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The “Most Persecuted ”, “the only stateless community of the world. ”

Buddhist's villages were destroyed and set fire by Rohingya
 WARNING: Some of the pictures below may be upsetting. Captions to the pictures are usually from the linked site.

Does the title refer to the “poor palestinians” or 'palestinian' arab israelis?
Not this time, the above refers to the poor Rohingyas. With the palestinians having had their
day in the sun, the muslims of Burma believe it's time they had a little media exposure.
Of course the world won 't let the jews off the hook that easily as the UN and hundreds of journalists have livelihoods attached to the favoured myths about the favoured victims.
“the only stateless community of the world. ”
The Most Persecuted Minority in the World
The only victims of the conflict shown on Iranian websites are Rohingya muslim

From another website a different perspective with Bengali Rohingyas celebrating after attacking Arakan buddists
It is interesting that the same phrases are used in a conflict so far away. But who is right? Is it the palestinians or the Rohingyas who have suffered more than any other people in the world?

Arakanese Buddhist refugees at evacuation center after villages destroyed by Rohingya
As to the question, it's hard to know who has suffered most, certainly not palestinian arabs, nor Rohingyas. There are others who are stateless, such as Darfurians, Kachin, Kven, Nubians, the Bidoon.
The UNHCR says there are 12 million stateless people. The Rohingya are less than a million, so the reference to Rohingya as the “only stateless community of the world” is by that fact alone not true.

As to “The Most Persecuted ”, it is not hard to look around the world and find those who have suffered at least as much as that alleged to have been suffered by the Rohingya, or is Darfur just imaginary? And what about the Azeris ethnically cleansed from Nagorno Karabakh, the Tamils suffering from military rule and ethnic cleansing even after the genocide committed against them?
Burma-school-teachers-survivors of Rakhine-Massacre
The Rohingyas haven't caught the western imagination anything as much as palestinian arabs have maybe because of recency, but also they don't have a favoured enemy, the jews. Without jews in the equation, the western media is never going to show the same amount of interest.

That notwithstanding, what western coverage there has been in Rakhine State has been almost totally one sided. Burma is still ruled by a nasty state bunch of military thugs which is enough to dislike the military, but the Rohingya's opponents, buddists are not universally hated as the jews are in the middle east and  in much of the christian world. There is no apparent reason for western media to take sides so decidedly against Rakhine buddists.
Rohingya gang
The interpretation of this conflict is affected by a central theme in the west, that of guilt over the imperial past, interpreted as meaning that muslims may not be shown in a bad light. This means that the other side of the equation in Rakhine State, the sufferings of buddists has been limited to just recounting that three muslims raped and killed a buddist woman. She was brutally killed by having her throat cut.
Arakanese woman-Thida Htwe-26 years old-raped and murdered at Rambree by 3 Rohingya
But what is never recounted is that buddists contrary to the media depiction of them as aggressors, have also been the victims of attacks by gangs of muslim, as these pictures show. Without any investigative journalism happening in the areas it is impossible to know who really are the victims and who are the aggressors. But the western mass media has already decided that it is the Rakhine buddists who are to blame, who are the sole victims. This determination by journalists to avoid appearing racist means that the reporting is indeed racist, that victims are only the subject of sympathy when they are muslim. When the victims are buddists, then they will be ignored. Nothing must get in the way of preconceived notions of how to report religious conflict.

Israel is no stranger to this bias, subject as it is to a whole industry devoted to inventing slander and blood libel against jews. The Mohammed Dura 'killing' was one 'pallywood' hoax that was proved to be a lie from start to finish in french courts, and shows just how complicit journalists are in turning their faces away from the truth, in uncritically reporting stories fed to them that they know to be untrue.

Araknese man wounded from attacks of invading Rohingya
The Rakhine buddists don't have much to lose, western media will soon lose interest, unlike the fixation on the constant theme of the evils of jews. Once Assad stops diverting media attention with his real and daily atrocities, western media will be full again of the invented evils of Israel.

Arakanese man beaten by Rohingya

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