Saturday, 4 August 2012

It's too much to expect Obama to wave the big stick at US enemies

Batting for Turkey's islamists

The only country Obama would really like to hit is Israel. In this presidency there has not been a week when Obama's minions have not attacked Israel, a constant invective he's directed against Israel over the last four years. He snubbed Netanyahu when he visited the White House, created a diplomatic storm over jewish villages in Judea and Samaria whilst ignoring the constant incitement against jews, and over indefensible 1967 lines, and distorted Israel's claims to Israel (peddling the lie in Cairo that Israel's claim to Israel rests on the Holocaust). Even last week the CIA was used to as cover for a new calumny about Israel spying on the USA.

Not one week without some bashing of Israel by Clinton or others of the Obama administration.

We need to go back and remember Obama's trying to pull a fast one in imposing the Auschwitz borders on Israel when Netanyahu came to the USA.

Despite Netanyahu having been ambushed, his response at the White House press conference with Obama was masterful, as was his address to Congress. The reception Netanyahu got was nothing but a slap in the face for Obama and Israel's enemies.

The US people understand that Israel and the USA face the same enemies, that Israel is the USA's only true ally in the region.

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