Wednesday, 16 January 2013

France bombs away and not a peep as to civilian casualties

 Leaving aside the mass media which is always ready to find dead child victims of Israeli bombing (in the latest Pillar of Cloud operation the dead children were either killed by Hamas missiles falling short or 'borrowed' from Syria) there has not been even a whimper raised about civilian casualties of the French warplanes. The media seem to be cheering on the French. 

It is almost disappointing having waited in vain for the usual 'experts' to be trotted out to give the line that the sufferings of the palestinians are the root cause of the conflict, that if only Israel would disappear, so would the Malian problem. This angle has not emerged yet so I am raising it myself here in the hope that my expert services will soon be in great demand by the likes of the BBC (my fees are very modest).

Surely now that hostages have been taken and the conflict in Mali has been internationalised there must be a way to blame Israel for all the troubles in Libya? Maybe it is still a little early. It will be surprising if an Israeli angle isn't found soon.

It would also be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the White House and the Elysee Palace at the moment. Are politicians and generals kicking themselves and groaning about how stupid they were to ever think they could change things for the better in the middle east and africa? Are they bewailing the loss of Mubarak's nasty regime, replaced by a worse one that can't even pay its own bills?

Are they rethinking the arming of the islamic militants in Syria, and of the Lebanese army with heavy weapons and state of the art american sniper rifles (Hezbollah says “thank you”, two Israeli widows don't). Is Obama wondering whether he should have stayed out of the folly begun by Cameron and Sarkozy, the overthrowing of a mad but tamed ex terrorist leader of Libya?

The leaders of these countries have not previously shown any sign of having had second thoughts, about their having destabilised north africa through their regime change in Libya. So they will probably continue to be sucked into a prolonged conflict with islamist fanatics in Mali and elsewhere, or just bomb the hell out of the place knowing that their journalists are happier to write their reports about africa from five star hotels in Jerusalem (before ambling down the road to publicise the latest pallywood production).

One thing is certain, France, Britain and the USA won't get any credit for their troubles. Arabs will continue to hate western democracies, and denounce the west for colonising the area for its oil and gas......... And Al Qaida will continue to supply and resupply the terrorists in Mali from the bases kindly provided to them by the willing dupes, Britain, France and America.

It's hard to work up much sympathy for europeans, especially the french worried about having a terrorist state abutting europe. Thousands of missiles hitting Israel only find justification in european countries, as the wages of 'occupation' of the jewish ancestral homelands. France, Britain and other european countries have long been happy to harbour arab terrorists as long as they didn't threaten their own capital cities.

I pray that the european and american hostages are freed soon (Israel will even now be offering its advice on how to go about this the best way) and that the French and British will wake up to their foolishness regarding Israel, their ever readiness to bomb and kill thousands of miles away from their homes in the defence of their interests whilst attacking Israel for defending itself from attacks launched in some cases only a kilometer away from Sderot in Gaza. 

The world needs to rethink their indulging of genocidal arabs, of fanatical muslims who wish to destroy western civilisation after destroying Israel first.

Israel's fight is however the same as that of western civilisation. So it is somewhat ironical that the hopes of middle eastern christians and moderate muslims depend on Israel's survival. 

It's all very well bombing fanatics in Mali, but the enemy at home, the wahabite preachers in British mosques are more important for the defence of europe. The madrassas funded by Saudi Arabia need looking into and the British state funded schools which inculcate hatred of the 'Kuffar' (infidel) need closing down. 

Maybe it's too late, and europe really is doomed.

Unlike europe, Israel has quite a rosy future, despite the doomsayers.

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