Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jerusalem Post publishes more Reuters drivel about 'moderate' Morsi

As Reuters breathes a sigh of relief at the supposedly moderate president Morsi today sacking the two heads of the Egyptian armed forces, Tantawi and Enan and replaces them with his own man, one begins to wonder at the Jerusalem Post. How can such an important event be left to an anti-israeli outfit to explain. Reuters constantly peddles an anti-Israeli agenda whilst promoting that of an invented moderation of its opponents (there is just so much evidence for Reuters enmity towards Israel, from the faking of pictures to recently lambasting Israel for starting violence even when Reuters itself admitted that Hamas initiated the violence).

A member of the military council told Reuters that Morsy, a moderate Islamist popularly elected in June but with constitutional powers sharply circumscribed in advance by the generals, had consulted Tantawi, 76, and General Sami Enan, 64, the military chief of staff, before ordering both men to retire.
Just in case there is any doubt about Morsy's 'moderate' credentials watch the below clip of his electioneering before he became president. War and Jihad is what this man is about, and Israel better be training up those divisions as Morsy is an Israel and West hating fanatic. Of course it won't be easy for Morsy to wage war on Israel with an economy that now has less than $6 billion in the bank. But a war of attrition against Israel in the Sinai is very much on the cards, whatever Morsy is mouthing now in the wake of the dead egyptian border guards.

Of course Morsy along with his 'Brothers' have been clever lately, mouthing all the right moderate platitudes about moderation for western journalists who don't have the interest or the memory to realise just what a bunch of liars they are dealing with. Morsi himself has been caught out recently, sending a letter in reply to one from Peres about peace, and then denying he sent it. Morsi also denied the existence of child abuse and sex with beatings in Egypt.

It is hard, even for western media to distort what Morsi is saying, to indicate that his jihad is of the mythic peaceful sort so as usual with difficult statements by genocidal arabs such as the present mufti of Jerusalem (who said this year that, "Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith."), they just ignore it.

"Jihad is our path"
 "And death for jihad is our most lofty aspiration"
"Only through Sharia" (will people have a good life)
"Regardless of the text of the constitution, it will truly reflect Sharia"
                                                                                                                       - Morsi
The Jerusalem Post might as well use Iran's PressTV than Reuters to source its news. At least then readers will have no doubts as to authenticity and bias. The JP must stop using western media propaganda outlets to source uncommented news. If the JP really must use Reuters articles they should be adapted to reflect more than Reuters islamist friendly propaganda.

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