no aircraft carriers so a  conventional attack against many sites over a thousand miles away hidden in protected bunkers is no mean thing to undertake. Israel's president along with most of the security apparatus is against an attack on Iran. Netanyahu with the vision of his father and his mentor Jabotinsky face the knowledge of the Iranian regime that once in possession of nuclear weapons will very possibly wish to help bring the 'hidden Imam' by way of vapourising Israel.
Netanyahu remembers Jabotinsky's warnings of the destruction of europe's jews went unheeded, and he listens very carefully to Iran's almost daily threats to destroy Israel.
Indyk, who currently heads the the foreign policy division of the Brookings Institution think tank, told Army Radio that US officials feel there is nothing more they can do to reassure Israel that it has American support in stopping Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.
“The US has done everything it could to reassure Israel and doesn’t have anything more in its quiver, no other arrow to shoot to reassure them. So it thinks [when it hears talk of an Israeli strike on Iran], ‘Here we go again. There’s nothing else we can do. We’ll learn to live with it.’”
 Indyk is surely joking? Sanctions on Iran are full of holes. Waivers for India,Russia,China and Turkey mean that Iran can export all its oil. Oil prices being at a new high mean that money is streaming into Iran's coffers.
Turkey and Iranian influenced (if not controlled) Iraq are providing banking services to Iran.

US sanctions are not working against Iran because they still have not been put into serious effect.

Hopefully Netanyahu along with Barak of Israel will find the will to divest Iran of the main parts of Iran's nuclear industry before it is too late for conventional weapons to reach the deep bunkers housing the Iranian centrifuges and the rest of its nuclear industry.

President Chiraq in 2005 said that if any foreign country used terrorists to plant bombs in France, that country would suffer a nuclear attack, and cease to exist.

Israel can not live with nuclear weapons in the hands of the mad Iranian regime. The world can not live with these weapons, but does not yet realise this. Once Iran goes nuclear, so will Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia to name just the most obvious candidates. Proliferation will take off and the world will become a much more dangerous place.

It is time for Israel to attack Iran's nuclear industry, and if possible as secondary targets destroy Iran's oil production/refining centers along with other essential industry such as power plants. Destruction of power plants are as important as destroying centrifuges. Without the enormous power needs of Iran's industry being met, the rebuilding of the centrifuges along with the nuclear program will be slowed immensely.

At the same time Israel should warn Iran that retaliation by the indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel's population centers will be met with an overwhelming response.

Netanyahu must act to protect Israel's people. Despite the tsunami of world hatred towards Israel in the wake of such action, we all know that there is not another country that would do differently faced with the prospect of thousands of rockets fired with the intention of killing Israel's citizens.

Once again, Israel is going to have to pull the world's chestnuts out of the fire as Obama cares not for his country or for the peace of the world, but to only to curry favour with the west hating and caliphate aspirants of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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